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Usher reflects on the end of Soul Eater and Atsushi-Ya--before realizing he still has Soul Eater NOT! to finish.

GAIDEN 25 is the twenty-fifth Soul Eater GAIDEN short story. It first appeared in Volume 25 of the manga Soul Eater.

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Atsushi-Ya is no more. Catlabor, having just exploded, is left as only a head--a bump on its head. Lying on the ground, all with bumps on their heads, are Usher, Bird, the bearlike being, and Sasa-Waffle. Usher reflects how the bar has blown up, how he is burned--then sees the Bird fly away back to Kobe. Usher takes these as signs that their journey has ended.

Catlabor asks Usher, now that Atsushi-Ya has no more customers, whether he has any last words. Usher says, "Nah." His employees then proceed to beat him, claiming he is an ingrate and owes some statement to all the people who have been visiting Atsushi-Ya for so long. Usher relents, as the bearlike being holds Catlabor's head and lets Sasa-Waffle rest on their head.

Usher then lets out a joyful shout that he has no more deadlines and now can relax everyday. The bearlike being reminds Usher he already was relaxing daily even when making the manga--until Usher tells him the audience doesn't have to know that. Catlabor is surprised that this is the way to end a 10-year series like Soul Eater.

Usher adds that he wanted to end after ten years rather than dragging out Soul Eater for years, and he determined the best conclusion would be with the children growing up, especially since the children in his audience would be adults by this final volume.

Usher then asks what is next for him--only to be reminded by Sasa-Waffle that he still has another shop: AtsushiYa NOT! Usher is shocked that Soul Eater continues as Soul Eater NOT! while the Sun and the Moon are above him and his employees.


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