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Soul Eater Episode 48 HD - Lord Death battles Asura (37)
Episode Name
English Title

Lord Death Wields a Death Scythe – Just One Step from Utter Darkness?

Kanji Title


Rōmaji Title

Desusaizu o Motta Shinigami-sama 〜Chotto Saki wa Yami Darake?〜

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Asura and Death tear into each other with unimaginable levels of power. Before this ultimate clash between good and evil concludes, great sacrifices will be made.

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Shinigami-Sama Wields a Death Scythe – Just One Step from Utter Darkness? is the forty-eighth episode of Soul Eater.

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Death Room

Outside Baba Yaga Castle

Baba Yaga's Castle

Death Room

Baba Yaga's Castle

Angela's room

Asura's room

Death Room

Asura's room

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Death and Asura never fought for a second time as depicted in this episode.
    • In this episode, it is the only time the audience sees Death and Spirit Albarn in battle as Meister and Weapon.
  • According to the manga, Maka Albarn is the one who first unlocked the Kishin Hunt. However, it is Death who is the first one who activates the Kishin Hunt in the episode.
  • Death is defeated in battle by Asura, but he never loses another battle in the manga. Although, he does die in Chapter 110.
  • For the demise of Arachne Gorgon in the manga, it is Maka and Soul who defeat and kill Arachne. However in the Anime, it is Asura who kills Arachne when he begins to fear her.
    • When Maka and Soul kill Arachne, Soul eats her soul and becomes a Death Scythe; but in the episode Asura also ate her soul. Thus, Soul doesn't become a Death Scythe.


  • While Maka and Soul aren't able to destroy Arachne in the Anime, Maka states that they should probably take on Arachne and the Moral Manipulation Machine once they locate the other DWMA members.


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