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Old Lady, Reception Lady

Gender Female
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Classification Human
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"Granny" is the name given to Death Weapon Meister Academy's Extracurricular Lesson Reception's attendant woman. Her true name is unknown, however, she is reffered to simply as "Granny" by Death the Kid and the Thompson Sisters.


Granny is generally polite and formal with students at the Shibusen. She commonly expresses this by generally addressing students by honorifics like "master" in addition to a specific adjective dependent on the person. For example, even though she is aware of who he is, she always calls Death the Kid "Little Master".

She also motivates others regardless of the situation. In her position at the Academy's Extracurricular Lesson Reception, she will give a thumbs up and a powerful expression to anyone she believes fits the lesson well, while also saying a couple of motivational words. Also, in The Battle on the Moon, she makes sure she reaches Death the Kid before the Shibusen troops (which she was a part of) are deployed, just to remind him that he can accomplish the mission to eradicate Kishin Asura.

She has a great passion for the work done under Death's command at the Academy, and often is very open about it. She also takes great pleasure in fighting the enemies of the Academy herself, and lightly shows a personality similar to Black☆Star's initial rough-and-tumble views in combat. Fighting without a Weapon, she shows brute strength physically and mentally, enjoying when her opponents seem to be surprised at her unsuspecting skills. Granny is so passionate about serving for the greater good, she is even willing to sacrifice her own life.

Granny is also short tempered when it comes to people rough housing near her office and will even go so far as to cross arm them to get her point a cross, this is seen in the case with Black Star and Kirikou Rung fight close by.


Physically, Granny is a short, round woman with tremendous muscle strength. She has large, light blue eyes and short blonde hair which is worn curled at it's ends. She has a compressed-like snout, and large lips, which are always seen with brick-red lipstick on them. Finally, she wears profound eyelashes and her cheeks contain two large, pink circles.

Granny's Reception Attendant's outfit is that of a woman's suit. Both her coat and skirt are the same plain, purple color, and she wears a plain, white collar shirt underneath.

In The Battle on the Moon, Granny's outfit changes to a Shibusen troop uniform. This uniform has her wear a black hooded military coat with a large open collar and large combat trousers equipped with black boots.


Contrary to her elderly appearance, Granny is in fact in top-notch physical condition. Her physical strength is so great that her sole punches are capable of inflicting colossal damage to the likes of Kaguya and her tight defense that endures the attacks of Kid. She has said herself that she's quite powerful and because of that, she does not need a weapon. She is also quite fast as she could run and advance through Moonlight's barrier the very second Kid shot to pierce it.


Death Weapon Meister Academy Students
Granny enjoys being surrounded by all of the students of the Academy and treats them highly respectfully. She also admires the students, becoming very pleased and encouraging when she approves of the students' strength and skill.
Death the Kid
Granny seems to hold a higher respect level for Kid as the son of Death, referring to him as only "Little Master". She also admires Kid not only as a Death Weapon Meister Academy student, but in his will and justice-seeking ideologues that mirror Death's. During The Battle on the Moon, she serves as Kid's close comrade and motivator, persuading him to push forward when all seems useless. She is even willing to sacrifice herself for Kid by fighting even the most powerful of creatures such as Clowns. The two grow a strong bond in the little time they spend fighting alongside each other during The Battle on the Moon, to the point that Kid screams for Granny when she dies.
Granny and Kaguya share a strong enmity in a somewhat comedic fashion. Granny obviously views Kaguya as a sworn enemy, but also as a fool who she enjoys surprising with her brute strength. In Granny's eyes, Kaguya is also very weak in comparison to herself, to which Granny mocks her about. Granny also claims that, through her educational prospectives, Kaguya is a bad influence on account of her appearance and seductive manners.

Part In Story

The Clown

Granny first appears when Maka accepts the Extracurricular Lesson to fight The Clown and The Flying Dutchman. As Maka takes the mission, Granny is seen smiling at her, and approving her for the mission. Meanwhile, Ox, Harvar, and Kilik begin to decide on taking another Lesson as partners. The requirements for the mission are simply for those with an "uplifting and fired up heart", which the group prominently show. Granny, watching from a distance, gives her iconic smile and a fierce expression of approval when Ox and Kilik ask her if they have the entry requirements, even going so far as to tell them that they are "Super" approved.

