"Yeah...high and mighty rules...the fates of all wolves in the entire world are controlled by human rules. If any of them threatens a human's way of life, they're killed. Then when there's not many wolves left, they're taken into custody. I don't want a crappy future like that! Now it's my turn to judge. My anger is the anger of nature!!!"

— Free in "The Experiment (Part 2)"

The Wolf Man with the Demon Eye (魔眼の狼男, Magan no Ōkami Otoko),[7] better known by his alias, Free (フリー, Furī), is a Werewolf and the last of the Immortal Clan[8] and was imprisoned for stealing Maba's left eye.[9] After being freed by Eruka Frog from Medusa Gorgon's instruction, he renames himself in honor of his freedom and joins her group and acts as one of her operatives until her death.[10] Free is one of the antagonists in Soul Eater.


Despite his impressive power and viciousness in combat, Free is actually silly and reasonably comedic in his thoughts and actions. During his escape from Witch Prison, he explains to Eruka that while in jail he devised a plan to escape: dig a tunnel under the cell's wall with a spoon. Free came up with this idea out of inspiration from movies he had seen, and he had always thought that the concept was very "cool." This plan, however, is foiled on account of the prison only serving food that required chopsticks, never providing Free with the spoon he so desperately needed. Free is also reasonably foolish and even he acknowledges it, stating that he is is not very good at coming up with ideas. When Eruka suggests that Free could have escaped Witch Prison by urinating on the prison bars so they would corrode and rust over time, Free, upon realization of how simple the concept is, bashes his head against a nearby tree, calling himself an idiot. However, he has shown that he is capable of being cunning. During the attack on DWMA he uses an illusory duplicate to delay Kid and Black☆Star. He also managed to steal one of Maba's eyes, implying he was previously much more skilled than he is currently. This decrease in ability is likely due to his 200-year incarceration.

He also has been shown to have an incredibly bad sense of direction. During Operation Charge Baba Yaga's Castle, Free is assigned to destroy a Lock in Baba Yaga Castle's Tower Two, but instead, ends up in Tower Eight, the tower on the complete opposite side of the castle. Free responds to the realization in much the same way as he does when Eruka mentions another cliche for Free to escape prison, holding his head and shouting, frustrated with himself.

Free, overall, does not seem to like when others draw attention to his mistakes. When he fights against Maka and Soul in London, he accidentally hits himself with his own attacks on two occasions as a result of not having fought in over 200 years. He tries to avert the attention of his opponents by saying that everything is okay, and that there is nothing of interest to see.

He takes pleasure in actions against DWMA or enemies of Medusa, noticeably smiling when he is responsible for any kind of successful action against either force. When he successfully tricks Kid and Black☆Star into thinking that they are actually fighting him during The Eve Party Nightmare while they are actually only fighting an image of him, he is shown laughing at the duo after they discover the truth.

When he feels as if he is in debt to someone, Free always likes to repay the person to whom he believes he is in debt. Upon first meeting Medusa, Free almost immediately asks her how he can repay her for breaking him out of prison. At first, Medusa purposefully tests Free, saying that he does not have to repay her, to which Free persists in asking that he does so.


In his human form, he is a tall, attractive man with a muscular build, apparently seeming to be in his thirties, with some facial hair unkept. On his right shoulder he has a tattoo of unknown form, which resembles an eye. HIs left eye is removed and replaced with Maba's own Demon Eye. Above this Demon Eye is not an eyebrow but instead a tattoo of the words, without spaces, "NOFUTURE." This eye also shows no pupil or iris, instead it has a magical array.

Despite his escape from the Witch Prison, Free still almost always wears his prison clothes, complete with a ball and chain on his left leg and black and white striped prisoner pants. Although generally the top half of the outfit is tied around his waist, he also wears a simple white t-shirt instead. Later he is shown with the same shirt, but with an inverted color scheme.

In his Werewolf form, Free's appearance is that of the typical depiction of a werewolf. It features mostly dark fur; with his chest area, abdomen, hands, face, and ears all being gray. This form includes a long tail when Free first reveals himself as a werewolf; however, after it is cut off by Maka's Witch-Hunt, it is yet to be seen again. He also has extended, sharp claws and fangs.

Free's soul is large; its diameter is much longer than he is tall. Free's soul changes shape depending on the form he assumes. When assuming his more humanoid form, his soul includes spikes along the top resembling his tufts of hair and decorated with the same array as his Demon Eye and his "NOFUTURE" eyebrow tattoo. When transforming into his Werewolf form, Free's soul expands and gains two spikes at its top, resembling his wolf ears.



  • Suitable for his status as a wolfman, Free is prone to making references to fairy tales involving the Big Bad Wolf: When he battles the DWMA students for first time on Tower Bridge, he said he would blow down every kind of house just to find them (stated in manga only), a reference to "Three Little Pigs", where the wolf character blows with his breath the houses in which the pigs were hidden, though he could not destroy the solid one. He also makes a reference to Little Red Riding Hood, saying that Maka would look good as the Red Riding Hood.
  • Free's English voice artist, Travis Willingham, is married to Maka Albarn's voice artist, Laura Bailey. Willingham and Bailey also played characters on opposite sides in the English dub of Fullmetal Alchemist, with Willingham as Colonel Roy Mustang and Bailey as the Homunculus Lust.
  • In the Funimation English dub for Episode 37, Free, disguised as an Arachnophobia agent and speaking with Medusa Gorgon via her Crystal Ball, was voiced by Chris Cason, credited as "Arachnid" (perhaps a generic name for members of Arachnophobia).
  • Although Free wears the ball and chain on his left leg, on the cover of Volume 6, the restraint is on his right leg.


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