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Soul Eater Episode 17 HD - Excalibur sings and dances
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Excalibur's song is a song made up of and sung by Excalibur, who usually also dances along the tune.[1]


Excalibur's song is a repetitive piece of music by Excalibur about Excalibur. He thinks highly of his own creation and performance, given that he sings it for those who show genuine interest in him, like Ox Ford[1] and Hero.[2] Because in actuality it's a worthless composition with equally unimaginative choreography, it is more likely to further test the patience of its audience than serve as a reward.[1]


"From the United Kingdom!"
"I'm looking for heaven!"
"I'm going to California!"

The amount of times "Excalibur!" is sung depends on the part of the song.[1]


  • The song originates in the anime, within Episode 17, which is an unique story rather than an adaption of manga content. The song would be incorporated in the manga years later.
  • In Episode 27's preview for Episode 28, Justin Law is humming and presumably listening to this song.


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