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Icicle Vasili
A Vasili: Frigid Jailhouse

A Vasili

A Vasili: Frigid Jailhouse is a one of the various A Vasili spells used by the part-witch werewolf, Free.


Using moisture present within the surroundings of the target (the surrounding air included). Free can make use of this technique to completely encase them in ice. The ice forms the shape of a police cell around the opponent completely immobilizing them. To establish this technique Free must first collect the water upon the ground around the opponent, before causing it to rise up and subsequently freeze. Due to the process needed to form the large amount of ice present, a substantial amount of time is required, which does present an opportunity for a counter-attack.[1]

Free uses this on Mosquito in his Form from 200 years ago and provides him and Kid an opportunity to use their high power techniques, Death Cannon and Demon Eye Cannon attacks. This suggests that the ice is significantly strong, as it is able to restrain a strong opponent for a greater period of time than these techniques require to charge. It also demonstrates that Free is able to use other techniques while maintaining the presence of this ability.[1]


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