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Usher explains how he came to set the Soul Eater finale on the Moon and considers what it means to live life to the fullest--as he confronts another death.

GAIDEN 21 is the twenty-first Soul Eater GAIDEN short story. It first appeared in Volume 21 of the manga Soul Eater.

Featured AppearancesEdit


  • Usher
  • Rat (dies again)
  • Unnamed bearlike being
  • Unnamed tall bird
  • Sasa-Waffle (first appearance)




It is nighttime outside Atsushi-Ya, "a gathering place for people who really want to be popular." Usher claims Volume 22 of Soul Eater comes out on February 22, 2222 "of the 22nd year of the Heisei era, and I'm 22 now." Rat tells Usher to stop inflating the coincidence as fated.

Usher explains the climax of Soul Eater is on the Moon, which he had desired before starting the series, but he also thought it would be difficult for the plot to lead to the Moon. That is why, as early as Chapter 1, Usher drew the Moon amid clouds to show it was much closer than in real life and hence could be reached by the Soul Eater characters.

The bear-like being notices how often Usher has been narrating, prompting the latter to blush. Usher explains that, as he is older, he cannot pull all-nighters as he did when he was younger. Usher than narrates to the bear-like being and the tall bird how, "from the perspective of outer space and its Belgian waffle showers, human life lasts only an instant," he intends to live to the fullest or take it easy.

The bear-like being then notices Rat has died. Usher explains rats do not live long, which is "all the same to the universe."

Through the sky, a star falls.


  • At the time Volume 21 was released in 2010, Heisei was the era of the traditional Japanese calendar, which is divided into periods that begin when the emperor dies and is succeeded. The Heisei era began in 1989 with the death of Emperor Hirohito and the succession of Emperor Akihito. Therefore, Heisei 22 is the year 2010, and Usher is using wordplay to show the coincidence that Volume 21 is sold in Japan on February 22, 2012.[1]
  • This is the second time Rat has died.
  • The falling star and the waffle will appear in GAIDEN 22.


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