Execution Mode (死刑執行モード, Shikei Shikkō Mōdo) is a special Soul Resonance ability utilized by the Meister Death the Kid and his Demon Twin Guns Liz and Patty.[1]


To undergo this form, Kid and his two Weapons must do a Soul Resonance. It is noted by Maka that Kid's soul then expands,[2] and has the same three white lines as on his hair (even on the same side). Black electric-flowing skulls also form over Kid's soul, representing his Shinigami powers.[1] From this point on, Kid can utilize one of his techniques under Execution Mode, in which can further transform him (e.g. Death Cannon).

When Kid is shown to activate Execution Mode against the fight with the Horror Dragon, his Soul expands much larger than what it had previously. The middle white line on his Soul had also connected, due to the fact that Kid was using the first line of his Lines of Sanzu (and replicating his actual hair).[3]


Kid's view when aiming

Kid's eye during Execution mode and performing Death Cannon.

This is one of Kid's most admirable and strongest forms that he can undertake. Implementing it, he can use his and his weapon partners' soul wavelength to the fullest by amplifying the guns' power into that of a cannon or utilizing powerful attacks using the Lines of Sanzu. Such attacks are so strong even Maka Albarn forgets how much latent power kid possesses.[4]

This form also grants him some sort of scoping vision, enabling him to "lock-on" onto a target as If he was watching his targets on display.[5]

Resonance rateEdit

Kid's Soul Resonance state throughout the series has seemingly progressed. When fighting against Soul Evans and Black☆Star outside DWMA, Kid was able to stabilize a Resonance at noise 0.3%.[6] While fighting against Mosquito at Lost Island, he along with team Maka Albarn and team Black☆Star used a Chain Resonance, which allowed Kid to stabilize resonance at noise 2.4%.[7] During the fight with the Horror Dragon, Kid, while using the Death Eagle .42 guns, is able to stabilize the Soul Resonance connection at a rate of 2.8%.[8]



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