A God (神, Kami; FUNimation "Deity") are powerful beings capable of great feats. This is to not to be confused with True Gods.[1]


Little is known of those who achieve any "God" rank. However, it is known that those who herald as a God, in fact, achieve a greater form of power beyond the limitations of normal human beings (according to Asura's comments.[2])

  • Warrior God (武神, Bushin; also "God of Combat"): A powerful close quarters combat individual whose power can even rival that of certain True Gods (such as Death the Kid) as well as unlock special abilities fit for a god. The only known Warrior God is Black☆Star.[3]
  • God of the Sword (剣神, Kenjin; FUNimation "Sword God"): Extremely powerful and skilled swordsman who are known to be a living legend. The only known God of the Sword is Mifune.


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