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"The retired soldier never dies, he just wastes away....wait, what am I saying? Of course you're going to die!!! Have no fear. I will stand witness to the very end."

— Excalibur to Death in "Dark Side of the Moon V"
Current | Past
Excalibur (Manga Colored) Profile
Excalibur as he appears in Soul Eater.
Name Excalibur
Alias(es) Holy Sword (聖剣, Seiken)
Legendary Sword
Romanji Ekusukaribā
Katakana エクスカリバー
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - MaleMale
Age 800+
Race/Species Mystical Sword
Type of Soul
Classification Great Old One
Weapon Form(s) Holy Sword
Professional Data
Affiliation(s) Eight Shinigami Leigons (formerly)
Place of Origin
Residence The Eternal Cave
Weapon Partner(s)
Meister Partner(s) King Arthur(formerly)
Hero (formerly)
Relation(s) Unnamed Children[1](Deceased[1])
Real World Data
Voice Actors/Seiyu Takehito Koyasu (Japanese)
Troy Baker (English)
Manga Debut(s) Chapter 06
Anime Debut(s) Episode 9
Game Debut(s)

Excalibur (エクスカリバー, Ekusukaribā) is the obnoxious Great Old One[2] and former member of the Eight Shinigami Leigons[3] who presides over the Madness of Anger.[2] Predating the creation of the Demon Weapon race and serving as the inspiration that led to their creation,[4] he is a Mystical Sword and is officially recognized as the most powerful weapon in the world.[5]


Excalibur's genesis pre-dates that of the Demon Weapons, as Excalibur is mentioned as having served as the inspiration for their design. His exact species and origins are a complete mystery, though they may hold some degree of divine creation.

During the Grim Times, Excalibur served directly under Shinigami as one of his The Eight Shinigami Leigons alongside the other Great Old Ones, where he partook in various confrontations as part of a long lasting battle against the Witches. However, at some point after the events surrounding the devolution of Asura into the first Kishin, Excalibur decided to retire to his perennial residence within the Eternal Cave, located in the northern part of the British Isles, where he has remained ever since.

Over the course of the centuries that were to follow, Excalibur's abode has been frequented by numerous prospective candidates, all of whom had undertaken the expedition with the singular intention of claiming the legendary sword as their own. However, due to Excalibur's diverse personality defects, the majority of these potential applicants ultimately proved unsuccessful in wielding the sword for a prolonged period of time. Counted amongst this unfortunate number are the likes of both Franken Stein and Sid Barrett.


Despite its classification remaining amongst the other pre-existing demon weapons, at least in regards to its properties, Excalibur doesn't conform to the typical restrictions of its kin, as in actuality anyone is considered compatible with its wavelength and thus, capable of wielding him. However, contrary to this unique trait, the number of people counted as his partner over the various centuries remains relatively few, due solely to the fact that no individual is able to withstand his personality for prolonged periods of time. Regarded as being a greater narcissist than even the egotistical Black☆Star, this defective personality is only exacerbated by his short temperament and patience, making Excalibur truly insufferable to all but a "chosen" few. It is for this reason alone that those who are able to utilize Excalibur long enough to achieve anything significant, are referred with such heraldry as "hero" and "king", as only they possess the means and/or strength of will to withstand these annoying deficiencies.

This dysfunctional personality manifests itself most frequently in the declaration of the word "fool" (バカメ, bakame), employed as a means of interruption to those Excalibur views with disdain and contempt, which due to his extensive superiority complex is practically applicable to everyone. Amongst such disparaging remarks, Excalibur propagates numerous nonsensical and confused rants about its supposed mythic exploits, before bursting into song. If these defects aren't enough to fend off any would be advocates, his mannerisms will surely repulse even the most convicted of individuals, whether it be from Excalibur waving his cane just millimeters from other's faces or one of his deplorable sneezing fits.

Despite this, he has portrayed moments of complete seriousness when called upon. He was serious with King Arthur and with Shinigami. Furthermore, he has been willing to lend himself to people without his provisions, such as to Liz when they were trying to save Kid. This hints at a more complex personality. In fact, one could consider his annoying personality was crafted as a result of him being the "Elder God of Madness Born From Rage."


