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GAIDEN 11 GAIDEN Non-Canonical Episode
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Usher welcomes a customer to Atsushi-Ya, the director of the Soul Eater anime, Takuya Igarashi. Unfortunately, Usher's employees are upset that they still are not paid.

GAIDEN 12 is the twelfth Soul Eater GAIDEN short story. It first appeared in Volume 12 of the manga Soul Eater.

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  • Tonogai, Shiozawa Pesuto, and Kazukimaru's tombstones
  • Flyswatter
  • Plates


At Atsushi-Ya, "the best place in the world for rapidly increasing your number of friends," there is now a third tombstone for the Helmet Crab. But inside, Usher interrupts the narration, referring to that description for Atsushi-Ya as pretty good.

This remark about friends surprises Katlabor, the bird, the sword, and the dog. Katlabor explains that he and the other employees of Atsushi-Ya lack any "human warmth" in their relationships, and Katlabor hardly feels any emotions for the deceased Rat, Tonogai, and Kazukimaru.

The dog and the sword add that they do not understand the point of this bar: there are never any customers, and while people enjoy the Soul Eater anime, those viewers do not read the manga.

Usher simply laughs and encourages his employees to keep mocking him, because yesterday he received a phone call for a reservation for Atsushi-Ya. When Katlabor refers to this reservation as asasine since no one ever comes to the bar, Usher angrily tells Katlabor to stop interrupting--as he takes the sword and knocks off Katlabor's head. The sword agrees with Katlabor, however: only "an idiot" would come to "this savage bar."

While the dog continues to refer to this expected customer as stupid, Usher sees the customer arriving: it is Takuya Igarashi, director of the anime adaptation of Soul Eater--and who happens to look like a pixie, with antenna and wings. While Igarashi is happy to meet everyone, Katlabor and the dog complain that Igarashi is hardly a customer if he already is directing the anime and hence is already "someone in our circle." Usher finally screams that of course only people who are in their circle come to Atsushi-Ya: the place is not exactly going to appeal to "office girls." While the dog complains about Usher's misplaced anger, Igarashi keeps flying and looks pensive.

The sword then asks how Usher will pay his employees when no customers ever come. Usher does not know, so he tells his employees to think about "the spirit of volunteerism" rather than cash. In response, the bird begins slamming plates on the floor, infuriating Usher. While such violence and arguments unfold, Igarashi is still flying--until Usher uses a flyswatter to knock down the pixie, telling him to be quiet. Igarashi lies on the floor, unmoving. Katlabor is shocked, but Usher says Igarashi wanted to be drawn as a pixie ("True story!" Usher says in parentheses), so he could not be trusted. While this fact surprises his employees, they still sit with Usher for a drink--while Igarashi still lies, motionless.



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