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The Sasa-Waffle struggles to get along with Atsushi-Ya staff, resulting in the death of a scarecrow.

GAIDEN 23 is the twenty-third Soul Eater GAIDEN short story. It first appeared in Volume 23 of the manga Soul Eater.

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At Atsushi-Ya, "a gathering place for those who like to relax in the dark," the Sasa-Waffle uses Waffle Beams to illuminate the gloomy bar, which Usher thinks defeats the purpose of a bar.

The Waffle then turns to the bear-like being and the tall bird, referring to them as looking idiotic and needing to meet their new member. The bear-like being and the tall bird proceed to stamp on the Waffle, ignoring their protests that they will spill their insides. The bear-like being disagrees, claiming waffles lack insides. The Waffle disagrees, claiming they are full of dreams--which infuriates the bear-like being and the bird further.

The Sasa-Waffle flies up again, still speaking but now crumbling (which to Usher proves they really are only full of waffle inside) and welcoming the new employee: the talking scarecrow, Ryousuke Asacarecrow, to help keep birds away. The bear-like being tells the scarecrow not to affect their bird, prompting the bird to attack Ryousuke then fly out of Atsushi-Ya, smashing its roof.

The bear-like being sees Ryousuke is dead, while Usher only says the scarecrow was full of cotton. Still, Ryousuke's remains can serve as its own headstone, which they place outside next to the other ones.



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