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Usher, Rat, and Catlabor enjoy the euphoria of wearing Kazukimaru the Helmet Crab.

GAIDEN 8 is the eighth Soul Eater GAIDEN short story. It first appeared in Volume 8 of the manga Soul Eater.

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  • Tonogai's tombstone



At Atsushi-Ya, “a place where we shoo you out no matter who you are,” Usher has a new happier voice as he refers to his bar as being a place for “love of humanity” and where “dreams always come true.” Usher then reveals he was wearing the Helmet Crab Kazukimaru, which made him feel like a different person.

Now rude again, Usher passes Kazukimaru to the “shitty-ass Rat,” who tries on the Helmet Crab, causing him to sound kinder, refer to itself as white, hate all things black, and intends to protest horror films and the mouse. Rat removes the crab and agrees that it is “friggin’ amazing!”

Catlabor asks to wear the Helmet Crab. With it, Catlabor refers to itself as a nurse robot, model number Strawberry Love Heart 78, made by Fresh Number One Star Heavy Industries, and lacking a Murder and Mayhem Mode.

Catlabor removes Kazukimaru and says, with such a Helmet Crab, he could mass produce. Usher and Rat then fight with Catlabor over Kazukimaru: Usher wants to become popular, Rat says Usher never will be, and Catlabor enters Murder and Mayhem Mode.

Kazukimaru rolls away and laughs, referring to love as “a wonderful thing.”

The narrator concludes that Atsushi-Ya is “the kind of place where you become not yourself anymore,” welcoming visitors again, even if they are seeking self-discovery.


  • When wearing Kazukimaru, with its tail pointing like a nose and its body like a round mask, Usher and others resemble Jack the Ripper from the very first chapter of the manga Soul Eater.
  • Kazukimaru’s species, Helmet Crab, alludes in name to a hermit crab but in appearance resembles a horseshoe crab.
  • This is the first issue of the Soul Eater GAIDEN not to include You. Up to now, You has appeared in not only all previous issues of the Soul Eater GAIDEN but in all four issues of the earlier B. Ichi GAIDEN.


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