Due to his obnoxious personality, Excalibur tends to have few meisters for very long, let alone any persons who will tolerate his presence. While older persons such as Death may tolerate his personality more than others, DWMA students who have been unlucky enough to encounter the Holy Sword react with a grimace known as the "Excalibur face" and refer to Excalibur as obnoxious. Nevertheless, Excalibur is known to help others—usually provided that they fulfill his 1,000 provisions, but when a situation is dire or he feels like being lenient, Excalibur will offer assistance, such as offering his powers to rescue Death the Kid from the Book of Eibon, or giving some blunt but helpful advice to Kid upon the death of his father.

Eight Powerful WarriorsEdit


Like with King Arthur, Excalibur is far more rational and serious about things around Shinigami. He seems to view him as an old friend and has called him so after his death, even promising him to look after his son for him. Before his death, he even seem to try to cheer up Shinigami, who was iterating to him about how his actions have caused Asura to turn out the way he his. Shinigami is the only character never repulsed by Excalibur, including tolerating his presence at the Death Weapon Meister Academy even as he was wielded by Hero to bully classmates.


Excalibur is well aware of the reasons for Eibon's plight and is very understanding for his reasoning and situation. However, he still calls him a fool. This might be because of the calamity he has caused due to him swaying from Shinigami's side and aligning with the Witches.

Because The Table of Contents resembles Excalibur, Eibon's contraception assumes the resemblance owes to Eibon wishing to insult Excalibur by robbing his appearance.


Excalibur's attitude to Asura is very much similar as that of Death: contempt and disgust. Excalibur had even made some of the same points of Asura as Shinigami had in the anime and has called him a fool. Interesting enough, Asura's madness does not instill Excalibur with fear. This maybe due to him having his own madness.


Black☆Star and Death the Kid
Excalibur Reaction

Black☆Star and Death the Kid's reaction to Excalibur

Enticed by the prospect of the respect and admiration gained from obtaining Excalibur, outlined in the book entitled with the same name, the pair embarked upon a journey to acquire the legendary sword, unaware that the book's author was actually Excalibur himself. Underwhelmed by the creature's appearance on initial observation, their opinions only continued to decline the longer they spent in his company. By the conclusion of their encounter, Black☆Star's infuriation was such that he can now only remain in Excalibur's presence for little more than a few seconds, before violently losing his temper in an outburst of screaming and cursing. Even Death the Kid, in spite of his obsessive compulsive tendencies, looked past the creature's symmetry and focused entirely on Excalibur's repulsive qualities.
Excalibur looks at Kid as at least sufficiently deserving of some respect, although he may be influenced by reasons other than any personal concern for Kid himself. For example, in the Book of Eibon, Excalibur offered Liz Thompson his abilities to teleport immediately to the Hidden Section where Kid was imprisoned, although his willingness to offer his powers without any of the 1,000 provisions may owe to the influence of the Pride Chapter--paradoxically making him less prideful. When Kid was mourning the demise of Death, Excalibur struck Kid and urged him to stop crying, reminding him that Death had confidence in his son, so Kid should as well.
Franken Stein and Sid Barrett
Encountering Excalibur in their respective youths, after succumbing to the prospects of victory and glory that had claimed so many unsuspecting victims before them, the two have demonstrated the seemingly instinctual reaction shared by the majority of their predecessors and successors alike, absolute contempt and repulsion. Even during the simple act of recounting the event, numerous years after the original occurrence, Stein is shown visibly perspiring in spite of being in the presence of his students. Sid also considered the mere act of meeting Excalibur a more than sufficient replacement of the punishment already assigned to Black☆Star, despite the severity of the primary issued penalty, which involved cleaning the entirety of Shibusen's extensive library.
Ox Ford
SOUL EATER - 17 - Large 28

Ox Ford's reaction to Excalibur

While not having another appearance in the manga except in a later special chapter, in the anime he is visited again by Ox Ford. He is looking to do his report on Excalibur, who gives varying descriptions of his life story (including growing up as a street punk in America, assisting Sherlock Holmes, and being a famous stage dancer). Unsuprisingly, Ox Ford gets annoyed and quits writing the report.
Excalibur Reaction Hiro

Hiro's ultimate reaction to Excalibur

Contrary to the considerable quantity of prospective applicants preceding him, Hero actually found both Excalibur's dysfunctional personality and the creature's 1000 clauses to not only be quite tolerable but instead rather agreeable. In spite of the numerous repercussions he faced for even the most minor infringement of this covenant, the pair seemingly became strong companions despite the evident flaws in either one of the partnership, largely due to the significant mental resistance Hiro had built-up after years of torment at the hands of his fellow students. However, even this conviction was not enough to suffer Excalibur's sneezing fits, resulting in Hiro's disposition ultimately shifting to one of repulsion.
Liz Thompson
Soul Eater Chapter 74 - Liz wields Excalibur

Liz wields Excalibur

In the Pride Chapter of the Book of Eibon, Excalibur offered his powers to the members of Spartoi so they could instantly retrieve Death the Kid from his prison within the Hidden Section. Motivated by her desire to save her meister, Liz volunteered to be Excalibur's meister, the Holy Sword's power allowing Liz to slice a hole into the pages of the Pride Chapter--then threw Excalibur through that portal back into the Eternal Cave. While Liz cried that she allowed her pride to overpower her desire to rescue Kid, Excalibur has not been seen interacting with Liz since, leaving his regard for her in doubt.

Legend of the Holy Sword-Related CharactersEdit

King Arthur
Excalibur's legend supposedly begins with the Meister King Arthur, and the two share an unusually serious relationship with each other. Excalibur's personality is very different when partnered with Arthur, having much more chivalry and rationality to his attitude. It's possible that this portion of Excalibur's legend is the most realistic, having no form of comedy to it, other than a very contradicting personality coming from Excalibur.
Sherlock Holmes
Soul Eater Episode 17 HD - Excalibur and Holmes

Excalibur solves a mystery for Sherlock Holmes

The two share very similar personalities towards things when seen together. Agreeing when mysteries are so easy to solve that the answer to a case is "elementary", and on the fact that Watson is a fool. Excalibur seems to show a unique form of respect towards Holmes on account that Holmes is an intelligent individual, and enjoys helping him solve cases.
John Watson
Excalibur has a tendency to constantly say that Watson is the culprit of any murder mystery he is involved in, and also calling him a large fool for not seeing things as clearly as himself and Sherlock Holmes. He does this to Watson in his "Legend" and in a movie theater in present times. Breaking the laws of reality, Excalibur does this by pointing to Watson during the movie (which Watson is in, he is not actually in the theater) and exclaiming he is the murderer, while an on-screen Watson reacts nervously. 
Soul Eater Episode 17 - Excalibur's cafe date with Cathy

Excalibur joins Cathy on a date

In the anime Cathy is Excalibur's supposed first true love. The two share an unbelievably romantic and passionate relationship with each other, with Kathy legitimately having an undying love for Excalibur. Excalibur even expresses mutual feelings for her. However, the two break up when Kathy starts to believe that Excalibur's love is too much for her.


The Table of Contents
Excalibur Reaction Index

The Table of Contents's reaction to Excalibur

Despite being of entirely mechanical construction, even The Table of Contents concurred that this particular creature is verily and truly insufferable, noting that Excalibur's mere presence had disturbed the order of the Book of Eibon and thrown its letters into disarray. The device in one instance eventually relented to various assertions and acknowledged that perhaps its form was indeed based on that of Excalibur, albeit born from Eibon's desire to lower the ostentatious creature's upturned nose.