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Soul Eater Episode 24 HD - Death City rebuilding
Name Human
Alternate Title(s) Mankind
Romanji Ningen
Katakana 人間
Debut Data
Manga Debut Chapter 0.1
Anime Episode 1

Humans (人間, Ningen) are perhaps the most abundant but one of the inherit weaker beings in the world of Soul Eater.


Normal and Evil Humans

Normal humans appear much like their real-world counterparts, consisting of ordinary body parts such as a torso, arms, legs, etc.[1] However, there exist humans who are evil at heart and have corrupted souls. Called "Evil Humans", some may take an eccentric appearance demonic qualities while others may stay virtually the same.[1][2] Most Evil Humans, when fully transformed, no longer resemble a perfect human form and take on strange, distorted humanoid figures. For example, Jack the Ripper is a long limbed, grey-skinned vaguely human-like creature with metal claws, and Rasputin takes on a giant human-like form. However, there have been exceptions, as Masamune looks perfectly human, despite being an Evil Human, although, during the fight with Tsubaki, his human form starts to display Evil Human-like characteristics, especially in his facial features.


A human soul is distinguishable from that of other souls. It also seems that most human souls are also blue in hue, though this may not always be the case. The attributes and characteristics of the soul are dependent on the personality and soul type of an individual. An individual with a Grigori Soul would possess a soul with wings while a Strong Soul would be a soul with an abnormal size as well as being distinguished as a strong soul.

The souls of humans, despite their apparent weak power as a race, are very strong. Good human souls are the only souls that makes another more powerful when collecting, though the collector risks losing their sanity.[3]

In the anime, the souls of Evil Humans are called Kishin Eggs.



There are several types of humans within the world:

  • Demon Weapon: The Demon Weapons, also called simply Weapons, are an entire race of human beings that can transform into traditional weapons.[4] This is done via the Weapon Gene.
  • Earth Shaman: Earth Shamans are individual who are capable of communicating with the Earth itself.[5] This gives them some abilities ordinary humans do not have. In addition, they have a inclination towards Magic and have an "Earth Shaman Form".[6]
  • Meister: Meisters are warriors who fight and battle using the weapon forms of Demon Weapons, people who are able to transform into traditionl weapons.[4]
  • Hybrid: Hybrids are individuals who are the offsprings of two different species or races. Examples such as Witch/Human and Weapon/Human exist.[7]
  • Warrior God: Superhumanly powerful humans who are said to have surpassed the humans limitations within themselves. These individuals are followers of the Path of the Warrior and are powerful. Despite this, however, they still fall short under a actual, fully powered God.[8]


Physical Abilities

Soul Wavelength

Soul Types

List of humans in Soul Eater

See also: Category:Human and List of tertiary characters


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