Special AbilitiesEdit

Werewolf Physiology: As a Werewolf capable of transforming, Free is much more powerful than the average Human.[1]

  • Enhanced Senses: Free does at least have an enhanced sense of smell both in his human form and presumably in his Werewolf form.[2]
  • Immortality (不死, Fushi): Due to being of the Immortal Clan, Free has the ability not only to live longer but also to survive any injury set to him and instantly heal,[3] even healing as far as losing his limbs such as his arm[4] or torso.[5] He can also take amazing levels of punishment due to his immortality such as being stabbed, being skewered, and taking Kid's shots from the Demon Twin Guns, though he still feels the pain.
  • Enhanced Strength: Free is incredibly strong, capable of lifting up his iced-enhanced Ball and Chain in his human form with incredible ease and utilizing it as a weapon,[6] as well as sending Mosquito in his 200 Years Ago through a brick wall with ease.[7]
  • Transformation (変身, Henshin): As a Werewolf, Free is capable of transforming into a Human as well as that of a Werewolf to increase his power.[1]
Episode 13 - Free transforming animated

Free transforming.

  • Wolf Man of Legend (伝説の狼男, Densetsu no ōkami otoko): As a Werewolf, Free has the capability of transforming between his human state and his true form, his Werewolf form dubbed the "Wolf Man of Legend" transformation. In this form, he gains incredible power, enough to fight against the likes of some of the top Meister/Weapon duos and to battle an incomplete Death God, and can even use powerful attacks from the Demon Eye's own magic, capable of injuring the likes of a powerful Bloodsucker. His prowess in this form is legendary among the Witches.[8]
  • Wolf Tail Wall (狼尾壁, Rōbihek): A technique in which enlarges Free's wolf tail to being larger then the size of his body, enabling him to defend himself from powerful attacks.[1]
Episode 13 - Free Fighting Wolf Fist Animated

Free combined his Fighting Wolf Fist with his Magic, becoming a extremely formidable fighter.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Free is an extremely proficient and capable martial artist, having easily gotten the upper-hand on Maka in his Werewolf form[9] and, combined with his unarmed capabilities and Ice Magic in his human form, is powerful enough to even physically outclass Mosquito in his 100 Years Ago form during their battle with him in Baba Yaga's Castle.[10] He also displays an impressive level of skill when fighting Kid, keeping up with the ruse of being a illusion.[11]

  • Fighting Wolf Fist (闘狼拳, Tōrōken): Free's selected fighting style and a variation of Mantis Boxing, it is an aggressive fighting style that takes advantage of his immortality and allows him to power on through others' attacks.[12]


Episode 13 - Free misplaces his spell

Free misplaces his spell due to rustiness.

Being considered a Witch and a Magic user, it is speculated that Free himself may be susceptible to attacks like that of the Witch-Hunt (or the other Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister) by Maka, despite being Immortal.[13] In addition, Free is rusty after having not used his own abilities in over 200 years, which causes him to misplace his own spells, affecting himself instead of his targets. This causes him to lose against Maka and Black☆Star using their respective weapons.[1] He later overcomes this weakness.

Chapter 52 - Mosquito bisects Free

Mosquito exceeds Free in power in his 400 Years Ago form.

Free is also capable of overestimating at times, such as when he claims he could hold the Independent Cube for one hour but in reality, could not even hold for more then forty minutes[14] and even admits that he exaggerated due to being prideful.[15] This may also have been the case since Spatial Magic in particular is distorted against Madness[16] and Death was imprisoned in his spell. However, Free has also admits himself after a time that his control over Spatial Magic in itself is poor compared to Maba.[17] Free even has his own limits; despite his renowned power, he is easily taken out by Mosquito in less then one second just after the latter transforms into his 400 Years Ago form.[18]

His Demon Eye's magical energy is also finite and must be recharged to pull off the Independent Cube spell, which also requires the backing of Calculation Spells in order to pull off.[19] The Demon Eye can be inhibited, with Maba ensuring to cover his Demon Eye with blindfold covered with magical symbols and seals to prevent the usage of his powerful Magic within his arsenal.[20] His large size has proven to be a problem and makes him incapable of utilizing stealth, as seen when he tries to break Eruka out of DWMA custody only to be caught, with DWMA guards pointing out he is "huge and stands out", further speculating that spotting him would be obvious.[21]


Episode 13 - Demon Eye Charging animated

Demon Eye's Magic in use.

