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The naming of the page, "Halberd Meister", has not been confirmed by official sources.

Demon Halberd - (1 - Bladed)
Halberd Meister
Debut Data

A Halberd Meister is a Meister who is especially skilled in the usage of a halberd as a weapon.[1]


Uniquely, part of a Halberd Meister is classification also into different sections. Depending on the Halberd, a Meister could specialized especially in part of it's usage such as the "axe" portion, the "spear" portion, or even sometimes the "scythe" portion of a halberd. Although this is possible, proficiency in using a halberd is still a necessary skill for a Halberd Meister.[2]

List of Halberd MeistersEdit

Name Rank
Anastasia YnglingNone
Ao HoshinoNone
Meme TataneNone


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