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Grim Reaper




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Soul Eater: Monotone Princess

A Grim Reaper (also called a Reaper) is a powerful type of deity that keeps the equilibrium between both good and evil.[1]



The appearance of a Grim Reaper can resemble that of a humanoid or a inhuman form dependent on the individual Grim Reaper. However, a physical trait that seperates a humanoid Grim Reaper from others is their Lines of Sanzu, represented by their white lines in their hair.[2] Their souls can also be colored either a light blue similar to humans or a golden hue.[3]

Role and SignificanceEdit

Both Death the Kid and Death revealed that their duty as Grim Reapers involves the protection of the world and managing the equilibrium between good and evil.[4] Grim Reapers are also known protectors of souls.[1] Due to their powerful and essential role within the world, various people (i.e Justin Law) worship Grim Reapers as their Gods.[5]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Grim Reapers are perhaps the most powerful type of race within the world. Their status as gods give them special powers and advantages over humans and other races. Some of these common special abilities among them include:

Episode 16 - Kid calls Beelzebub

Kid using his Grim Reaper Powers to make Beelzebub.

  • Grim Reaper Powers: Grim Reapers have specialized powers that can perform a myrid of special techniques and abilities. Appearing similar to Magic but functionally different, it follows a Grim Reaper's particular theme.[2]
  • Magic: Some Grim Reapers (namely Death) can utilize the power of Magic to perform feats with a Demon Tool such as "BREW".[6]
  • Unique Physiology: According to Liz, a Grim Reaper's body is immune to extreme weather conditions and as such cannot get ailments such as sunburns. Their bodies also are immune to chemicals such as hair dye.[7] They're also capable of quick regeneration and enhanced durability.[2]

List of Grim ReapersEdit

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