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"People who put on the face of someone who's happy and nice actually have pitch darkness in their hearts."

— Giriko to Maka and Soul (English Sub).[1]



Anime  Manga
Giriko (Anime)

Giriko as he appears within the Soul Eater series.

Name Giriko
Alias/Nicknames Demon Lethal Weapon
Chainsaw Boy
Personal Data
Gender Gender Sign - MaleMale(Originally)
Gender Sign - FemaleFemale (Manga)
Race Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Demon Weapon2Demon Weapon
Weapon Form Chainsaw
Classification Dark Weapon
Professional Data
Affiliation(s) Arachnophobia's Logo RenderArachnophobia (formerly)
Occupation(s) Enchanter (formerly)
Teams/Group Noah's Gang
Meister Partner(s) Oldest Golem (formerly)
Relation(s) Unnamed Sons & Daughters.
Real World Data
Voice Actor(s)/Seiyu Nobutoshi Canna (Japanese)
J. Michael Tatum (English)
Anime Debut Soul Eater Icon :Episode 27
Series Appears in - Soul Eater
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Giriko (ギリコ) is know as the "Demon Lethal Weapon" (魔凶器, Makyōki) and an ally to the witch Arachne as well as formerly affiliated with Arachnophobia. He is an expert Enchanter and one of the few autonomous weapons in the series.


Much of Giriko's Background is unknown.  After Arachne's "demise", he waited for her in Lowell Village for 800 Years, becoming an Enchanter and using his skills as an Enchanter to implant his memories into his children.


Giriko, first appeared to be a nice person, under the false name of Soul but he quickly showed his true colors. Giriko is far from refined and is highly uncooperative with the majority of people. He's extremely rude, not caring who he offends and because of this he's prone to starting arguments, just expecting a fight, in order to prove himself the better. He lives for such fighting, liking to give in regularly to his destructive urges. By using his enchanter powers he managed to swap his memories with his children, over the time waiting for Arachne to revive he has lived more than 30 lives. 

Although he is a weapon like Tsubaki or Soul, he openly states his hatred for Shibusen, claiming that he wants to follow his own path, rather than be used by a meister.

He has also shown a particular fondness for most kinds of alcohol, being rarely seen without a bottle in one of his hands.



Giriko as he appears in the anime.

Giriko has a bland tan skin tone and has a varied types of piercings, along with a metal necklace. His eyes and hair color are that of a calm brown. His hair spikes, in several places, like a series of blades. Like Soul, he has sharp teeth.

Giriko, typically, wears blue-green jeans, a white sleeveless collar shirt, black boots, and Brown enchanter's gloves that extends halfway between his elbows and his shoulder with the cuff folded over. As of joining Arachnophobia, the only recognizable difference in his wardrobe is the addition of a fur-trimmed jacket.

During the Salvage Chapter, his body was destroyed by the blow he received from Maka Albarn. It was then revealed that he had prepared a new body for himself. His appearance was similar to his male form with the exception of his hair, which in fact, turns into chainsaws in reference to his weapon form.

His soul has a sharp chain wrapped around it and numerous other instances of mechanisms, due primarily to his chainsaw weapon form.


  • Giriko is not very good at remembering faces, as seen when he does not recognize Maka when she infiltrates Arachne's castle with the other Shibusen students.
  • Giriko is the creator of the Oldest Golem.
  • In the anime, Giriko uses his real name when he first meets Maka, Soul, and Crona, rather than an alias.
  • The name 'Giriko' comes from the 'giriko' resin powder used in Kyūdō. However, it is more likely that Giriko's name comes from an anagram of the Japanese word for 'saw' (ノコギリ Nokogiri ギリコ Giriko).
  • Part of Giriko's appearance appears to be partly based off of Apple Shinoda from Atsushi Ōkubo earlier series B. Ichi.
  • Giriko's attire resembles that of a lumberjack.
  • Giriko seems to be the only other character, other than Soul, to have Spiky teeth, well in the Anime at least.
  • In the anime, Giriko survives in this story line and is last seen with Mosquito at the ending credits in the final episode.


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