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Mankind, Humanity

Manga Debut

Chapter 0.1

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Humans (人間, Ningen) are a kind of people in which are native to the majority of the world. They're one of the more abundant and common species.[1]


Asura claims that the world that included humanity (the "normal" and metaphorical "insane" world caused by the presence of Madness) was created by Death at his whims and that since their creation, they were regulated to be nothing more then Death's puppets.[2]

The accuracy of his claims, however, can be debated due to to his twisted, antagonistic views against both Death and Humans in general.


The true nature of that of a Human is mostly unknown. However, they're beings in which are governed by that of the True Death God, in which part of their purpose is to serve as judges of their quality of their good and evil. Both the DWMA and the Eight Shinigami Legions that came before them collected the souls of evil humans under the behest of Death because of his renown ability to judge the quality of souls and add those evil to his Shinigami's List.[3] This is done to ensure a balance between good and evil.[4]


Episode 51pic

Human souls in the air.

A human soul in their basic, hitoma-like form is indistinguishable from that of other human souls whether they're good or evil. In the anime, the souls of human beings are blue in color.[5] Indiviudal humans, however, can have varying characteristics of their soul depending on their theme and personality.[6][7] In the anime, all evil humans who consume souls become a Kishin Egg.[8]

Mifune's Soul

A Strong Soul.

The power of the human soul holds vast capabilities. Unlike the majority of souls, a good human soul is capable of endowing great power. Maka Albarn stated that it is the human souls that allow greater power when collected.[9] A number of human souls can be used to create either a Demon Sword, Kishin, or Death Scythe (99 specifically in the case of Death Scythe).[10][11] The strongest of a human soul is capable of manifesting into what is known as a Strong Soul. Those with Strong Souls hold so much power from the soul that they're capable of counting as 99 evil human souls entire should they be killed and consumed by a Demon Weapon. Only Mifune is a known possessor of a Strong Soul.[12]


Humans are capable of reproducing with other species such as Legendary Blades and Witches, resulting in hybirds.[13]


There are several types of humans within the world:

  • Demon Weapon: The Demon Weapons, also called simply Weapons, are an entire race of human beings that can transform into traditional weapons.[14] This is done via the Weapon Gene.
  • Earth Shaman: Earth Shamans are individual who are capable of communicating with the Earth itself.[15] This gives them some abilities ordinary humans do not have. In addition, they have a inclination towards Magic and have an "Earth Shaman Form".[16]
  • Meister: Meisters are warriors who fight and battle using the weapon forms of Demon Weapons, people who are able to transform into traditionl weapons.[14]
  • Hybrid: Hybrids are individuals who are the offsprings of two different species or races. Examples such as Witch/Human and Weapon/Human exist.[17]
  • Warrior God: Superhumanly powerful humans who are said to have surpassed the humans limitations within themselves. These individuals are followers of the Path of the Warrior and are powerful. Despite this, however, they still fall short under a actual, fully powered God.[18]

Special Abilities

Many Humans vary from one another in power, strength, speed, etc. However, many Humans do possess some common capabilities (though does not apply to every Human) such as:

Episode 8 - Stein uses Soul Menace on Crona

A Human performs Soul Menace.

  • Soul Wavelength (魂の波長, Tamashī no hachō): Along with every kind of living creature, Humans possesses Soul Wavelengths. However, they're capable of using it for offensive means. Those with strong, large wavelengths are capable of launching offensive, electrical-like techniques (e.x Soul Menace).[19] In addition, there are special kinds of Soul Wavelengths that allow for special abilities to manifest whether independently or paired with a Demon Weapon (e.x Anti-Demon Wavelength).[20]
Episode 7 - Soul Perception example

Soul Perception at work

  • Soul Perception (魂感知, Tamashī Kanchi): From their racial strife with that of the Witch, humans have developed an ability known as Soul Perception to be able to detect a Witch's soul. They're among one of the few races to be outright capable of this. This ability can be countered with Soul Protect.[21]
  • Grigori (天使型 (エグリゴリ), Egurigori): The Grigori is a special kind of soul said to appear in only one of fifty million people. This soul-type is rare and allows a Human capability of flight with the combined powers of an Demon Weapon (in the case of the Meister).[22]

List of humans in Soul Eater

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