The Battle on the Moon

Granny appears for the last time during Shibusen's assault on Kishin Asura's dwelling place, The Moon. She unexpectedly appears alongside Death the Kid right before the Academy's troops are deployed onto the surface of The Moon in order to ensure the touchdown of the Academy's airship. She approaches Kid, telling him that she believes in him, and that he can indeed, win the battle. Right after a surprised reaction from Kid, she jumps off the airship as a Shibusen troop.

Kid soon finds himself in a deadlock with the Clown Kaguya and Moonlight. After being lightly injured by an attack from Moonlight, Kid is held by his jacket's collar as Kaguya mocks his survival. Granny, upon seeing this, immediately springs to Kid's rescue, ordering Kaguya to let go of Kid and punching the Clown away. Kaguya openly questions how Granny can deal such powerful blows without a Weapon, to which Granny explains that she has the power to attack her opponents without having to rely on Weapons or cleverness like Kid.

As Kaguya begins to protect Moonlight (the one attacking the Shibusen's airship and preventing it from landing) via a wall generated from her coat's fabric, Kid tries everything in his power to bring the Clown down. As Kid continuously fires Death Cannon attacks at Kaguya's wall, Granny motivates him to continue attacking while she puts her own plans into action. After awaiting until Kid fired yet another Death Cannon strike at the wall, Granny charges towards Kaguya with a large backpack in her hands. Kid immediately notices this is happening, and shouts out to her. Before Granny and Kid's barrage makes it to Kaguya's wall, she turns to Kid and again tells him that he can win the battle if he tries, in addition to complimenting him on his penetrating cannon fire. After Kid's bullets hit and penetrate the wall, Granny dives into it's opening and aims for Moonlight. Its then she reveals the contents of the backpack as she screams to Moonlight to try to endure all the Academy's high powered bombs at once as she detonates the backpack. The result a catastrophic explosion inside Kaguya's now regenerated wall and the death of Moonlight. Kid screams to Granny as he witnesses the explosion and Granny's sacrifice, the airship, is able to land.

Soul-eater-Chapter 93-Granny's death

Granny killed by Justin Law

Although Moonlight dies, Kaguya manages to escape damage and survive. Just as Kid and the Thompson Sisters begin to mourn upon Granny's supposed death, coughing is heard from behind the smoke of the blast. The very dusty but healthy Granny is then revealed and says that she is alright. Granny looks to Kaguya and asks her if she was foolish enough to believe she had died, and immediately states that she is far too strong to die so easily. However, the feeling of relief suddenly swaps into horror as Justin Law emerges from the smoke, behind Granny. The two look at each other with fearsome eyes before Justin uses his guillotine to slice Granny in two. Justin madly grins as Granny is annihilated in an instant with a disturbingly horrific scene of bloodshed. Kid and the Thompson Sisters scream to Granny, who is only able to call out to Kid as her final words before dropping to the ground. Granny then evaporates into her Human Soul which is dissipated by Justin.

In The Anime

Granny does not play a great role in the Soul Eater Anime adaption, and is only seen twice in the entire show. Both of these times were a part of the producers' adaption to the story of Soul Eater.


Granny, at her post in the Anime

The first instance happens during the third episode, during Death the Kid's prologue part. In the adaption, Soul Eater Evans and Black☆Star become very envious of the student (Kid) who agreed to take on a very dangerous and difficult mission such as the execution of the Necromancer Witch Samantha and her army of Mummies in the Pyramid of Anubis. This prompts the two to go on a mad search for any information in regards to who took the mission. In this search, Granny makes her first appearance, which is at her post at the Reception. When both Black☆Star and Soul get to her, they ask her if she knows who the student is that took the mission on, to which she responds with a smile and nods a "No".

The second time Granny appears is in episode 42, Charge Babba Yaga's Castle, Things Are Kind Of Gloomy?. By this time, the entire Anime has switched to a totally alternate storyline form the original Soul Eater. During the beginning of the episode, Spirit speaks to the entire Academy via multiple mirrors set up in a chandelier fashion around various points in the Academy. As Spirit explains Shibusen's strategy for destroying Kishin Asura, the entire student body and faculty listen extremely attentively, and are shown all around Shibusen through multiple shots of different locations in the Academy. In one shot, Granny is shown at the Reception with an extremely serious expression and crossed arms as she listens to Spirit around a group of students. (It may be possible that the original author of Soul Eater mirrored this Anime appearance of Granny towards the demise of the Kishin in the actual Manga, where Granny unsuspectingly appears to fight alongside Death the Kid during The Battle on the Moon)

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