Demon Eye (魔眼, Magan; FUNimation "Magic Eye"): Plucked from the left eye of the Witch Queen, Maba,[22] the Demon Eye gives Free the ability to utilize the same Magic she possesses.[23] Along with bestowing him other Magics, it also includes its own Magic and a powerful, cannon spell.[24]

  • Demon Eye Cannon (魔眼砲, Maganhō; FUNimation "Magic Eye Cannon"): A powerful magic technique in which creates a magical eye to fire a powerful cannon at a target. This Magic technique takes up much magical power, only able to be fired in Free's Werewolf form.[1]
  • Spatial Magic (空間魔法, Kūkan Mahō): Free is also adept at using Spatial Magic, a magic which specializes in warping and manipulating space.[25] Although he is proficient at it, he has admitted that his own control over this magic is poor in comparison to Maba.[17]
  • Teleport (転送, Tensō): This spell enables Free capable of teleporting from one place to another, though his level of precision with Spatial Magic prevents him from always teleporting to a desired location.[26]
  • Independent Cube (無干渉領域 (インディペンデント・キューブ), Indipendento Kyūbu): Another variation of Spatial Magic, this High-Level Spell allows Free to create a barrier in the shape of a "cube" which cuts off space from the rest of the world around it and is even cable of trapping Death.[27] Free himself can only maintain this Magic for less then 40 minutes; although a shorter duration may have resulted because of Spatial Magic's weakness against Madness, as Death is imprisoned and is has the Madness of Order.[28] Also due to his improper precision, he can only cast this Magic with the assistance of Calculation Spells.[29]
  • Forwarding Vision (映像転送 (フォワーディング・ビジョン), Fowādingu Bijon): A variation of Spatial Magic, this allows Free to project a vision of himself into certain places where he appears as a holographic, live image capable of fooling even Death the Kid for a time, as well as Mosquito.[30]
Episode 13 - Ice Cone Animated

Free utilizing Ice Magic.

  • Ice Attribute Magic (氷属性の魔法, Kōri Zokusei no Mahō): Free is an extremely proficient wielder of Ice Magic, a magic specializing in freezing his intended target/subject,[31] and combines the usage of his Magic with his physical capabilities.[32]
  • Ice Cone: Free summons cones of solid ice to shoot out of the ground in order to skewer his enemies. He often miscalculates and forgets where he places them, sometimes ending up skewering himself.
  • Ice Sphere: By encasing his iron ball in ice he uses it increased size and mass too use it as an effective weapon.
  • Ice Shackle Bullet: Following Ice Sphere, Free swings it towards his enemy like a cannon ball.
  • Ice Spindle: After using Ice Sphere he jumps up and adds on to "Ice Sphere" creating a giant stalactite shaped pillar of ice to ram down and pierce his foe.
  • Ice Pillar: Causes a pillar of ice to appear behind the enemy, normally trapping them.
  • Ice Bind: Encases enemies feet in ice.
  • Frigid Jailhouse: By freezing water around his enemy, he can encase the foe in ice.
  • Ice Fist: By encasing his fist on ice, he can deal greater impacts when he punches.
  • Soul Protect (ソウルプロテクト, Souru Purotekuto): Free can utilize Magic capable of disguising his soul as that of an ordinary human being and suppressing his unique soul characteristics and Soul Wavelength. While under this protection, he is unable to utilize Magic.[33]

Ball and Chain (Formerly): From an improvised weapon, Free formerly carried around a Ball-and-Chain around his ankle aquired during his tenure in prison. He was capable of fending off the Witch's Guards as well as Maka herself. To increase it's effectiveness, he even utilizes his Ice Magic to freeze the ball.[34][1]

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