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"From Medusa's errand-slave to DWMA's bitch....why can't I catch a break?"

— Eruka as she participates in Operation: Rescue Kid.[1]
Eruka Frog
Eruka Frog (Manga Colored) Profile Eruka as she appears in Soul Eater.
Name Eruka Frog
Alias(es) Eru-eru (by Mizune)[2]
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - FemaleFemale
Race/Species Witch Soul Witch
Type of Soul
Magic Theme
Professional Data
Affiliation(s) Witch Order icon Witch Order
Arachnophobia's Logo RenderArachnophobia (ruse)
Medusa's Army (Formerly)
Place of Origin
Weapon Partner(s)
Meister Partner(s)
Real World Data
Voice Actors/Seiyu Misato Fukuen (Japanese)
Kate Oxley (English)
Manga Debut(s) Chapter 9
Anime Debut(s) Episode 12
Game Debut(s)

Eruka Frog (エルカ・フロッグ, Eruka Furoggu) is a frog-themed Witch who often serves under Medusa Gorgon along with fellow witch, Free. She normally says "kero", the Japanese sound for croaking when speaking or "ribbit" in the English installment. In line with her theme, Eruka can also use many frog-themed techniques as well as being the owner of Tadpole Jackson.


Like many other Witches, Eruka craves destruction and enjoys the fact that she was born a Witch. However, she is extremely cowardly, preferring to flee rather than fight, and never hesitates to beg for mercy when cowed. Despite her malicious intent, Eruka has an earnest disposition with other Witches, including Mizune, with whom she is close friends with. She can be demeaning to those whom she considers inferior, though.

Unlike more powerful and malign witches, such as Medusa, Eruka is not so cold and heartless, on several times showing regret and consideration for others. She expresses guilt about lying to the Mizune family, and tries to reassure Crona when they are asked to spy on Professor Stein.

Unlike Medusa and Arachne, Eruka is of very low caliber, and posses very little fatal power. This may be a result of being younger than most witches. However, there has been no background given about Eruka as to explain just how old she is. The most advanced magic she has been shown to use is Soul Protect.


Kawapaper Soul Eater 0000082 1600x1200

Eruka's appearance.

Befitting her typically passive nature, Eruka remains a woman of rather modest build with long straight silvery hair and a narrow mouth, accentuated by a prominent black circle at each end, resembling the air sacs on a frog's mouth. Her usual attire consists of a thigh length black dress with a white polka dot pattern over what appears to be a dark gray blouse, black pants and knee-high white boots. Arguably the most obtrusive characteristic of her appearance is her distinctive orange hat with a frog-like face, which further reflects her amphibian theme. The hat occasionally mimics her facial expressions.

Magic & Abilities


Tadpole Bomb (オタマジャクシ爆弾, Otamajakushi Bakuda): This magic allows it's user to create tadpole-like creatures that explode either after being sent to hop after the enemy, or being thrown forcefully. It seems that they can be created in differing sizes, thus with differing explosive power. Although a single bomb will not do much damage, when exploding in large numbers, they can be quite a reasonable threat.[3]

Transformation Magic (変身魔法, Henshin Mahō): Eruka is skilled in Transformation Magic, allowing her to take up the form of a Frog and can use this magic to escape from danger should the need arise.[4]

Calculation Spells (演算魔法, Enzan Mahō): Due to her incredible ability in mathematics, Eruka has the ability to proficiently cast Calculation Spells and has taken the lead in casting the spells when accompanied by other witches.[5]

Soul Protect: A spell in which conceals a witch's unique wavelength and make it seems as though it was human.


As a witch, she is susceptible to attacks such as the Witch-Hunt and also to those who carry the Anti-Demon Wavelength. In addition, Eruka is a witch who lacks physical capabilities, often using her bombs and intellect to escape a situation or in defeating an opponent.


Uncanny Sword Arc

Eruka Frog (Anime - Episode 12) - (4)

Eruka stops Medusa.

