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Warrior or Slaughterer? Showdown: Mifune vs. Black☆Star?

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武か修羅か 〜決戦、ミフネvsブラック☆スター?〜

Rōmaji Title

Bu ka Shura ka 〜Kessen, Mifune bāsesu Burakku Sutā?〜

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Mifune battles Black☆Star, asking the ninja to chose which path he will pursue, as a Warrior or as a Demon. Meanwhile, Death the Kid returns with the key for Death and Joe Buttataki's secret project, but before turning over this Demon Tool, the child demands answers.

Warrior or Slaughterer? Showdown: Mifune vs. Black☆Star? is the forty-sixth episode of Soul Eater.

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Outside Baba Yaga Castle, the Amazon

Mifune exits Baba Yaga Castle and approaches Black☆Star, who wields Tsubaki Nakatsukasa in Chain Scythe form. Mifune notes that, with each of them having won one duel, this round is their final decisive battle. Mifune releases his swords and "Keep Out" caution tape. Tsubaki says she is ready to battle. Mifune asks Black☆Star which path he will follow: the Path of the Demon, and the Path of the Warrior.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, Front Entrance

Standing beside Liz and Patty Thompson, Death the Kid hesitates on entering to turn over the Key to Death, fearing his father has a sinister purpose. His thoughts are interrupted by Patty, who points to a white on the horizon. Then the light comes towards them before sailing right above Death City, specifically above the Academy.

Death Room, Death Weapon Meister Academy

The light crashes down, frightening Spirit Albarn and drawing the attention of Death and Azusa Yumi. The light is the Holy Sword. Excalibur calls from inside: "Fools!" Death, Spirit, and Azusa quickly turn back to their work and ignore Excalibur's repeated cries of "Fool!" Azusa notes that the DWMA forces are still far from Baba Yaga Castle, while three of the Madness Relay Stations in the Middle East, Europe, and Oceania are inoperable, but three stations remain. Spirit and Azusa add that the Madness will only stop when Asura is defeated. Azusa then senses Kid's return with the Key. Death, happy to hear this good news, asks that Kid be sent to Joe Buttataki's workshop in the Secret Vault.

Outside the Secret Vault, Death Weapon Meister Academy

Patty is fascinated and giggling, as Kid explains to Liz that inside "the contractor" Joe is working inside this unknown room. Kid still fears the DWMA is hiding something, which he will discover upon entering the Secret Vault.

Outside Baba Yaga Castle

Black☆Star hurls Tsubaki's chain scythe at Mifune, who knocks it away with one sword. Black☆Star leaps and attempts to strike, only for Mifune to dodge and slam his fist against Black☆Star's head, knocking the ninja on his back. Mifune chides Black☆Star for failing to live up to his potential.

After telling Mifune not to underestimate him, Black☆Star commands Tsubaki to transform into her ninja sword form as he performs Speed Star. Mifune struggles to keep track of his opponent's movements. Once Black☆Star approaches, he swings his sword, only to pass through after-images. Black☆Star announces his approach from behind, which Mifune blocks by putting his sword over his own head along his back. But Black☆Star continues his attacks from behind before flipping over Mifune to get distance.

Mifune admits that Black☆Star has improved since their last battle, his resonance quicker than before. As Mifune dashes at Black☆Star, Tsubaki alerts her meister that the samurai is preparing Infinite Sword. Black☆Star forms two after images that go in opposite directions. With one swing, Mifune knocks a sword embedded into the ground towards one image of Black☆Star, identifying it as actually Tsubaki in disguise. Mifune then sees the unarmed Black☆Star descending from above; he swings the back of his sword into Black☆Star's chest, catching him under his arms and knocking him back.

Black☆Star manages to land on his feet, before three swords come down in front of him. Before he can move, Mifune already is in front of him, swinging his sword to knock up all three swords to strike at Black☆Star with Sword Fang and Horizontal Line Attack. Tsubaki calls out to Black☆Star. Her meister, bleeding, still stands, claiming such an attack caused only superficial damage.

Mifune compliments Black☆Star's sharp senses as allowing him to dodge these attacks. Black☆Star thinks his only option is the Enchanted Sword.

