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"People who put on the face of someone who's happy and nice actually have pitch darkness in their hearts."

— Giriko to Maka and Soul (English Sub).[1]

Initial Appearance | Female
Giriko (Anime)
Giriko as he appears within the Soul Eater series.
Name Giriko
Alias(es) Demon Lethal Weapon
Chainsaw Boy
Saw (Sou)
Alternate Name(s) Giricco
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - MaleMale(Originally)
Gender Sign - FemaleFemale (Manga)
Age About 800 (across at least 31 bodies)
Race/Species Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Demon Weapon2Demon Weapon
Type of Soul
Theme Saw
Classification Dark Weapon
Autonomous Weapon
Weapon Form(s) Chainsaw
Status Deceased (Manga)
Professional Data
Occupation(s) Enchanter (formerly)
Affiliation(s) Arachnophobia's Logo RenderArachnophobia (formerly)
Nationality Czech
Place of Origin Loew Village
Team/Group Noah's Gang
Weapon Partner(s)
Meister Partner(s) Oldest Golem (formerly)
Relation(s) Unnamed Children
Real World Data
Manga Debut(s) Soul Eater Icon :Chapter 24
Anime Debut(s) Soul Eater Icon :Episode 27
Game Debut(s)

Giriko (ギリコ) was know as the "Demon Lethal Weapon" (魔凶器, Makyōki) and an ally to the witch Arachne as well as formerly affiliated with Arachnophobia. He was an expert Enchanter and one of the few autonomous weapons in the series.


Much of Giriko's background is unknown. After Arachne's "demise", he waited for her in Loew Village, where she had placed her soul into the Oldest Golem. Giriko became an Enchanter, using such skills to maintain the Oldest Golem to survive for 800 years. But for himself to live 800 years, Giriko used his skills as an Enchanter to implant his memories into his descendants, operating those children like he would any golem.[2]


Giriko first appeared to representatives of the DWMA as a polite person, introducing himself as a Loew Village Enchanter under the false name of Saw (or Sou), but during this encounter with Maka Albarn and Crona, he quickly showed his true colors. Giriko is far from refined and is highly uncooperative with most people. He is extremely rude, not caring whom he offends; therefore, he is quick to start arguments that turn into fights, out of his desire to prove himself the better. Although he admires the powerful witch Arachne, which may explain his desire to prove himself, he is not above losing patience with her before he can restrain himself, and he will even mock Arachne's other recruits into Arachnophobia such as Mosquito, his frequent opponent in arguments and fights despite being his own ally.

Because Giriko had to feign kindness for 800 years, he has built up so much bloodlust that, upon the Kishin revival, he assumes he can catch up on all his gluttonous, lustful, and violent activities from which he has abstained for so long.[3] Therefore, Giriko lives for such reckless behavior, regularly giving into his destructive urges.

Aside from his devotion for Arachne, Giriko shows little concern for other people, not even his own children. By using his enchanter powers, Giriko has managed to encode his memories and soul into his descendants, overwhelming them with his own soul. Therefore, in the 800 years he has waited for Arachne's revival, he has lived more than 30 lives.[2] He actually possessed at least 31 such bodies, upon assuming the body of one of his female descedants. 

Although he is a weapon like Tsubaki or Soul, Giriko openly states his hatred for Shibusen, claiming that he wants to follow his own path, rather than be used by a meister.

Giriko has also shown a particular fondness for most kinds of alcohol, rarely seen without a bottle in one of his hands. His heavy drinking has been detrimental to his effectiveness as a fighter, such as when Liz and Patty Thompson drugged his drink, preventing him from fighting against the DWMA's siege on Baba Yaga Castle, which led to the death of his beloved Arachne. Overall, Giriko gives into his vices for alcohol, flirting, killing, sex, and partying, all of which makes him a violent, unethical person, willing to kill his opponent--unless he is attracted to them, in which case he threatens to rape them before killing them.


Main Article: Giriko/Relationships

While an effective fighter, capable strategist, and talented Enchanter, Giriko can be blunt and direct with his allies and enemies, inadvertently insulting people he respects such as Arachne, or making comments and arguments easily mocked by more savvy opponents such as Justin Law. As he is so direct, however, Giriko can pick up details about his opponents rather well, such as identifying Justin Law's fall under the Kishin's sway or Maka Albarn's failure to see through the golem she constructed.

Capricious, Giriko follows the path of easiest resistance and most enjoyment: while he may be able to kill someone quickly, he enjoys toying with his opponents, and if he can get someone else to do the work for him, he will, whether seizing the body of one of his descendants to fight his opponents or escaping from a losing battle. He is prone to mood swings that make it difficult for him to form long-lasting bonds with others, as he quickly leaves the defeated Arachnophobia for Noah's gang on just the invitation of Justin. He is also easily distracted by strangers, as when an offer for drinks and conversation with Liz and Patty Thompson made it easy for the siblings to put a drug in his drink to knock him out.


  • Giriko as he appears in the anime
  • Giriko's soul
  • Giriko's female form

Giriko has a bland tan skin tone and has a varied types of piercings, along with a metal necklace. His eyes and hair color are that of a calm brown. His hair spikes, in several places, like a series of blades. Like Soul, he has sharp teeth.

Giriko, typically, wears blue-green jeans, a white sleeveless collar shirt, black boots, and Brown enchanter's gloves that extends halfway between his elbows and his shoulder with the cuff folded over. As of joining Arachnophobia, the only recognizable difference in his wardrobe is the addition of a fur-trimmed jacket.

During the Salvage Arc, Giriko's body had been falling apart, requiring him to form a new body from one of his descendents. Rather than waste the now consciousless body, however, Giriko re-fashioned his previous body into a golem that he used as a lure against Maka Albarn. Maka, distracted by experiences in the Envy and Sloth Chapters in the Book of Eibon, may not have noticed that she was fighting a soulless golem, which she destroyed with Devil-Hunt Slash. Giriko then appeared behind Maka, revealing that he had prepared a new body for himself, now occupying a woman's body. Giriko had imprinted his genes onto this child, then used Brew to mature it to an adult appearance for more capable combat. As a woman, Giriko appears similar to his male form, physically and sartorially. She retains sharp teeth in a sneer. She also wears attire similar to his male form: gear-adorned jeans and belt, a sleeveless buttoned shirt, and Enchanter Gloves. Aside from some anatomical and gendered differences in physical form, Giriko's female form differs regarding hair, which now not only resemble chainsaws but can transform into Saw Hair.

His soul has a sharp chain wrapped around it and numerous other instances of mechanisms, due primarily to his chainsaw weapon form.


  • When introduced, Giriko is introduced under the pseudonym Saw, also spelled Sou, apt for a chainsaw weapon.[4]
  • In the anime, Giriko uses his real name when he first meets Maka, Soul, and Crona, rather than an alias.
  • The name 'Giriko' comes from the 'giriko' resin powder used in Kyūdō. However, it is more likely that Giriko's name comes from an anagram of the Japanese word for 'saw' (ノコギリ Nokogiri ギリコ Giriko).
  • Part of Giriko's appearance appears to be partly based off of Apple Shinoda from Atsushi Ōkubo earlier series B. Ichi.
  • Giriko's attire resembles that of a lumberjack.


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