During the conclusion of a Witches' Mass, Eruka Frog along with her closest friend, the eldest Mizune sister, confronted fellow witch, Medusa Gorgon. They wanted to have a talk about Medusa's undercover work risking the entire witch race in addition to trying to create a Kishin via Medusa's child, Crona, and Ragnarök. Eruka expresses her disgust at Medusa, believing that her various experiments could potentially lead to the extermination of all witch kind. In response, Medusa dons her coat before swiftly sticking her hands into Eruka and Mizune's mouths and threatening to punish them for their disrespect. Eruka curses Medusa as she walks away and begins plotting about how to kill her.

The next evening, Eruka meets Medusa, who is still in her nurse persona, with a strategy that includes using her cover against her by having Medusa limited herself with Soul Protect. This is so she can briefly use Magic to kill her or use an animal transformation if Medusa cancels her Soul Protect to escape, leaving Medusa exposed to the DWMA as a witch. However, just as soon as they put their plan into motion, Mizune begins to writhe and Eruka realizes that Medusa had secretly placed magical snakes inside both of their bodies the other night, watching in horror as the snakes tear Mizune apart. Fortunately for Eruka, their fight had indeed attracted the attention of meisters Maka Albarn and Professor Franken Stein, forcing Medusa to deal with them while Eruka transforms into a frog and runs for her life.

Eruka flees far beyond the borders of Death City before determining she is finally safe. Before she can plot her revenge, Medusa arrives, having followed the snakes implanted inside Eruka's body. Medusa then proceeds to give Eruka a key and asks her to carry out a task: to go to the Witch Jail and release the man in the thirteenth cell, the werewolf infamous for plucking out the witch leader Maba's left eye. Medusa intends to use him to perform an experiment on Soul Eater. Knowing she could be banished from the Witch world or even killed for freeing the man with the Demon Eye, Eruka reluctantly agrees under the threat of being killed immediately by Medusa.

The Experiment Arc

Breaking into the Witch Jail proves simple for Eruka in her frog form with the guards asleep, and she easily gains the trust of the man with the Demon Eye after unlocking his cell. As the two make a getaway, the prisoner recollects his several failed attempts at devising a so called cool way of breaking himself out, to which Eruka simply comments he probably could have urinated on the bars of his cells and gradually corroded them away. This causes the prisoner to despair as to why he didn't consider something so simple before and inadvertently allows the guards chasing them to catch up. Eruka begins to panic when the guards attack the prisoner, but he survives being skewered and incinerated without so much as a scratch; Eruka realizes that the reason Maba merely locked him away was because he is Immortal and can't be killed, and watches as he effortlessly slaughters the guards.

Successful in her mission, Eruka returns to Medusa with the prisoner, who names himself "Free" to celebrate his newfound freedom. Eruka demands Medusa remove all the snakes in her body as promised, but Medusa reveals she will remove only one snake for every task she completes, and refuses to disclose how many more snakes there are; furthermore, removing all the snakes at once would tear Eruka apart. Bursting into tears, Eruka's hatred for Medusa grows even greater than ever before.

Eruka continues under the service of Medusa, surveying Free's proceeding battle with Maka and Soul on tower bridge in London, the snakes in her body forwarding her vision to Medusa so that she may observe her experiment, which ends with Free falling off the bridge and accidentally freezing himself. Throughout the fight, Eruka makes commentary on Free's strength and apparent clumsiness.

Black Dragon Arc

Not long after the events pertaining to Free, Eruka receives further orders to now go to Medusa's laboratory to retrieve an attache case containing a syringe and a vial of Black Blood which Medusa intends to use to carry out her ultimate goal: to revive the first Kishin, Asura, sleeping beneath Death City. Eruka is also ordered to destroy the lab in order to ensure no traces of Medusa's work are let behind, something Eruka is more than enthusiastic to carry out to satisfy her natural desire for destruction. After retrieving the case, Eruka leaves a cluster of bombs behind in the lab, which explode with DWMA agent Sid Barrett located inside as he conducts a concealed investigation of Medusa's true intentions.

Eruka returns to Medusa with the attache case, and infiltrates Death City along with Free while the DWMA students and staff members, including Death himself, celebrate the founding of the school. They are joined by Medusa on the rooftops of DWMA building, where Eruka and Medusa use their magic to help Free place an Independent Cube, which traps the party goers in another dimension for up to an hour. Crona arrives with the Mizune family to destroy Death City; while seeing the family off, Eruka expresses her guilt over tricking them into believing their eldest sister was killed by DWMA instead of Medusa, whom they now serve. Holding the attache case, Eruka travels underground with Medusa, Crona and Free to resurrect the kishin.

