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Franken Stein
The Mad Meister (マッドマイスター, Maddomaisutā)
Doctor Stein (医者スタイン, )
Professor Stein (教授スタイン, Kyōju sutain)
Fiend/ Devil (悪魔, Akuma)
Embankment Pumpkin (堤防カボチャ, Teibō kabocha)

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Professional Status

Meister, Human

Current Occupation




Personal Status






Hair Color



Marie Mjolnir(Love Interest) Unborn Child(Son/Daughter with Marie)


Soul Studies Expert, Master Combatant, Wavelength Flexibility

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Doctor Franken Stein (フランケン シュタインは, Furanken Shutain) is an eccentric albeit talented meister who since childhood always had an obsession with "how things function" in an anatomical sense. Being a doctor, Stein has performed a multitude of experiments including on himself and even proved capable of bringing whats dead back to life. Stein is loosely based upon one of the central characters from the 1818 novel by Mary Shelley, "Frankenstein", an amalgamation of the mad scientist named Victor Frankenstein and his man-made monster. He currently is considered the strongest Meister to ever graduate from the Shibusen and presently is an instructor there as well.


Much of Stein's background is unknown. However, his insanity was always a problem. When he was a child, doctors would try to find why he was so insane. They would think a tragedy had occurred at some point in his life. He would later join the Shibusen, Spirit as his first weapon and Spirit made sure Stein didn't get into trouble. Over the years, Stein became the most powerful Shibusen Student to graduate from the Academy. He would be offered a teaching job but decline it.


Let's see, how should I begin my experiment?

Franken Stein, Episode 5

Being a man of science, Dr. Stein sees everything in the world, including himself, as an experiment. This is the personality that he had as a child, as he often wanted to dissect the people around him. He was often stopped by Spirit. This personality trait made all those around him afraid of him. This strange hobby of wanting to dissect anything he thinks is interesting was still present, even when Stein became an adult, and once as part of a lesson, tried to have his class dissect an endangered animal, claiming that it would be bad if he did not find out anything from it before it became extinct. Stitching across his face suggests that he had worked on himself at one point.


Stein's crazed side of his personality

He also exhibits a sadistic and intimidating personality. During his battle against Maka and Black Star, he grabbed Maka by one of her pigtails, lifted her shirt up and drew marks on her body, to signify where he would put the knife through, and ponders if he should turn her skin into sand paper. When Black Star tried to attack him, he countered by knocking Black Star out in a seemingly painful and bloody manner. His smiles are normally filled with sadistic intentions.

Stein seems to have dormant madness. He has even admitted that he is especially sensitive to it. Stein ultimately did go insane and struggled to maintain it. He even quit smoking as a way to convince himself.

Emotionally, Nygus has described him as always alone and that he has no love in him. He has admitted that he can't understand Spirit's reaction to Maka asking him to go out shopping. This shows he can't feel deep emotions other than the need to dissect whatever interests or irritates him. This tendency likely seems to be more destructive or psychotic, which explains his dormant madness. He is depicted as morally bankrupt, at least back in his youth. In Sid's flashback, he questioned Sid's decision to adopt Black Star, who was a baby. This suggests that if it were Stein's decision, he would have left Black Star. His immorality is supported further by his repeated experiments on Spirit back when they were kids.

Despite this cruel and twisted personality, Stein does have a kind and compassionate side that worries for his friends and students and he feels the need to protect them. He also exhibits a rather paternal demeanor towards his students. He also expresses deep disgust and moral outrage towards Medusa for stating that she would abandon her own child, Crona, when he/she would become useless to her. It is never stated when this other personality arose.


Se28 0002

Stein shirtless revealing his other stitches on his body where he has experimented on himself.

Dr. Stein is a tall man with silver-gray hair and big, round glasses. He has a large screw/bolt going through his head, which he turns, often as a means to focus his thoughts. A signature hallmark of Stein's is his trademark zig-zag stitches. He has sewn stitches all over his body and clothing (his house is even covered in stitches). His most notable piece of clothing is his doctor's lab coat. He is also surprisingly well built for a man his age, due to a large portion of his time being devoted to combat training.

