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Usher reveals Catlabor, making Atsushi-Ya a powerful bar now with a nuclear missile.

GAIDEN 4 is the fourth Soul Eater GAIDEN short story. It first appeared in Volume 4 of the manga Soul Eater.

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The bar Atsushi-Ya is introduced as “a gathering place for those armed with nuclear power.” Inside, Tonogai complains that they are four chapters in, and they do not know what this “stupid” manga is about. When Usher states the obvious--that this is a bonus manga--Tonogai, Rat, You, and Catlabor are silent.

Rat then says this comic hardly feels like a bonus. Usher insists this is a good manga, as it shows interaction between the characters as they help him run the bar. Tonogai says readers may prefer to see behind the scenes information about Soul Eater. Usher crawls along the floor, petulantly complaining that such information would be difficult to write about.

Everyone but You begins to step on Usher, urging him to add something interesting, while Catlabor enters Massacre Mode.

Usher acquiesces and agrees to discuss Medusa Gorgon’s hair: he points out that he draws her hair in opposite directions depending on whether she is in her witch attire (hair twisted to the left) or disguised as the DWMA’s physician (hair twisted to the right). He adds that he made this decision so that he would have an answer should anyone ask why DWMA staff do not recognize that Medusa is the same witch behind Crona.

Usher opens up a copy of Volume 2 along with Rat and Tonogai, while Catlabor reads the book as data. Then Usher sweats nervously as he realizes that he made a mistake: when Medusa first appears as a witch, her hair is twisted to the right. Medusa appears and refers to this action as mean. Usher, Rat, and Tonogai collapse, while Catlabor reveals its nuclear missile.

Usher sobs, as he just wanted to get this detail correct--and he failed. He says they will pick this up in the next volume.

The story ends by referring to Atsushi-Ya as “for those of you who haven’t lost all motivation to read a manga by such a stupid author.” Inside, Usher thinks he may have fixed Medusa’s hair by Chapter 5.


  • Usher is correct: in Medusa’s first appearance, her hair was twisted to the right, but starting with Chapter 5, Medusa had her hair twisted to the left when a witch, to the right when a physician.


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