Guilty or Not Guilty
Guilty or Not Guilty
Technique Data
English Title Guilty or Not Guilty
Romaji Girutii Oa Notto Girutii
Katakana ギルティ オア ノット ギルティ
Alternate Title(s)
Type Projectile,
Derived Magic
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut 85
Anime Debut

Justin Law, Chapter 85

Guilty or Not Guilty (ギルティ オア ノット ギルティ, Girutii Oa Notto Girutii) is an offensive technique utilized by Justin Law. He is only capable of using this technique whilst conducting Madness Fusion with a Clown.

Merging both of his bladed hands into a solitary and substantial guillotine blade, Justin unusually propels the offending weapon directly towards the ground with a tremendous amount of force, so as to abruptly alter the trajectory of the bladed edge when it collides with the solid earth below. The intention of this unconventional form of directing the guillotine is to catch the intended target off-guard, slicing them in two before they are even given an opportunity to predict the blades path and appropriately react demonstrating it's use as a surprise attack if used as such.

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