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Episode 7

The Gorgon Sisters (ゴルゴン姉妹, Gorugon Shimai) were a infamous family of Witch siblings renown for their feat of wreaking havoc among the world from their activities.[1]

Cultural ReferencesEdit

In Ancient Greek mythology, the Gorgons were three sisters with snake hair, tusks, wings, and various other animal traits. Modernly, they are almost always simplified to their snake attributes. Stheno was the oldest, followed by Euryale, with Medusa, the most iconic and mythological original, the youngest. The term "gorgon" is thought to come from the Ancient Greek word "γοργός"/"gorgós", which means "ugly", "terrible", etc.


Insignia & ThemeEdit

Chapter 37 - Arrow portruding out of Medusa

Gorgon's Arrow.

The family's insignia and theme seems to be a simple arrow, indicated by the use of the Vector Arrow spells as well as some of the clothing for the Gorgon Sisters containing it and choice of architecture within structures known for their dwelling.[2]

List of the Gorgon SistersEdit

Name Position Status
Arachne GorgonEldest SiblingDeceased[3]
Medusa GorgonMiddle SiblingDeceased[4]
Shaula GorgonYoungest SiblingDeceased[5]


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