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Prone to numerous vices, including his desires for alcohol, flirting, fighting, killing, sex, and partying, Giriko is a capricious individual who gives into immediate desires. While an effective fighter, capable strategist, and talented Enchanter, Giriko can be blunt and direct with his allies and enemies, inadvertently insulting people he respects such as Arachne, or making comments and arguments easily mocked by more savvy opponents such as Justin Law. As he is so direct, however, Giriko can pick up details about his opponents rather well, such as identifying Justin Law's fall under the Kishin's sway or Maka Albarn's failure to see through the golem she constructed.

Capricious, Giriko follows the path of easiest resistance and most enjoyment: while he may be able to kill someone quickly, he enjoys toying with his opponents, and if he can get someone else to do the work for him, he will, whether seizing the body of one of his descendants to fight his opponents or escaping from a losing battle. He is prone to mood swings that make it difficult for him to form long-lasting bonds with others, as he quickly leaves the defeated Arachnophobia for Noah's gang on just the invitation of Justin. He is also easily distracted by strangers, as when an offer for drinks and conversation with Liz and Patty Thompson made it easy for the siblings to put a drug in his drink to knock him out.


Arachne GorgonEdit

The Kishin has revived, and madness runs throughout the world....The world's become a great place while you were asleep!

—Giriko greeting Arachne as she is revived, Episode 27

Giriko talking to Arachne polietly

Giriko speaking politely to Arachne.

Giriko has sided with Arachne mostly to satisfy his desire to fight and his significant hate for the values of Shibusen. However, despite these seemingly self-serving reasons, Giriko was willing to keep himself concealed during the 800 years of her absence.

His loyalty for her is just as strong as Mosquito's loyalty to Arachne. In addition to that strong loyalty, Arachne is one of the few, if not the only character he's ever shown respect to, even changing his demeanor towards Arachne upon request. In the manga, her death impacted him, leading to him promptly joining Noah's group after Arachnophobia fell to avenge her death. 

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Nice. Shall I take a picture to commemorate you returning to your youth?'ll be sliced into such small pieces you won't show up in the photo!

—Giriko to Mosquito as they scuffle, Episode 29

Giriko ready to fight Mosquito

Giriko ready to fight Mosquito once again.

Due to their contrasting points of views and different mannerism, the slovenly, younger-looking Giriko and the fastidious, older-looking Mosquito do not often see eye to eye with each other, prone to bickering until their arguments blow up into physical altercations. Mosquito is a rather refined character, holding etiquette and loyalty in the highest regard, which is in stark opposition to Giriko's own apparent irresponsible attitude.

Because of these disagreements and differences, Giriko seems to enjoy initiating fights against Mosquito, questioning his ability when he looks so old, calling Mosquito "old geezer". Both Giriko and Mosquito also seem to have no qualms about arguing and fighting even in front of Arachne herself.[2] Yet both persons are utterly devoted to Arachne and feel bad when they fail to meet her expectations.

This section contains an instance from an anime not present in the manga and/or a deviation


Justin LawEdit

Both quickly develop a rivalry with each other, as the two have very conflicting ideas, to the extent that Giriko quickly begins calling Justin "Father" (a joke at the fact that Justin dresses like a Catholic priest). These feelings are further intensified by the equality in the two's level of power, resulting in their conflicts always concluding in a draw.

Later circumstances with them working together with Noah put the two on the same side, and while the two both enjoy listening to Gopher torturing Death the Kid, this cooperation has done little to temper their antagonistic relationship, arguments still a common but perhaps lesser occurrence between the two.

Despite their rivalry, Giriko does hold a degree of respect for him as a fellow Autonomous weapons.[4]

Maka Albarn Edit

You shit! Ain't you s'posed to be the same little bitch who killed Arachne? Arachne wasn't the kind of chick who'd let herself get done in by a slug!! HELL NO!! SO C'MON!! CRY! GIMME SOMETHING I CAN ENJOY!

—Giriko to Maka, Chapter 75 (Yen Press+ Translation)

Giriko on Maka

Giriko on Maka.

Maka is one of the few individuals who Giriko seems to remember. As a result of killing Arachne, Giriko has grown to utterly hate her along with her weapon, Soul. This hatred was so intense that he wants to kill her and even put her through immense torture, evident when he expressed an urge in sexually assaulting her, only to rebuff the idea when she stated "she didn't care", as she was under the effects of the Sloth chapter. In response, he just decided to attempt to kill her once again.[4]

Soul EvansEdit

You think I'm gonna take shit from you after you ripped my lady to shreds? Self-righteous little brat!!

—Giriko to Soul as they fight., Chapter 75 (Yen Press+ Translation)

Giriko kicks Soul

Giriko kicks Soul.

Just like his meister, Giriko also has complete hatred for her weapon, Soul. He evens mockingly calls him him her "Handsome Prince" and goes as far as to berate his performance as a fighter, stating that just because he's a Death Scythe doesn't make him anymore competent enough to stand a chance against him. He even to Soul that "you ain't like me an' Justin, kid!! You oughta know your limits!".[4]

However, he's somewhat jealous of the of the notion that Soul manages to protect his meister while he failed to protect his mistress, Arachne; so much so that he accuses him of trying to upshow his ability to protect her, despite having not even mentioned it in discussion.[4]


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