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Episode Name
English Title

Shape of the Soul - Enter the Ultimate Meister, Stein?

Kanji Title


Rōmaji Title

Tamashii no Katachi 〜Saikyō Shokunin Shutain Tōjō?

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Airing Date(s)

Icon - JPN : May 5, 2008

TV Rating

Rating - TV-14

Story Arc

Remedial Lessons Arc

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Maka, Soul, Black☆Star, and Tsubaki tangle with the mad scientist responsible for turning Sid into a zombie - the amazingly powerful Dr. Stein!

Shape of the Soul - Enter the Ultimate Meister, Stein? is the fifth episode of Soul Eater. It is adapted from Chapter 2 of the Soul Eater manga.

Featured AppearancesEdit


Patchwork Laboratory Edit

Continuing from the ending of the previous episode, Soul, Maka, Black☆Star and Tsubaki are shown standing outside of Patchwork Laboratory with their captive, the zombie Sid Barrett. The students then hear something approach from behind the laboratory's front doors. As the students prepare to see who the mastermind is, a man - Dr. Franken Stein, rolls out the door on a chair with wheels only to trip at the bottom part of the doorway and fall. Dr. Stein embarrassingly gets back up and goes back inside to try his entrance again. After Dr. Stein comes out, the same action as before happens again, much to the group's confusion.

After he confirmed he is the one who turned Sid into a zombie, he goes on to tell them that he is a scientist, and that the whole world is an experiment, including himself. Dr. Stein then begins observing the souls of Maka and Soul, telling them about themselves without even knowing them. Black☆Star then interrupts Dr. Stein and as usual tries to be the center of attention. Black☆Star charges at Stein to battle him, but the scientist easily blocks the ninja's attacks and strikes him. Upon hearing Tsubaki call out to her meister, Stein analyzes her soul, recognizing her soul as being highly tolerable to Black☆Star's energetic, self-centered soul.

While Tsubaki stands alone to keep Sid constrained, Black☆Star, alongside Maka armed with Soul in weapon form, continues to battle Stein, yet the meisters are easily blocked by the mad scientist.

Chupa♡Cabra's Edit

Meanwhile, Spirit Albarn is flirting with Blair, who is beginning her third day as a new employee at this business. After asking Spirit about how relationship with Maka is going, he gets sad because its not going well so Blair tries to cheer him up.

Spirit begins reminiscing on the past of being Dr. Stein's demon weapon and his experiment tool.

Patchwork Laboratory Edit

At the same time, Stein realizes Maka is the daughter of his previous weapon partner. Stein then appears to go in for a direct attack against Maka though she blocks it but a force wave from the attack she blocked, knocks her back.

Death RoomEdit

Death, Death the Kid, Liz Thompson, and Patty Thompson watch the battle through a mirror. Death explains about how powerful a Soul Wavelength can be between a Meister and Demon Weapon, comparing them to a guitar and a amplifier, and yet Stein's Soul Wavelength and capabilities are great even without a Demon Weapon to synch with.

Patchwork Laboratory Edit

Meanwhile, Maka's soul begins losing its stability as Soul points out, and he tells her to calm down. Maka then charges at Stein only to easily get repelled back and for Soul to get heavily hurt. Stein seizes Maka by her pigtail, removing her overcoat and lifting up her vest and shirt, marking her skin as he prepares to slice into her abs. Black☆Star intervenes to rescue Maka, revealing he too can use Soul Menace via his signature attack, Black☆Star Big Wave, which he directs into Stein's back, freeing Maka from the scientist's grasp.

However, Stein appears unharmed from his attack. Stein explains that at the moment before Black☆Star struck, he mimicked the ninja's soul wavelength, canceling the damage. Stein then uses his Soul Menace attack on Black☆Star's head, severely damaging him and seeming to kill the ninja. Tsubaki screams her meister's name, while a disturbed Soul yells to Maka that they must retaliate. But Maka falls to her knees, overwhelmed at what she senses: her Soul Perception has manifested, allowing her to see just how large is Stein's Soul Wavelength, and the threat before her makes her terrified.

Death RoomEdit

Upon seeing that the young Meisters and their weapons need help, Kid prepares to depart for Patchwork Laboratory to take down Stein. Death orders Kid not to intervene, as this mission is a remedial lesson for Death Weapon Meister Academy students, which Kid is not. Therefore, as Kid departs, he tells his father to make him and the Thompsons official DWMA students. Despite Death's protests, Kid leaves.

However, while on the way out of the Academy, Kid collapses in the hallway, concerned whether he folded the tissue in a perfect manner. This worry delays Kid's rush to rescue Maka's team, much to Liz's dismay and Patty's delight.

Patchwork Laboratory Edit

Maka cannot act. Stein stands back, calmly smoking to wait to see how these students approach him. Soul grabs Maka's shoulders, shaking her and encouraging her to fight, but she pushes her weapon away, saying that if he could see with Soul Perception just how formidable Stein's soul is, he would give up this fight as well. Soul retorts that no matter what Maka sees she cannot give up this battle now.

Thanks to encouragement from Soul, Maka works up the courage to continue battling Stein, finally successfully using Witch-Hunter to push back the scientist. While Stein momentarily struggles to resist the attack, Stein ultimately deflects Maka's Witch-Hunter, knocking her to the ground. Stein approaches the barely conscious Maka, but Soul transforms out of his weapon form to shield Maka, telling Stein that if he is going to kill his meister, the scientist will have to kill him first.

Stein seems to agree, as he approaches to touch Soul—and pats him on the head, congratulating him and his classmates for passing. The students are confused, so Stein explains that this battle was simply part of their remedial lesson: Death asked Stein to fight the students to test their partnerships as meisters and weapons. Sid was also a part of the lesson, pretending that after this transformation into a zombie that he had turned against Shibusen. Soul is outraged, wondering how the two adults could kill Black Star in this lesson, But he sees that Tsubaki is tending to her recovered meister: Stein severely injured Black☆Star yet lied about killing him, leaving the ninja embarrassed by his defeat and intending to avenge himself. For all the stress that this experience put upon her, Maka breaks down into tears.

Stein concludes the lesson by spinning in his chair and, realizing how late the evening is, inviting the students to stay at his laboratory overnight—and the students, aware of how violent this vivisecting physician is, reject his invitation.

Class Crescent Moon Edit

Soul Eater Episode 5 HD - Stein arrives to class 1

Students are shocked at their new teacher

The next day, the four students struggle to recover from last night's battle: Maka had nightmares, and Black☆Star worries that Stein outshined him. Soul teases Maka that maybe Spirit will return as today's substitute teacher for Sid. All students are surprised to see a lanky man with a screw through his head slam through the classroom's doors, rolling on a wheeled office chair—and upon tripping on the entrance, falling down and sliding on his back on the floor. Maka, Soul, Black☆Star, and Tsubaki stare in horror as Stein announces he is their new homeroom teacher, prompting Maka to wish that even her pervy father would be the teacher. Stein ominously turns his screw as he asks the students to open their textbooks for today's lesson.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the manga, despite blocking Maka and Soul's Witch-Hunter attack, Stein gets cut on his left face while in the anime he received no injury at all.


  • In Class Crescent Moon at the end of the episode, Tsubaki lacks her scarf. At this moment, she more closely resembles her first appearance in Chapter 0.2 and her appearances in the Soul Eater NOT! anime.

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