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Atsushi-Ya Backstage Special Commemorating the ''Soul Eater'' Anime Adaptation!! GAIDEN 15
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Usher welcomes more customers to Atsushi-Ya: the voices of Patty Thompson and Soul Evans. But they are interrupted by the kappa--and voice of Maka Albarn--Chiaki Omigawa.

GAIDEN 14 is the fourteenth Soul Eater GAIDEN short story. It first appeared in Volume 14 of the manga Soul Eater.

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Inside Atsushi-Ya, Usher introduces two actors from the Soul Eater anime adaptation: Narumi Takahira, the voice of Patty Thompson, who is drawn as a pig, and Koki Uchiyama, who is drawn as a field horsetail. Usher commands the two actors to be swift, as he has only two pages for this GAIDEN. Uchiyama then asks why, if there are only two pages, Usher has drawn the panels to be so wide.

Usher and the customers are interrupted by Chiaki Omigawa, still drawn as a kappa, who seems to have difficulty pronouncing words through her slobbering. While Takahira complains how much Omigawa slobbers, Uchiyama again notes how wide the panels are--as Omigawa's drool from the top panel drips down onto him. Omigawa then shouts "Die!" and approaches a terrified Usher.


  • This is the first GAIDEN to feature only Usher and none of his employees.
  • Narumi Takahira is drawn as a pig. In the Soul Eater anime, Takahira's character, Patty Thompson, is associated with pigs: in Episode 1, she says "oink," and in Episode 43, she draws a pig in the sand.
  • Unlike other chapters, this GAIDEN does not begin with a view of the exterior of Atsushi-Ya, instead starting inside.


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