He is often seen with a caster-wheel chair. A running gag is despite his coordination; he often hits a ledge or frame and ends up falling backwards.


Stein's Soul in the anime.

His soul is light blue featuring his trademark stitches and single giant screw.

As a child his bolt and glasses are noticeably absent. He is also much shorter and visibly smaller than Spirit. Though seen when they are older, Stein has clearly gotten much taller than Spirit. Oddly enough, at that age he had a similar physique to Crona or Death the Kid but his facial expressions resembled Soul Eater Evans.


Main Article: Franken Stein's Relationships

Stein is a respected instructor in the Shibusen, his students said to love him as a teacher, despite his disturbing tendency to favor doing lessons on dissections. He's also known as the strongest meister to have graduated from Shibusen. However, due to his sensitivity to madness, he often can be called to question on his sanity. Despite this, however, many of his friends like Spirit, Marie, Sid, and even Death has shown faith in Stein.


Master Combatant

See Also: Judo , Karate

Stein is not only a physically strong fighter but he is also well versed in numerous martial arts such as Judo[1] & Karate. When combined with his high level of intelligence and adaptability, make for an extremely potent combination, so much so that he was able to effortlessly take down Maka and Black☆Star while still seated in his chair and even fend off Black☆Star in a sparring match later in the manga[2]

Spiritual Flexibility

Stein's understanding of soul wavelengths gives him a huge advantage against other users, since he can manipulate his own to match the others wavelength and thereby nullify or disrupt the soul wavelength attacks (such as Black☆Star's Big Wave or a Witch-Hunt Slash). This comes from his high wavelength flexibility and accurate observation of his opponent beforehand. He is also capable of greatly modifying his own wavelength so as to make use of any weapon he is paired with. However, his soul wavelength is so high that he does not need a weapon, and can instead channel it through his body and release it upon physical contact with an enemy, a technique known as Soul Menace. Stein can also modify his soul's wavelengths into Soul Thread Sutures, which has a variety of uses but requires a Weapon to work. Spirit had commented that he can also match his wavelength with any weapon. He also has shown to wield even Death Scythes.

Soul Studies Master

Stein is immensely knowledgeable in the Soul Studies field. He normally provides explanations throughout Soul Eater and has been reputed to be a exceptionally great teacher when teaching this subject.

Genius Intellect

As a scientist, Stein seems to have a high amount of intelligence. He is very observant [3] , according to Death. Because of this, Death sees him as a trusted adviser and friend. This trust went so far as to making him a permanent Shibusen teacher.

Versatile Meister

He has displayed incredible proficiency in wielding the various weapon forms of whichever Weapon partner he's working with. For instance, he's able to wield a scythe or a hammer/tonfa, displaying mastery of them within moments of wielding them.


Standalone Techniques

With Spirit

With Marie Mjolnir

Soul Eater Not!

After Shaula Gorgon ordered Eternal Feather to kill herself, It is Stein who performs a surgery on Eternal Feather and completes his operations. He also would play various jokes on Tsugumi, Meme, and Anya by making her seem like she was transformed into a Zombie along with having a screw on her head like himself.[4]

Soul Eater

Remedial Lessons Arc

Part 2

Stein's first appears when Maka, Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki appear in front of his home, on orders to capture his soul by Death. Stein provoked this order by transforming Sid into a zombie. He comes outside, after tripping and falling off of his chair, and takes note of the Shibusen kids. Stein, using his advanced Soul Perception abilities, looks at Maka's and Soul's wavelength, and proceeds to tell them that, Maka's soul, who is serious and a hard worker, does not stabilize well with Soul's sarcastic and twisted soul.

