Forced Burial
Compulsive Burial
Technique Data
English Title Compulsive Burial
Romaji Kyōsei Dosō
Katakana 強制土葬
Alternate Title(s)
Type Soul Resonance,
Derived Magic
Class Supplementary
Real World Data
Manga Debut 15
Anime Debut 18

Forced Burial (強制土葬, Kyōsei Dosō; FUNimation "Forced Burial"), also known as Compulsive Burial, is a supplementary technique, used by Sid Barrett and Mira Naigus, after conducting a soul resonance with one another.

Through the amplification of their respective soul wavelengths, Mira's weapon form is able to alter its shape to one that is more reminiscent of Sid's gravestone, albeit much smaller than its actual counterpart, after the blade of her knife is engulfed in an intense white light. By then slamming the base of this tombstone into the ground, a quantity of tunnels going directly downwards, appear beneath multiple individuals in the immediate vicinity of Sid simultaneously.

The entrance of these tunnels are shaped like rectangular coffins and, as long as there is a floor located below, they can act as an extremely effective method of escape, due to gravity inevitably pulling the person downwards through the tunnel. However, the technique does require some time to perform, dependent upon the amount and depth of the tunnels that are created.[1]


  1. Soul Eater Chapter 15, page 31

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