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The Giriko Golem was the Golem doppleganger of Giriko which was created after his body started breaking down due to his heavy partying and thrashing of the body. He used it to impersonate himself to fool Maka Albarn and Soul Eater. The Golem was later destroyed by the pair.[1]


The Golem holds the same personality as the original Giriko, possessing the same murderous intent and instability as well as the excessive vulgarity the original had in troves. The Golem is also programmed with the same hatred for the individual, Maka Albarn, and even contemplated sexual assault against her for the idea of making her suffer. The Golem also has captured some of Giriko's insecurities, such as his feeling of being unable to protect Arachne.[2]


The Golem holds the exact same appearance which Giriko had throughout his time in Arachnophobia, only with a white shirt and a lightly colored pants.[3]


The Golem regards all individuals just as the original Giriko does.


The Golem seemingly holds nearly the same, exact power of the original. However, he is revealed to be weaker due to the fact the body is breaking down.[3]



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