This is a List of unnamed abilities and techniques. Although specific abilities have showcased throughout the series, this page catalogues any that has no specific name to them.


Unnamed Zeroth Form TechniqueEdit

Using Uncanny Sword mode and Shadow☆Star Zeroth Form: "Masamune", the user charges his own shadows with incredible power. When done, they then leaps towards his opponent and strikes the opponent. As a result, a monstrous entity emerges from the shadow-like smoke as well as shadow-like swords and causes immense and devastating damage. [1]


Unnamed Death Scythe TechniqueEdit

With Death Scythe on hand, the swings his scythe to send an offensive and powerful winds towards the opponent. The nature of the wind seems to originate from the user's soul.[2]

Unnamed Absorb TechniqueEdit

Opening a hole in their hand, the user absorbs an attack into their body and nullifies the attack, regurgitating it in a harmless form (such as a belch).[2]

Jinn GallandEdit

Unnamed Lamp Weapon TransformationEdit

Jinn's weapon form takes the appearance of an ordinary oil lamp with various ornate design patterns within the sides, the size of the oil lamp being small enough to be held by a Meister's hands. With Soul Resonance, the Demon Weapon emits out of the lamp akin to that of a genie and assumes various transformations. The power from the transformation is considerable though is ultimately taxing to the Meister to maintain the resonance.[3][4][5]

List of techniques

Unnamed Genie TransformationEdit

Nals GarnierEdit

Unnamed Aura TechniquesEdit

One of Nal's special abilities allows the user to utilize their unique aura which surrounds the body and projects their slashes as if they were projectiles. It can also strengthen their weapon for a more powerful attack. It can be executed in an "X" formation or a spin-attack variation.[6]


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