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Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is one of the various evil humans present in the series.

In Soul Eater, Evil humans are humans with "corrupted" souls. In the manga, they are indistinguishable from the souls of a normal human, but their souls have become tainted by evil deeds (usually murder). In the anime, they are the product of a normally pure being consuming a pure innocent human soul.

In the manga. When a human commits a crime,  they risk becoming a evil human. Depending on the severity of the crime, the individual actions, and reason, they may become an evil human. Their souls are normally indistinguishable from that of an human and Death is the only person who is able to judge the purity or impurity of their souls. If he deems them evil, he normally adds them to a list in which is available to those in Shibusen

In the anime,  A Kishin Egg is the soul of an evil human. It became evil by consuming other human souls, and thereby losing it's humanity and turns into a Kishin egg. If the evil human is left alone to eat more human souls, it has a risk of becoming a powerful Kishin. Kishin egg souls are deep red with hexagonal plates attached to the outside.


Most Evil humans, when fully transformed, no longer resemble a perfect human form and take on strange distorted humanoid figures, like with Jack the Ripper, a long limbed grey-skinned vaguely human-like creature with metal claws, and Rasputin who takes on the form of a giant human-like form. However, there have been exceptions, as Masamune looks perfectly human, despite being an Evil human, although during the fight with Tsubaki, his human form starts to display Evil human-like characteristics, especially in his facial features. Comparing Jack the Ripper with more human-like Evil humans such as Masamune and Alcapone, the appearances of Evil humans seem to vary. Strength and power and personality also seems to vary, and may very well depend on what sort of character the Evil human was before walking the path of the Kishin. Evil humans also leave behind no corpse when slain (a fact ignored in the first few chapters) often disappearing in a wisp of black smoke, leaving behind only their soul. 

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