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GAIDEN 12 Atsushi-Ya Backstage Special Commemorating the ''Soul Eater'' Anime Adaptation!!
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Usher welcomes another customer to Atsushi-Ya, the voice of Maka Albarn, Chiaki Omigawa. When confronted with his rude behavior to his publisher and producer, Usher realizes he is a tsundere.

GAIDEN 13 is the thirteenth Soul Eater GAIDEN short story. It first appeared in Volume 13 of the manga Soul Eater.

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  • Tonogai, Shiozawa Pesuto, and Kazukimaru's tombstones


At Atsushi-Ya, "the best place in the world for obstinate jerks to congregate," Catlabor complains that they again lack customers. Usher waits impatiently for a customer to arrive. One arrives: Takuya Igarasbi, the director of the anime adaptation of Soul Eater, who is still alive, still a pixie, and now smoking a cigarette. Usher orders the sword to kill Igarasbi, who proceeds to knock the pixie to the floor.

Usher then laughs, saying that, like last time, they are welcoming "a big guest." The cat reminds Usher that he just had their current big guest, Igarasbi, knocked down. Usher promises the employees while be surprised, while Catlabor complains that the guest is probably only Chiaki Omigawa, the voice of Maka Albarn. Sure enough, it is Omigawa--who appears as a drooling kappa. While the bird is now munching on Igarasbi's body, the cat complains how Usher drew the teenage Omigawa to look "like a sick freak." Usher insists that she asked to be drawn as "a sick-eyed kappa," but Catlabor complains that he still went too far and will bring trouble onto all of them.

The cat then reminds Usher that he has already gotten in trouble with Square Enix, the publisher of the Soul Eater manga, and Studio BONES, the producer of the Soul Eater anime. For example, Usher had complained about illustrating Eureka Seven artwork for the Soul Eater Late Show when it was BONES president Masahiko Minami trying to publicize Soul Eater. The sword says Usher also upset Square Enix publisher Koji Taguchi for mocking the merge of Square and Enix with his bonus chapter "Legend of the Holy Sword." Usher's only response is that he never asked Square Enix or BONES to do him favors.

Usher then asks whether his assistants know what a "tsundere" is--because he thinks he has become one.

The narrator--Usher--concludes that readers can buy his manga if they want: "It's not like your stupid support makes me happy or anything, okay."


  • Kappa appeared in Atsushi Okubo's previous manga, B. Ichi, such as the character Tool.
  • The cat refers to artwork Okubo drew for the Soul Eater Late Show, which featured Maka and Soul dressed as Eureka and Renton Thurston from the anime Eureka 7. Both Eureka 7 and Soul Eater are produced by Studio BONES. As well, Micah Solusod, the English voice for Soul, would go on to play Renton's son Ao Fukai, in the sequel series Eureka Seven AO.
  • This GAIDEN explains that "The Legend of the Holy Sword" bonus chapter alludes to Seiken Densetsu (Legend of the Holy Sword), a Mana game series produced by Square Enix, publisher of the manga Soul Eater and its video games, including Monotone Princess.[1]
  • "Tsundere" is Japanese slang combining the words "tsuntsun" ("bitingly critical") and "deredere" ("gushingly adoring") to describe a person whose relationship with a romantic interest alternates between annoyance or hatred and romantic or sexual attraction.[1]


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