Main article: Excalibur/Relationships

Due to his obnoxious personality, Excalibur tends to have few meisters for very long, let alone any persons who will tolerate his presence. While older persons such as Death may tolerate his personality more than others, DWMA students who have been unlucky enough to encounter the Holy Sword react with a grimace known as the "Excalibur face" and refer to Excalibur as obnoxious. Nevertheless, Excalibur is known to help others—usually provided that they fulfill his 1,000 provisions, but when a situation is dire or he feels like being lenient, Excalibur will offer assistance, such as offering his powers to rescue Death the Kid from the Book of Eibon, or giving some blunt but helpful advice to Kid upon the death of his father.


Excalibur Render

Contrary to the elaborate ornamentation and radiant atmosphere demonstrated by his legendary weapon form, Excalibur is instead a simplistic anthropomorphic creature, whose diminished stature barely even equates to that of a small child. Its misshapen facial features comprise of bulbous eyes that, according to Joe, look like a failed arts and crafts project. He also has a prominent upturned snout, a physical representation alluding to its reserved and pretentious attitude, while the remainder of its small white body displays slender limbs and feet strangely akin to those of a rabbit. The only slight indication of Excalibur's prestige is his high quality attire, consisting from a white top hat that nearly equals him in height and a similarly coloured shirt with a frilled ruff, worn under a white jacket. However, this esteemed air is severely compromised by the absence of any clothing covering the creature's lower half. Excalibur also is never seen without his signature cane, which strangely seems to be an extension of himself, since it transforms into and out of weapon form with him. Excalibur constantly points this cane mere inches from others' faces, usually while exclaiming "Fool!" at them. He also uses it to dance complex and unique dance steps, often spinning it around rapidly.[6]

Powers and Abilities


Hiro using Excalibur

Hero swinging Excalibur.

Holy Sword (聖剣, Seiken): The very presence of his transformation makes the air in the immediate vicinity vibrate and when its considerable powers are initially invoked, the surrounding area is bathed in a brilliant dazzling light.[5] Enamored with strong, magical power,[7] its wielders grow Wings of Light and gains the ability of instantaneous teleportation. In addition, each swing slices through the air.[8] In addition, the weapon is able to resonate with anyone and everyone, provided they're capable of bearing the obnoxious personality of Excalibur himself.[5]

  • Wings of Light (光の翼 Hikari no Tsubasa):A pair of bright golden wings given to anyone who is wielding Excalibur. Excalibur is also shown to be able to summon forth wings on his own Weapon form to fly.
  • Teleportation (念力移動, Nenriki idō):Those wielding Excalibur can teleport instantly.[5]
  • Space Rift: With only a simple swipe with the destination in mind, Excalibur's transformation allows the user to slice through space into another destination altogether.[9]

Madness of Anger (怒りの狂気, Ikari no kyōki): As a Great Old One, Excalibur is a tremendously powerful entity that potentially presides over one of the attributes that drives men towards madness, which in his particular case is the possession of "Anger" (怒り, Ikari). Peculiarly, he apparently doesn't exhibit this specific trait in anywhere near the quantity that his brethren demonstrate theirs, he instead solely inspires it within other individuals through the considerable infuriation resulting from his various irritating mannerisms.


Chapter 74 - Excalibur evades Spartoi

Excalibur evades Spartoi.

Exceptional Athleticism: Despite his looks and demeanor, Excalibur possesses some sort of eccentric skill in avoiding attacks from multiple individuals. This is seen when he easily avoid the attempts of Spartoi members Kilik Rung, Black☆Star, and Patty Thompson, whom are among the most competent unarmed fighters within Spartoi and with the first two aforementioned being some of the DWMA's top students.[9]

Autonomous Skill: Excalibur has the ability to not only be used by potential Meisters but also can utilize all of his skills he bestows onto other individuals himself, such as flying using the wings of light and pass through spatial rifts. However, he does so within his own weapon transformation.[10]


Standalone (Video Game)
  • Holy Explosion (unnamed):Excalibur's ultimate move in Soul Eater: Battle Resonance. Excalibur transforms into his holy sword form, shooting himself downward onto the ground close to the opponent and releases a very powerful explosive wave.[11]
With Hero
  • Hero the Atomic (ヒーロ ザ アトミック Hiiro za Atomikku): A powerful move in which how it's executed is unknown, but resulted in casually defeating the Top 3 students within the DWMA, despite the attack being used by the DWMA's worst student.[12]


In the Beginning

Excalibur was one of the Great Old Ones, embodying the madness of wrath. As such, he spent considerable time with his fellow Great Old Ones, including Death, Asura, Vajra, Eibon, and the Great Old One of Power. Legends surround Excalibur, referring to his many powers. How accurate Excalibur's own accounts are is subject to debate, especially as it was Excalibur who has written many of his supposed exploits in a book available at the DWMA library.

