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The wild owner of Atushi-Ya, Usher, has his bar infected by Prestilence from the creature, Rat.

GAIDEN 1 is the first Soul Eater GAIDEN short story, first appearing in Volume 1 of the manga Soul Eater. It continues from the previous GAIDEN stories published in Atsushi Ōkubo's previous manga series, B. Ichi, featuring many of the same characters.

Featured AppearancesEdit


  • Usher (first appearance in Soul Eater)
  • You (first appearance in Soul Eater)
  • Rat (first appearance)




GAIDEN 1 - Usher introduces reader to You

Usher introduces You to reader.

The owner of Atsushi-Ya, Usher introduces the reader to his bar in which is a place of gathering for those who're "strange bastards who have a few screws loose". He then introduces the reader to his bodyguard and bartender, You, who only says "Mm-hmm" but is following the Path of Invincibility. Usher then expresses gratitude that the reader is glad that they had "walked" into the bar and assumes that this means "our" soul wavelengths are in tuned (In addition, he tries to eat a lollipop to look cool) and tells the reader to make ourselves at home.

GAIDEN 1 - Rat Spread Prestilence

Rat threatens to spread Prestilence

Suddenly, a talking rat appears. Usher is taken by surprise at it's presence and questions what is he. Though the rat inquires If he really wants to know his "ambition", Usher insists that he first start with a name. He introduces himself as "Rat" and his ambitions is to have the Rat Industry rule over the Mices and "others" . He is then swiftly kicked out of the bar by Usher, not wanting people to see rats in his bar and ruin his reputation. The rat then spreads his Prestilence, a powerful virus emitted from rats. The action surprise Usher and his glasses falls off, in which he turns into a bird.

GAIDEN 3 - You saves herself

You only saves herself.

He then runs to You for assistance, only to find that You has put on a hazmat suit to save herself and not Usher, much to his surprise and chargin. It is then told in the last illustration that just after opening, Atsushi-Ya was plagued by a disease and that If the reader is confident in their immune system to come again.


  • Usher, You (previously a man), and Atsushi-Ya previously appeared in the GAIDEN for Atsushi Ōkubo's previous manga series B. Ichi.
  • Zaraki is the romanji spelling of "Thwack", an instant-death attack spell in the Dragon Quest game in which targets a whole group of enemies, unlike whack (in which targets only one enemy)


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