A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration Arc

Despite the successful capture of most of the members of DWMA within the Independent Cube, meisters Maka Albarn, Black☆Star, Death the Kid, Franken Stein, and their respective weapon partners manage to escape and attempt to stop Medusa and her minions. Riding atop of Otama Jackson, Eruka takes the attaché case and makes her way to the Kishin's chamber at the end of the tunnel beneath Death City, accompanied by Free and covered by Medusa and Crona, who try to keep the others at bay. Stein engages Medusa in battle and Maka against Crona, allowing Kid and Black☆Star to pursue Eruka and Free. Eruka leaves a cluster of tadpole bombs to slow them down and determine how far they are from catching up, though Kid uses the force of their explosions to increase his own momentum. To hold them back, Eruka gives her Otama Jackson to Free, who uses it as a mount while he forwards an illusion of himself to battle Kid and Black☆Star, stalling them while they continue down to the shrine.
Otama Jackson

Eruka and Otama Jackson flee.

Once their plan is exposed, Eruka berates Free for acting so wildly on her Otama Jackson.

Eruka and Free reach and enter the shrine, where Eruka succumbs to the abundant Madness Wavelength present and has a hallucination of the Kishin tearing off her face. Free attempts to help Eruka when she screams about her face, only to have a hallucination of Eruka turning into the Kishin and killing him. In their madness, Eruka and Free nearly commit suicide, with Eruka holding a pointed stake to her neck, though they both return to their senses. Briefly shaken and wary of the Kishin's madness, they discover the bag containing the slumbering Kishin in the back of the chamber.

Soul Eater Episode 24 HD - Asura screams at Eruka

Eruka and Asura express their mutual fear of each other.

Eruka assembles the syringe in the attaché case and fills it with Black Blood, finally prepared to inject it into the bag and awaken the Kishin. Kid arrives as Free holds him off to protect Eruka, who is left to fend for herself against Black☆Star as she runs toward the bag. She briefly drops the syringe and has a hallucination of the Kishin slobbering over her head. Otama Jackson tosses the syringe back to Eruka and ends up being beaten up by Black☆Star. Owing her respects to her faithful pet, Eruka sticks the syringe into the bag and desperately tries to inject it. Black☆Star makes one final attack to try and destroy the syringe, only to have a hallucination of his own victory and destroy the statue behind the bag instead. Instead of celebrating her success, Eruka watches with dread as the first Kishin, Asura, awakens and emerges from the bag. The first thing Asura sees upon opening his eyes is Eruka paralyzed with fear, and screams in fright of the equally terrified witch before easily dispatching Black☆Star and Kid and escaping above ground.

Eruka emerges to the surface with Free to discover that Death has escaped from the Independent Cube, which Eruka notes had dissipated after only forty minutes rather than the hour Free had stated earlier. During the chaos that ensues as Death and Asura battle, Eruka escapes with Free out of Death City and reunites with the Mizune family. To her relief, Eruka notices she can no longer sense Medusa's soul wavelength and realises that she must have died in battle against Stein. Eruka mockingly laments how she was unable to witness her death while also paying her respects to such a powerful witch. She then remarks that she was just kidding.

Reunion Express Arc

Eruka is disguised as an Arachnophobia minion as she tells Arachne that Medusa has arrived at Baba Yaga's Castle. She shows her in, then shows her out. It is revealed that Medusa wants the fragment of the Book of Eibon that is inside the castle. Eruka is less than happy about being asked to retrieve it. She has a flashback about skipping along and being happy about her freedom from Medusa, before being grabbed by her in Rachel Boyd's body and threatened. Eruka is accompanied by Free and four Mizune sisters, who are being questioned elsewhere. She shows Medusa out after asking about her motives, to which the snake witch replies that she has a few moves of her own to make yet.[citation needed]


  • The name "Eruka" (エルカ, Eruka) comes from reorganizing the order of the syllables in the Japanese word "kaeru" (カエル; Literally meaning "Frog"). Her friend Mizune shares this naming method.


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