Free imprisioned

Free rails against chopsticks

Two hundred years ago, Free stole the Grand Witch Maba's eye. When they fought, she discovered that no matter how much effort she put into it, she could not successfully kill him on account of his Immortality. She, however, used an alternate strategy in defeating Free, and instead of killing him, restrained and had him locked up in Witch Prison for life. He became famously known among Witches as "Prisoner 13, The Man with the Demon Eye". In order to ensure he never escaped, Maba personally kept the key to his cell in her room.


Uncanny Sword ArcEdit

The Experiment ArcEdit

Free's appearance comes in turn when Medusa finds an interest in Soul and plans to test the Black Blood that is present in his body. Medusa has Eruka release him from prison. Medusa calls him "Demon Eye", but he states that everything was taken from him, including his name, so on account of his recent freedom, he names himself "Free." He naturally allies himself with Medusa, based on the fact that they both do not like DWMA. He is then sent out to London where he engages in battle with Black☆Star and Maka as part of Medusa's "experiment". After fending off Black☆Star, he then reveals that he is a part of the Immortal Clan and is a Werewolf. After transforming he gains the upper hand until Maka and Soul use Witch-Hunt and is tackled after, sending him off the bridge. In an attempt to get back on the bridge, he mistakenly freezes himself and falls into the River Thames below.

Black Dragon ArcEdit

A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration ArcEdit

During the celebration of DWMA's anniversary, Free appears alongside Medusa, Eruka, Crona, and Mizune. He uses the power of his left eye to cast Independent Cube with the help of Eruka's Magic Calculation, and traps the staff and student body within the ballroom. The barrier is supposed to hold up for an hour, enough time for Free and Eruka to get to and to inject the Black Blood into Asura, who is buried under DWMA, thus reviving the Kishin.

With Stein left behind to fight Medusa, Kid is to go straight after Free and Eruka; Maka is to advance with Kid as back-up; Black☆Star is to hold up Crona. Disobeying orders, Maka fights Crona while Black☆Star goes on to catch up with Kid. Noticing that Kid is catching up, Free decides to setup a diversion. He uses Forwarding Vision to create an image of himself, and then shoots his Demon Eye Cannon at Kid to support the fact that the image is real. Kid attacks the image numerous times, but as he believes that it is immortal, he finds himself in a bad situation. Black☆Star then arrives and begins to engage in battle also. Being that he is a close-range fighter, he goes straight to the image and attacks, not knowing that every attack he does goes straight through the image. Kid notices this and exposes Free, but by the time they realize this, Free and Eruka are already close to the shrine.

Free and Eruka enter the shrine, feeling the presence of Asura the moment they open the door. Upon entering, the Madness begins to take its toll on Eruka as she imagines frightful things happening to her. Free notices this and returns to aid her but finds himself being pulled into the madness. They shortly break free before killing themselves and proceed on with the mission. When they finally reach Asura, they are confronted by Kid, who has caught up with them. In an attempt to destroy the Black Blood, Kid initiates a continuous fire at Eruka. Free steps in the field of fire taking advantage of his immortality and giving Eruka time to inject the blood. As she tries to inject it, Black☆Star appears and seemingly destroys the container of the blood, but in reality, he mistakenly attacks the statue above, thus failing in his original intentions. Asura then awakens, blows back Black☆Star after his failed attempt to use Big Wave, and takes Kid out too.

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle ArcEdit

Before the operation begins, Free is shown to have infiltrated Arachnophobia in preparation for Medusa's movements. He is shown several times but does nothing that can be considered noteworthy. When Medusa's plan to confront Arachne goes into effect, he is supposed to go to Tower One but, due to a complete lack of any sense of direction, goes instead towards Tower Two. However, he ends up at Tower Eight, where he meets up with Kid. Since he recognizes Mosquito's strength, he contributes his messing up to fate and decides to help Kid, even though having to fight alongside a Death God 'kinda pisses him off'. The pair agree that destroying the locking artifact at this tower takes priority over their feelings for each other and Free comments that they must be great comrades to be able to desert each other without the slightest hesitation.

400 Year Form Attack

Mosquito easily disables Free

Kid and Free assault Mosquito, and Free's physical strength combined with his use of A Vasili proves to be too much for Mosquito's 100 Years Ago form to handle. Kid sees a chance to get past Mosquito but Free's subsequent attack knocks Mosquito in that particular direction, causing Kid to call him a fool. Mosquito goes back to his 200 Years Ago form, resulting in him gaining the upper hand for a short while, as even his current speed can not stand up to Free's strength. Free manages to regain his footing and swings Mosquito through a wall along with himself and Kid. In this new area, Mosquito has far more room to move than the hallway, meaning Kid is unable to hit him. Free, however, creates some Ice Pillars to restrict Mosquito's movements, providing Kid with a chance to inflict damage in close combat. Free then proceeds to use his Ice Bind to increase their advantage even further, and Kid knocks Mosquito out of his current predicament and onto the floor. Free uses A Vasili to completely encase Mosquito in ice, transforms into his Werewolf form, and fires a Demon Eye Cannon simultaneously with Kid's Death Cannon.

Mosquito survives with heavy damage and goes on revert to his 400 Years Ago form. In less than a second he manages to cut Free in half and cut Kid's left arm off. "BREW" activates within Kid not much later, allowing Free to use him as a distraction and to conduct Forwarding Vision, which tricks Mosquito into thinking that Free is still there, and Free goes off to destroy the Lock. Once it is destroyed Mosquito leaves to protect Arachne.

Arachnophobia vs DWMA Arc (Anime-Only)Edit

War on the Moon ArcEdit

File:Soul Eater Chapter 97 - DWMA captured Free and Eruka.png

Free is heard outside Eruka's cell door in DWMA, claiming that he is there to rescue her. Eruka is overjoyed to see him when the door opens, but is disappointed to see that Free has merely been captured as well, as his size apparently hindered his infiltration.

Witches' Trial ArcEdit

Free joins Kid, Eruka, Kim, Risa, and Arisa to go to the Witches' Realm to negotiate with Maba and the witches about an alliance against the Kishin. Instead they are arrested and put on trial. As an Immortal, Free is sentenced to death one-thousand times, an amount that dwarfs his witch allies' single- to double-digit number of death sentences, yet itself is dwarfed by Kid's sentence to death one-million times. Fortunately, Kid is able to negotiate a different outcome, earning the opportunity to leave the Witches' Realm and leave Kim to conclude negotiations.

War on the Moon II ArcEdit

Dark Side of the Moon ArcEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 113 - Free and Eruka

Free's last appearance in the manga

A few weeks after Asura's defeat, Free is seen with the other witches at Kid's ceremony. As Eruka says that peace between witches and DWMA may not be so bad, Free seems to agree.

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