Note: This character shouldn't be confused for the manga character, Noah (Greed), who's design was taken from Grimoire and used by Atsushi Ohkubo for the manga.

The information displayed on this page/section is considered non-canon.

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Grimoire (グリモア, Gurimoa) is a Sorcerer who was affiliated with Paraponera and was also Ponera's mentor.[1] He appears as one of the main antagonist in the non-canonical video game, Soul Eater: Monotone Princess.


Grimoire appears as a dark skinned young man. He always wears his his gray plaid cap on his head, which are attached to two piercings. His eye color is purple and his hair is brown. He has a tattoo on his left arm, consisting of many black worms. His clothing consists of a white undershirt and a pair of gray trousers, to which a tape is. He also has two chains, one of iron and the other is a string, in which is a piece of jewelry.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Form (形態, Keitai):

  • First Form (第一形態, Daiichikeitai)
  • Second Form (第二形態, Dainikeitai)

Summon (召喚, Shōkan): Grimoire's Magic revolves around the magical skill of using his Demon Book to summon various kinds of Magic Lifeforms in which follow the form of a type of Magic Worm.[1]

Acrobatic Skill: Grimoire combines his summon capabilities with acrobatic movements to make himself a harder target to hit.[1]


Grimoire's Magic Book (グリモアの魔法書, Gurimoa No Mahō-sho): Grimoire's book allows him to perform his magical feats. Within the book stores various different kinds of spells that summon different types of Magic Worms with a variety of characteristics and abilities. These monsters range in power and are among the most powerful capablility of attack (in-game).[1]

First Form
  • Hellworm - a worm that chases the player and uses bite attacks.
  • Freymore - an array of projectiles that cause poison effect.
  • Plasmore - an array of projectiles that cause paralysis.
Second Form
  • Ocareworm - a stronger variation of the Hellworm.
  • Ogleworm - a worm whose bite attacks heal Grimoire.
  • Ray Worm - a powerful burst of energy that causes poison or paralysis.
Third Form
  • Green Worm - a worm whose bite causes poison effect.
  • Blue Worm - a worm whose bite attacks cause paralysis.
  • Ray Worm - a powerful burst of energy that causes poison or paralysis.


Monotone PrincessEdit

Noah was in a church where he compelled people to seek suck their souls in cocoons. Suddenly Killbell appeared at the top and Grimoire offered him a cocoon in order to become stronger. After Kill Bell disappeared with the cocoon , he ordered the people whose souls were sucked to get up , which they did. He later watched with Ponera as Maka, Kid and Black Star defeated Alone.[1]

He fought just before the end of the match against Kid. He commanded many of his worms to appear and combined them into a single, large worm, which was unfortunately destroyed by Kid's Death Cannon. After the battle, he fled and was seen no more.[1]


  • This character is erroneously believed to be the character, Noah (Greed). However, this is not the case. The author simply liked his designed and incorporate it into the manga. Grimoire shares a much similar appearance with slight differences but is a completely different characters on account that the Monotone Princess game is non-canon game.


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