Secret Vault

Death compliments Kid for acquiring the Key. Kid is also welcomed by Blair, Risa, and Arisa, who refer to him as a "cutie." Floating inside the Secret Vault under its own power is BREW.

Joe Buttataki asks for the Key, but Kid refuses, demanding to know first what the DWMA has been plotting and what the Key can do. Death immediately acquiesces—which surprises Kid and Liz, while Patty stares smiling. Kid is confused why Death has been so secretive up to now, yet immediately offers to divulge these secrets. Joe puts a hand on Kid's shoulder, reassuring him that secrets had to be kept until the Key was acquired, not to keep Kid in the dark but to avoid this information being leaked to Asura and Arachne. Blair, Risa, and Arisa nod, suggesting they knew a bit about the plan. Patty laughs how stupid they were, as Liz complains that their suspicions were for no reason. Kid is dumbfounded as Death takes the Key and explains it: it is Eibon's final creation, Eibon himself.

A glow emerges off the Key, descending until it forms a drop of liquid that hits the floor, causing an explosion of liquid that rises to form Eibon himself.

The Amazon

Ox Ford, Kim Diehl, and Kilik Rung managed to knock down Arachnophobia soldiers with their weapons. The meisters run to find Baba Yaga Castle. Kim and Kilik know their mission is to infiltrate Arachnophobia's headquarters but not how to do so undetected. Ox provides the solution: he puts on the Arachnophobia cloak and mask, likely taken off of the soldiers they defeated.

As Mifune fights with Black☆Star, he counts how his father was strong, but chose the wrong path and he was forced to kill him, and he asks his opponent if he's going to choose the path of the warrior or the path of a demon.

Kid's arrival back to DWMA

Meanwhile it is revealed that the key to operate BREW is the soul of Eibon itself, who happens to be one of eight warriors of Death, and who his willing to cooperate to deal with Asura.

Security Room, Baba Yaga Castle

Through a spider's eyes, Mosquito observes as Sid Barrett calls to his DWMA forces to proceed to nearby Baba Yaga. Mosquito sneers, surprised the DWMA is doing so well. Mosquito is interrupted by Arachne Gorgon, who comforts Asura in their bed. Upon learning from Mosquito how difficult this fight has been, Arachne orders using "the secret weapon." Mosquito is shocked, as this weapon could hurt their Arachnophobia soldiers. Mosquito reluctantly agrees. He taps on his seat, which transforms it into a command unit, projecting spiderweb holograms around him to prepare the weapon: a laser composed of a compressed wave of Asura's madness to decimate all in front of it.

Mosquito pushes a lever.

Outside Baba Yaga Castle

And the lever causes Baba Yaga to rise on its own legs and move. Mifune is surprised, and with this distraction, Tsubaki assumes Enchanted Sword mode. Black☆Star takes the weapon—and grimaces in pain. Mifune returns his attention to Black☆Star, warning him that he is already too injured to wield the Enchanted Sword. Black☆Star intends to end this battle quickly, as he and Tsubaki resonate. He dashes and performs Shadow Star. Mifune slices through the shadows and blocks the Enchanted Sword, but he sees the sword is channeling Black☆Star's fury, as he continues on the Path of the Demon. Black☆Star says neither path matter, only victory. Mifune urges him to reconsider, but when Black☆Star refuses, Mifune knocks the Enchanted Sword away from him and slices at Black☆Star's chest.

The ninja is down on his knees but still looks up. Mifune looks into Black☆Star's eyes, now forming the shape of stars—and he recognizes that look.

The Amazon

Baba Yaga Castle rises, sending birds of the forest flying away. Sid and his troops look up to see Baba Yaga's top open to reveal the laser's machinery. Elsewhere, still battling Justin Law, Giriko is shocked to see the Castle move. The laser charges and fires, its explosion seeming to wipe out almost all trees on the horizon.

Secret Vault

Kid is surprised to hear Death say it has been so long since he has seen Eibon, confirming their prior relationship as marked on the Runaway Express. Death keeps introductions short, as he wants to access BREW's power to defeat Asura and Arachne. Kid interrupts to learn how these Eibon and Death know each other. Death explains that he, Eibon, and Asura were part of the Elite Guard Squadron. Kid is impatient to know why Eibon made the Magic Tools, and Death's initially lackluster explanation embarrasses Liz. Death says Eibon loved making machines, but really, his original goal for the Magic Tool was to protect the world. Although Eibon knew that witches and other dangerous persons could do significant damage with such powerful Magic Tools, he had faith in humans and continued his research.