Black Star then interrupts their conversation, stating how boring it is, and recommends them to start one strictly about himself. Stein then views Black Star's soul and states it is "a terribly self-absorbed soul." With that said Black Star proceeds to kick Stein, only to be blocked and quickly given a powerful punch. He then notices Black Star's partner, Tsubaki, and notes that her soul is very co-operative and has plenty of room to accept people. After that, Stein states he will start the session.

Despite the efforts of both Black Star and Maka, Stein easily dodges and counters all of their attacks, all the while still remaining seated on his chair. Stein then displays his powers by striking Maka's weapon and disrupting their wavelength. Stein then grabs Maka and threatens to dissect her, only to be interrupted by Black Star, who manages to connect his Big Wave. Unfortunately, it is ineffective, as Stein managed to match his wavelength with Black Star, nullifying the attack. He then attacks Black Star, releasing a Soul Menace upon Black Star, apparently killing him.

Soul, angered by this, proceeds to attack Stein, only to be stopped by Maka, who is daunted after seeing the size of Stein's soul, and concedes that the difference between their strength is insurmountable. Soul, however, refuses to give up and, through a small pep talk, manages to rekindle Maka's fighting spirit. Together, they conduct a resonance between their wavelengths and perform Witch-Hunt Slash. Stein is not daunted by this and takes the attack, barehanded. With some sign of actual effort, he manages to break it, knocking Maka away. Before he can put his hands on the fallen Maka, Soul appears and guards her. Stein, impressed, pats Soul on the head and gives him a passing grade for being willing to protect his Meister with his own body. He reveals that this was all a plan orchestrated by Death and, as it turns out, Black Star was not killed, but merely knocked unconscious.

The next day, much to the dismay of the children, Stein is shown to be their new teacher.[5][6]

The New Student and Soul Observation

As the new teacher, Stein decides to take a different route in his teaching by dissecting a natural world souvenir animal. He is, however, interrupted when he is forced to supervise the battle of Death the Kid against Soul and Black Star. He then preps Maka on the stability of Kid and his two weapons, Patti and Liz; noting that they respect and admire each other.

Demon Sword Ragnarok

After Maka and Soul initially encountered both Crona and Ragnarok, a battle ensued between the two pairs. The battle begins to go in Crona's favor and Maka looks to be in serious trouble. However, before the final blow is dealt on Maka, Spirit and Stein appears just in time to save Maka from Crona. With Maka saved, Spirit transforms into his weapon form, wielded by Stein, and prepares to do battle with Crona. During this battle, Stein deftly wields Spirit, blocking all of Crona's attempts to damage him and retaliating with his own devastating Soul Purge. After prolonged abuse by Stein, Crona is eventually defeated. It is then that Medusa, Crona's mother, appears. After scolding the unconscious Crona for failing, she proceeds to attack Stein with her Vector Arrow. Performing a Soul Resonance, Stein uses Witch-Hunt Slash to deflect the arrows. After this failed attempt, Medusa takes Crona and makes her escape.

Back in the infirmary, Stein confronts Maka and tells her that the procedure on Soul was a success. This cheers Maka up. Though, when confronted by Spirit, Stein reveals that the surgery was fine, but the Black Blood of Ragnarok has invaded Soul's body, and is unsure if he will be okay.

Post Kishin's Revival

After he tries to kill Medusa, and the Kishin revives, Stein mentions that the kishin's wavelength brings out the Madness in everyone. He himself notices that since his own madness is extremely large already, this effect could come to his madness possessing him. Death also sees this, and has Death Scythe watch Stein closely. Marie Mjolnir is assigned to be Stein's new partner as her soul wavelength is supposed to have a calming effect on the madness. After Medusa takes the form of a little girl, she instructs Crona to slip a snake into Marie's coffee which increases Stein's madness wavelength, and at one time renders him unable to fight. Even without this magic, Stein is slowly losing the fight against his madness, and he knows it. Stein is implicated as the murderer of a fellow Shibusen colleague, Joe Buttataki, but Death Scythe, Mira Nygus and Sid believe Stein is innocent and allow him to escape Shibusen with Marie to find the real culprit.

Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle

During the conclusion of the infiltration of Baba Yaga's castle, it is stated by Medusa that although she was present at B.J.'s murder she did not kill him and that Stein should be close to catching the culprit about now.

Tying Things Up, and New Beginnings

Stein and Marie

Stein and Marie hunting Justin

Stein only reappears after discovering the truth behind Joe's death, revealing that it was in fact Justin Law, a fellow death scythe, who had committed the murder. It is then explained that his and Marie's long absence was due largely to the difficulty in discovering Justin's current location. Marie firstly questions Justin about his reason for killing B.J., only receiving simply the reply that his "Soul Perception ability was too dangerous...the Kishin-sama was unable to rest easily". After hearing this and deducing that his next target was Maka, she charges towards him and hits him in the chest. It appears her attack has little effect but after extending part of her weapon from her fist, Justin is sent flying yet he still manages to recover in mid-air to land safely. Observing this ineffective result, Stein questions her on whether or not she was now even, before asking her to assume her weapon form so both her and Stein could go on the offensive. The resulting speed, enhanced by Marie's abilities, easily overwhelms Justin, who couldn't even re-act to their attacks, forcing him to retreat using an artifact. This leaves Marie and Stein in the desert outskirts of Death City, with nothing but the coffin Justin left behind.


When Stein and Marie eventually return to the Shibusen, both they and Spirit are brought before Death. They all proceed to apologize for their individual transgressions, with Stein focusing upon how his running away was in flagrant defiance of the regulations. Death appears unfazed and simply asks for all of them to say sorry. Stein then reveals that he has uncovered proof of his innocence and of the true culprit. Marie takes out a tape recorder and plays back what was supposed to be their previous conversation with Justin, unfortunately all that was recorded was 5 full minutes of his background music. Stein smiles and light halfheartedly comments upon the situation, before Spirit reveals that he had been conducting his own investigation, proving Justin as B.J.'s murderer. Stein replies by stating the information they had discovered, specifically concerning Justin's acquaintance with someone with magical connections.

Stein is seen again discussing with the members of "Spartoi" as to what it the group’s name means and why it was changed.


Tezca, Sid, Nygus, Marie, and Stein arrive at Noah's place. Tezca is killed as soon as he walked in, then Sid and Stein are attacked by one of many of Noah's 'worm' things. Later on, he is restrained by Noah, however seems to be freed as the Spartoi members jump out the book. He refers to himself as "fatally injured", however he appears in later chapters having recovered.


Stein killed one of the Clowns that snuck on board the ship before landing on the Moon. Stein's personality seems to confuse his comrades. He remarked Marie and Spirit that he came to the Moon because he was allowed to "dissect" the enemies. When he was fighting, Spirit is worried and compared him to a Kishin. Stein fights against Justin and continuously dodges every single attack. He then managed to hit him directly with a powerful Soul Menace with Marie's help of channeling a massive amount of Stein's wavelength through her. Stein's mind is still normal even when he is deeply influenced by Madness.

Versus Asura



  • As the name suggests. Stein is a combination of Dr Frankenstein and his "creature" in Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus. This includes his main mindset, as he wishes to live in a world "without God," setting his own rules rather than following those of some higher power.
  • This is further shown by the fact that his attack "Soul Thread" closely resembles electricity and his current partner Marie's attacks center around electricity. The "creature" was given life via lightning and in a way runs on electricity.
  • The screw/bolt in his head is another element that makes Stein resembles the Monster, as it's known to have two small bolts on the head or neck.
  • A running gag in the series is that whenever Stein goes and sits on a rolling chair, he leaves rolling backwards and falls in the exit.
  • In the official popularity poll taken by the manga's readers, Stein ranked 8th.
  • "Shitai" which is part of Stein's name in Japanese (Shitaiin) means "corpse" in reference to his corpse-like appearance.
  • Stein calls Spirit "senpai"(Upper Classman) while Spirit calls him "kouhai"(junior), implying that Spirit is older than Stein.
  • Stein always rotates his bolt clockwise.


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