This section contains an instance from an anime not present in the manga and/or a deviation

It is likely that after disassociating himself with the other Great Old Ones that Excalibur took up occupancy at the Eternal Cave—where he continues to annoy that location's fairy occupants, assuming more than one fairy is ever present.

Holy Sword

Receiving punishment for his inability to capture any souls during any of his previous remedial lessons, Black☆Star is tasked with cleaning the entirety of the DWMA's extensive library by order of Sid Barrett. Unsure about what to do when faced with an assignment of this enormity, especially considering his reluctance to complete such tedious work, Black☆Star quickly admits defeat and sitting atop a considerable pile of books, begins reading manga instead. Death the Kid then arrives and requests that Black☆Star remain quiet while here, before removing the first book located beneath him. The book, entitled "Excalibur", chronicles the history of the legendary sword of the same name, which can only be obtained when a "hero" withdraws it from the ground. In the past, only those regarded as "kings" have succeeded in this feat, gaining both respect and admiration as a consequence. Evidently enticed by this prospect, the pair is further impressed upon learning that even someone such as Franken Stein, found the task impossible.[13]

Excalibur Appears

Excalibur appears before Black☆Star and Death the Kid in all his glory

Conquering a steeply inclined cliff and braving unclean waters, the intrepid pair eventually reach the cave in which Excalibur resides, where its location is confirmed by a passing fairy. Standing in awe of the sword's brilliance as the surrounding atmosphere vibrates; Kid observes its exquisite ornamentation upon closer inspection, providing Black☆Star with enough opportunity to remove the blade on his first attempt. Refusing to accept this travesty, Kid demands that he be able to retry, which Black☆Star agrees to believing that it will make no difference. So, returning the sword to its prior position, Kid clutches the handle (after first wiping it clean) and pulls, removing the weapon with absolutely no difficulty. As the two contest over who is the rightful hero, the sword begins to speak and while apologizing for its late introduction, transforms into a "dumb"-looking anthropomorphic creature.[14]

Returning to the library to inspect his student's progress, Sid upon realizing Black☆Star's absence is informed by Stein that he has gone in search of the legendary sword that "can split the sky and raise the earth", Excalibur. Knowing what this entails, Sid happily leaves the matter be. At this exact moment, Excalibur questions Black☆Star's identity after its appearance is similarly affronted but before awaiting a reply, he recounts how his legend began in the 12th century. Holding his cane just millimetres from Black☆Star's face, Excalibur asks where the meisters hail from and then turning away, offers to demonstrate something good to the pair. However, pointing his cane towards the exact same position, he inquires if they instead wish to hear about his chronicles of heroism. Continuing in this manner, despite Black☆Star's growing annoyance, Excalibur repeats himself before asking the pair to choose a number between 1 and 12. Disregarding their answers, as "fools" have no right to choice, ahead of indicating once again that his legend began in the 12th century. Infuriated by these appalling mannerisms, Black☆Star decides to investigate the author of the book that started all this, discovering that it was in fact Excalibur himself, who affirms that he does not give out autographs.[15]

Excalibur Wreaths

Black☆Star and Death the Kid are presented with wreaths by Excalibur upon their return

With Stein confirming that Excalibur is indeed an unparalleled weapon with tremendous capabilities, he reveals that contrary to others of its kind, it can actually match with anyone, although Excalibur still places restrictions on those who may obtain him. Handing the bewildered pair numerous pages compiling 1000 Provisions that they must complete, Excalibur beckons the "chosen" to take him in hand and claim both victory and glory. Grasping the handle in unison, the two without discussion re-sheath the sword in the solid earth and quickly depart, in spite of Excalibur's kindly offer to reduce the number of tasks to 800. Returning to the DWMA, the pair are greeted not only by congratulatory students but also, two elaborate wreaths proclaiming how Excalibur will always wait for them.[16]

The Legend of the Holy Sword

Hiro Reads Excalibur's Book

Hero reads the book written by Excalibur in awe

While reclining within the recesses of the DWMA's library, an incompetent meister by the name of Hero inadvertently locates the fateful text entitled "Excalibur". Seduced by the prospects of victory and glory granted to the destined individual, Hero resolves that he will obtain this legendary sword in order to halt the intimidation he suffers from his fellow students, in spite of not knowing the considerable consequences that this may entail. Tempered by further physical assaults and unreasonable demands, Hero's conviction is displayed in his tearful eyes.[17]

