Giant (巨人, Kyojin) are a gargantuan beings known for their larger size, as the name implies. Two sorts of Giants are seen within the Soul Eater series.[1][2]


Giants, as the names implies, are garganutan creates with a humanoid appearance, as observed by Wrath Giant.[2] As observed by the latter, in behavior despite looking intimidating and able to be aggressive, Giants can also be down to earth and can even enjoying partying.[1]


Main article: Cyclopes Cyclopes are a mythical race of Giants in which are renown for having only one eye. Only one of the Cyclopes have been shown.[3]


While the abilities of a Giant is mostly unknown, it's indicated by the Wrath Giant that Giant possess fearsome strength, in which was so exemplary it warranted DWMA's attention in putting down the potential threat that it was.[1]

Giants in Soul EaterEdit


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