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The Word Is Bravery!

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Aikotoba wa Yūki!

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With her friends fallen, Maka must find the strength to face the Kishin alone. The world is in jeopardy and evil is poised for certain victory - until something stirs deep inside the young Meister's heart.

The Word Is Bravery! is the fifty-first and final episode of Soul Eater.

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Kishin Asura! I hope you're ready. YOUR SOUL IS MINE!!!

Maka Albarn

Maka and Soul return from Soul's mind, Maka having successfully rescued Soul from Little Ogre's influence. They see their friends defeated and Asura still stands, and prepare to fight Asura and at long last save the world from his madness. Maka for the first time utilizes her most powerful technique, Kishin Hunter, in an attempt to kill him - but it does not work, Asura claiming the reason being that it is a move based around destroying evil, and the madness that inhabits him is not truly evil.

After her technique fails, Maka is left at Asura's mercy as he launches a blast at her. Soul puts himself in front of Maka to protect her, but is left unconscious from the blast and unable to continue fighting with her. Asura then launches a blast at Soul to kill him after he is left unconscious, but Maka shields him. She is knocked down from the blast, but activates the weapon blood inside herself to get back up.

She starts battling Asura using her weapon blood, most likely coming from her father. In order to avoid feeling pain, she fights him unconsciously. Scythes emerge from her body as she battles, and she finally begins to start hurting Asura. However, he eventually manages to see through her plan of fighting him unconsciously - and snaps her hip to make her conscious again.

Meanwhile, Crona, Death, Sid, Spirit, and the others watch her battle from Death's chamber, hoping in her that she will still find a way to win. Crona states that Kishin Hunter isn't what Maka needs to defeat Asura, and hopes that she will realize what she really needs.

As Asura taunts Maka, who is the only one still standing but barely, Black Star, Kid, and Soul manage to put encouraging words in to her while lying unconscious. After their words, Maka states that she is not worried, which puts Asura into a mess of confusion. She finally realizes what she needs to defeat him; Asura, being the embodiment of fear and madness, can be defeated simply by bravery, by proving she is not afraid even in the most horrifying circumstances. Her courage and determination despite how grim her chances of victory look drives Asura confused, and he tries one last time to kill her with all of his attacks. He fails as she avoids them all and delivers a powerful punch to his face, which to his great surprise, is strong enough to crack his face and cause him to explode.

Before Maka defeats him, Asura states another Kishin will arise one day to take his place and reign terror and insanity upon the world. Kid is also concerned about this, but Maka states that all people have bravery within them, and as long as there are people brave enough to stand up against those with evil intentions, they have nothing to worry about.

The battle in the ruins of Baba Yaga's Castle (Part 8)

Watching from the Death Room (Part 4)

The battle in the ruins of Baba Yaga's Castle (Part 9)

Watching from the Death Room (Part 5)

The battle in the ruins of Baba Yaga's Castle (Part 10)

Watching from the Death Room (Part 6)

The battle in the ruins of Baba Yaga's Castle (Part 11, bravery)

Peace on Earth

Ending credits

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Crona is pardoned for betraying Shibusen and is allowed back as a full time student, unlike what happened to them in the manga's ending.
  • Joe Buttataki is alive at the ending of the anime, unlike his fate in the manga where he dies at the hands of Justin Law in Chapter 39.
  • Death doesn't die at the end of the anime, unlike his fate in Chapter 110.
    • Because Death lives in the end of the anime, Death the Kid doesn't become the next Shinigami.
  • Marie doesn't get impregnated by Stein at the end of the anime, verses what happened in the final chapter of the manga.
  • At the end of the manga, the Witches and Shibusen end their war and Death the Kid vows never to make anymore Death Scythes, but in the anime that never happens.
    • Which means that Shibusen and the witches are still at war with each other.
  • Angela Leon in the manga's ending is under the care of Shibusen after the death of Mifune, however Mifune lives at the end of the anime. Thus Mifune is one who continues to raise her under his care and keeps his promise to Tsubaki in which he joins Shibusen to become a teacher.
  • According to the anime, Maka has her own weapon form. This isn't shown in the manga.


  • Medusa's snake is seen in the credits, wearing the same arrows as when Medusa placed her soul inside it to implant into a dog and then Rachel Boyd. While the presence of this snake suggests that her soul is inside it this time, it is not yet clear because Medusa had told Arachne that she only survived her transfer into the snake after her fight with Stein because of the Madness waves from Asura's awakening and would likely not survive such transference again. However, due to her deceptive nature, Medusa may have lied about the nature of her regeneration, as her body transference abilities may be limitless unless her soul is actually devoured, thus Medusa withheld the full truth to retain the element of surprise.
  • At Uncle Bob's Rumbaa Coffee Shop is a poster with Excalibur's face.

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