The following day and numerous incapacitated pupils litter the ground outside of the academy, while a pretentious Excalibur accompanied by an equally exhilarated Hero, asserts that the previous acquaintances in his legendary narrative where far more stimulating and as such, maybe the youth of the DWMA need to be enlightened by this exalted mentor. Attempting to recollect the exact details regarding the inception of his tale, but becoming entirely preoccupied by that day's weather conditions and the noble impression he exudes, Excalibur suddenly demands a five minute break that requires the expectant spectators to assume the "seiza" style until the period concludes. Interrupted by the "ignorant fool" that is Black☆Star, Excalibur is informed that he was a prolific tormentor of his current partner. Despite the two meisters proceeding to converse between themselves about how Hero actually finds the 1000 Provisions not only tolerable but rather agreeable, Excalibur gets the notion that someone has mentioned the day in which his legend began. Infuriating Black☆Star with his indecisiveness, he assumes an eternally vacant stare that only serves to enrage his opposition further, resulting in an inevitable dispute.[18]

Hiro and Excalibur

Hero and Excalibur adopt a pose in preparation to fight

With Black☆Star, Death the Kid and Kilik Rung accepting this challenge; Excalibur proclaims that he will engrave his legend into their very bodies, before adopting a radiant pose in his fully transformed state, chanting in unison with his partner "come victory, come glory, as one". Releasing his wings of light in response to Black☆Star's impetuous charge, "Hero the Brave" avoids with ease, stating that those who cannot follow the light, can never catch him. However, exposing himself to the resultant combined counter of Kid and Kilik Rung, Hero is forced to traverse space at the speed of light just to dodge. Appearing just as swiftly as his departure, the entire opposition are engulfed in an enormous explosion that defeats them all instantaneously, with these events occurring so quickly that to the casual observer it appears as if nothing has happened.[19]

Indulging himself in his perverse pleasures without consequence, while always acting in accordance with Excalibur's requirements that now comprise nearly ninety percent of his day, Hero even receives congratulations for his tireless efforts from both his partner and the DWMA, who are considering upgrading him from a one-star meister to that of a three-star in a single promotion. Evidently pleased by the current state of affairs, Hero momentarily forgets to remain three paces behind Excalibur but suffers the consequent reprimand rather happily, which instead causes Excalibur to have a nasty fit of sneezes. However, by the next day, things have returned to normality and Hero once again succumbs to the academy's bullies in the absence of Excalibur. Questioned as to whether he had finally grown annoyed of the 1000 Provisions prescribed by Excalibur's covenant, Hero explains that it was instead the creature's incessant sneezing that he couldn't stand, forcing him to return the sword to its previous residence.[20]

the DWMA VS Arachnophobia Arc (Anime)

This section contains an instance from an anime not present in the manga and/or a deviation


As the young members of Spartoi continue their courageous infiltration into the sinful depths of the Book of Eibon in order to retrieve an imprisoned Kid, their inevitable decline through the entirety of the seven deadly sins that comprise the chapters of this particular tome, ultimately draws them into the fourth chapter entitled "Wrath". Turbulent and disruptive, this domain was designed with the express purpose of intensifying an individual's dormant aggression, which it aptly demonstrates upon its current temporary inhabitants. Regaining his composure amidst numerous volatile eruptions, Black☆Star inquires about the impending trials that await them here, entirely unaware of the approaching ordeal located just behind him.[21]

Excalibur Wrath

Excalibur appears within the Book of Eibon

Greeting these familiar acquaintances, the initial irritation caused by Excalibur's introduction is soon replaced instead by laughter, at the realization that this moronic creature was captured by Noah in spite of its supposed prestige. Refuting this absurd claim with a brief recital of his capricious nature, which meant that his desires simply coincided with the individual who brought him here, Excalibur talks over any further misgivings about this explanation. Inquiring about the groups reasons behind their presence in such a place, suggesting that it may be to seek his power, he continues to disregard their replies and instead indicates that he isn't easily obtained. Challenged about his ignorance, Excalibur declares that the words of "fools" are meaningless, before informing the spectators that the similarities between itself and The Table of Contents are present due to Eibon utilizing him as the devices basis. Granting them the right to speak, Excalibur continues regardless and after meditating upon the insolence of referring to him as the "Former Governor" that invites people to anger, despite him bringing so much joy to others, he bursts into song.[22]

