An Execution Order is a DWMA term which refers to an order which allows a DWMA personnel to hunt down a Witch.[1] In order for the DWMA to hunt down a Witch, evidence must be presented due to the fact that the spell, Soul Protect, counters a True Death God's ability to distinguish a good person from a evil person[2]. The evidence is then presented to Death and his permission is required before hunting for the witch is authorized.[1]

List of Known Witches on Execution Order

Name Crime Status
Medusa Gorgonvarious crimes; Resurrecting the KishinDeceased
Arachne Gorgonvarious crimesExecuted
Shaula Gorgonvarious crimesExecuted

Note: Those under "executed" have been killed by DWMA personnel.


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  2. Soul Eater: How to Make A Death Scythe Guidebook - Although Chapter 14 mentions the same thing, it's stated explicitly somewhere within the book that Soul Protect also counters a Shinigami's Soul Perception.

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