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The resurrected zombie Rat brings new employees to Atsushi-Ya.

GAIDEN 17 is the seventeenth Soul Eater GAIDEN short story. It first appeared in Volume 17 of the manga Soul Eater.

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At Atsushi-Ya, "a gathering spot for people who make the best zombies," the resurrected Rat apologizes to Usher for killing his staff. Usher tells Rat not to worry, as such situations happen all the time.

Rat admits he hardly feels regret either, but he decided to apologize by bringing new employees: a one-eyed being with vaguely bear-like ears and a small bird.

Usher asks Katlabor and the taller bird to train these new employees. While Katlabor agrees, the taller bird does the training, first breaking plates (which Usher tells them not to do), then chewing on the table (which Usher also prohibits).

Outside, the employees play with an Adidas Jabulani soccer ball.


  • This chapter introduces the vaguely bearlike being, who will go on to appear in the GAIDEN for Soul Eater and Soul Eater NOT! This being also appears as a doll that Tsugumi Harudori purchases at the Death City airport in Episode 1 of Soul Eater NOT! and keeps on her desk after moving into the girls' dormitory.
  • Adidas is a manufacturer of athletic equipment, whose logo appears elsewhere on Usher's attire in other chapters. Its Jabulani ball was the one used as the official match ball for the 2010 World Cup, the same year when this chapter of GAIDEN was published.[1]


  1. Soul Eater Manga: Volume 17, Yen Press English eBook, Page 187

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