Concurring that this creature is verily and truly insufferable, even The Table of Contents notes that Excalibur's mere presence has disturbed the order of the book and thrown its letters into disarray, while acknowledging that perhaps its form is indeed based on that of Excalibur, albeit born from Eibon's desire to lower the ostentatious creature's upturned nose. Ignoring Excalibur's resultant claim that all literary works originate from him, a plan is formulated to proceed to the next chapter but to ensure that they are not interrupted again; the attention of the Holy Sword must be distracted. In spite of easily evading numerous futile attempts at capture, Excalibur's concentration is momentarily averted, allowing Spartoi's plot to be enacted.[23]

Soul Eater Chapter 74 - Liz wields Excalibur

Liz wields Excalibur

Escaping into the relative sanctuary of the next chapter, the group momentarily basks in the realms tranquility due to a certain absence but this relief is only temporary, as Excalibur appears once again. Neglecting their disparaging remarks, Excalibur graciously offers his strength and aware of the youths' objective, affirms that this can be achieved instantaneously with just a single swing of his sword. Beckoning them to make use of him, only Liz Thompson's conviction allows her to overcome her reluctance and slash the blade, causing a spatial rift between two separate locations. However, unable to suffer such an offense to her pride by wielding Excalibur, she throws the sword through the resultant tear and yells as it departs, "get the hell out of this book!!!" Because what resembles the Eternal Cave can be seen through the portal, it is likely Liz returned Excalibur to his resting place.[24]

Look Up and You'll See Him

Soul Eater Chapter 89 - Locations

Maka senses Excalibur--three times

When Maka scans the world looking for Crona with her Soul Perception, Excalibur's cave can be seen several times. It seems that after being tossed out of the Book of Eibon, Excalibur retired to his former dwelling.

This can also been another hint towards Excalibur's nature as a Great Old One as it was during this Soul Perception search that Maka had been using Madness to find Crona, seeing Excalibur several times hints well towards this.[25]

The Moon

As Crona landed and went into the Moon, Excalibur started sneezing continuously. Later, he flew and crash landed in Death City . He said he came to watch the battle. Shinigami says to Excalibur that it would be great if he were to fight with them. Excalibur responds by saying that the same thing is true for the former god of order.

Dark Side of the Moon

Excalibur is with Death in the Death Room when Kid, on the Moon, finally connects all three Lines of Sanzu to become a full shinigami. However, as only one full shinigami exists at any one time, Kid's ascension leads to the demise of Death. As Death dies, he asks Excalibur to keep an eye on Kid, which Excalibur agrees to do. Excalibur clutches his cane and seems to bow his head before the smoldering, empty Cloak of Contents.

Versus Asura


Soul Eater Chapter 113 - Kid dons the cloak

The new Lord Death dons his cloak

After members of the DWMA trap Asura behind a Black Blood barrier on the Moon, Death the Kid returns to the Academy and races to the Death Room to inform his father of their victory. Kid is annoyed to find Excalibur present and demands to know where is his father.

Kid realizes he cannot feel his father’s wavelength. Excalibur explains as only he can: “Fool! He died!” Kid thinks the weapon is joking, only for Excalibur to explain that only one “real shinigami” may appear at any one time, hence when Kid accessed the full power of a shinigami, its power, and the life of his father, transferred to Kid.

As Kid, heartbroken, collapses before the cloak of his father, he asks whether he has killed his father—only for Excalibur to dropkick the new Lord Death. Excalibur lectures: “The rulers of old are gone. Now is the age for humans to shape the world.” Kid is the beginning of that shaping.

Kid, although crying, forces himself to don his father’s cloak and promises to understand kindness, asking that his father watch over, he cannot concentrate as Excalibur rambles about the proper eating practices of yakinuku.


  • Excalibur is derived from the sword of the same name that once belonged to King Arthur. In some Arthurian legend, the weapon is attributed with magical powers or associated with the rightful sovereignty of Great Britain.
  • Atsushi Ōkubo, the mangaka of the manga, has said in an interview that he based some of Excalibur's attributes off of his own father.
  • In a 2013 interview with J-Mag, Ōkubo said he based the physical appearance of Excalibur on the illustrations of Edward Gorey .[26]
  • In the official popularity poll taken by the manga's readers, Excalibur ranked 5th.
  • In the Soul Eater Battle Resonance game, he asks the entire main cast to pick a number between 1 and 12. Apart from Kid's 8 and BlackStar's 1 which appeared in the anime: the answers included Maka picking 6; and Patty picking 100, whilst Lizzy would tell her that 100 was not between 1 and 12.


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