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With their child-like innocence and cheerfulness, Fire and Thunder are hard not to be liked by the others at Shibusen. They are often fussed over because of their young age and they themselves are rather attached to the other characters, especially their partner, Kilik Rung. However, their childish antics are sometimes hard to put up with, especially in serious situations.


Kilik Rung
Fire and Thunder are rather attached to Kilik Rung. They loyally follow him around everywhere and as partners, fight and cooperate with him very well. They usually listen to him, although they will ignore him if they are too distracted. They are shown to be also dependent on him, and see him as a guardian figure, shown as they run towards him in fright when Harvar frightens them. They seem to be happier when he is around.
Liz and Patty
Their Soul Wavelengths are compatible, allowing Fire and Thunder to use both Liz and Patty in Weapon form. Patty's playful attitude also causes her to click well with the twins, and they are shown to be playing with each other after escaping from the African village on their first collaborative mission.


Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
Fire and Thunder also like Tsubaki, and she acts rather like a caring mother figure to them. The two are shown playing tag with her at Shibusen, laughing as they run away from Tsubaki, who pretends to be a monster chasing them.
The twins also look to Maka as a protective figure and a source of comfort, shown when they cry in her arms when they feel the pain of a forest polluted by magic in the Amazon Rainforest.
Harvar D. Éclair
The two are slightly afraid of Harvar, due to his intensely cold personality. They run to Kilik Rung in tears after Harvar stabs Artifact Soldier Morubi right in front of them.
Kim and Jacqueline
As their fellow team mates, Fire and Thunder are also shown to be close to Kim and Jacqueline. The two are also able to Resonate with them, and Kim's magic enables them to achieve their true powers as Earth Shamans.


 Fire and Thunder
As siblings, they get along quite well, and are always in sync with each other, both sharing the same moods and feeling the same things at the same time. However, like all siblings, they are prone to quarrelling, but still remain close even though they fight at times.


Angela Leon
Although Fire and Thunder do not know Angela well, they seem to have already made friends. The two are seen playing tag with the little Witch with Tsubaki.

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