An aggressive offense that takes advantage of his immortal body!!

—Maka Albarn's thoughts, Chapter 11

Fighting Wolf Fist (闘狼拳, Tōrōken) is a Martial Way in which is practiced by the Immortal Werewolf, Free.[1]


This particular fighting style is an aggressive and offensive sort of martial art in which takes advantage of the user's apparent Immortality, giving them the ability to power through powerful attacks and the opportunity to attack.[2]


This fighting style's stance is characterized by the user assuming a crouching position with their two hands up, before attacking. The first two fingers and his thumb are pointed together and the user stands on their toes. The style itself features very fluid in movement, transferring easily from offense to defense and from punches to kicks, creating an almost continuous barrage of attacks. The unique finger placement is not only effective for using piercing attacks, due to the extended and sharpened fingernails an individual with werewolf features, but for also directing magic spells.[3]


  • This fighting style is very reminiscent of the Northern Praying Mantis, which is an actual fighting style developed in China.


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