But Eibon's research soon limited itself, like an obsession, to one topic. Before Death can tell Kid, Excalibur enters and explains: Eibon become obsessed with immortality. Blair, Risa, and Arisa welcome the "weird guy," a greeting that fails to impress Excalibur. With the Holy Sword's arrival, Liz looks bemused, Patty laughs at the "weird alien guy," but Kid looks furious and lets out a loud scream.

Excalibur continues this sad tale of Eibon, letting a tear fall as he explains Eibon's wife was dying, and not even Eibon could overcome death itself. Desperate, Eibon turned to the comforting words of Arachne. Blair, Risa, and Arisa cry, but Liz does not believe this story. Kid is conflicted: the story sounds heartbreaking, but he is still doubtful as to its veracity after how many secrets the DWMA has kept. Death assures Kid the story is true, surprising everyone: Eibon's research on immortality and Arachne's research on Magic Tools led to the creation of BREW.

The Amazon

Mifune stands over Black☆Star, still armed but not moving. Mifune explains he once battled a man, with the same star tattoo as Black☆Star, and with the same mad look, those same star-shaped eyes, that Black☆Star now has. Mifune refers to this man, White☆Star, as the first man he ever truly feared—but who was not himself fearless. His fear that he would be defeated scared him, and unable to fight that darkness, he became a demon because, in his unstoppable desire to get stronger, he lost his humanity.

A House Near Waterfalls (The Past)

Blood drips off a sword. Blood coats the inside of the house. Souls and corpses are everywhere. This man, White☆Star, showed no mercy. Mifune approached this Star Clan member and warned him he was about to forsake the Path of the Warrior for the Path of the Demon. White☆Star says he desires only to win, regardless the path.

Mifune and White☆Star are at a stalemate: each has a knife to the other one, ready to kill. Mifune is impressed with White☆Star's strength, unclear why he does not use that strength for something better White☆Star again says he cares only about winning. Mifune concludes that White☆Star's techniques are killing not only others—but also eating at his very soul. Shocked, White☆Star leaps back and kicks Mifune down, but not before Mifune manages to slice along his Star Clan tattoo.

The fight moves to waterfalls. Mifune announces that only one of them will survive this battle. He is then surprised to see White☆Star's eyes glow, confirming he has finally lost his humanity. Fearful, Mifune attacks with Infinite Sword, knocking back White☆Star, but not killing him. White☆Star removes the mask over his face, revealing his teeth are now jagged, his tongue long and slithering. Mifune approaches White☆Star, knocking him off the cliff and into the waterfall.

The Amazon (The Present)

As Mifune recounts this story, Black☆Star responds could care less about the now destroyed Star Clan. Mifune counters that Black☆Star risks becoming a demon like his father. As the two battle, Mifune's sword drips with Black☆Star's blood—where he sliced at Black☆Star's tattoo, at the same spot where he had cut White☆Star. Mifune says that unlike White☆Star, Black☆Star has already been defeated before, so he has a chance to do better than his father. The accusation that he has been defeated infuriates Black☆Star, but his Enchanted Sword is again blocked by Mifune. Black☆Star says his father was defeated due to his weakness, while he himself is too strong to be defeated. Mifune then knocks Black☆Star back onto the ground, where he stops moving.

Mifune gives an ultimatum: choose the Path of the Warrior, or the Path of the Demon. Black☆Star stands again, calling Mifune a fool to think he can be directed. Seeing Black☆Star's increasingly mad expression, and realizing he has chosen the Path of the Demon, Mifune has his eyes glaze over. The samurai decides to finish it in one fell swoop: he enters a swift movement with his sword, almost sliding along the ground as he slices into Black☆Star. The ninja gasps as he falls to his knees, then to the ground. Blood pours out of his body as Tsubaki screams out his name.

Elsewhere, the Baba Yaga Castle laser spins in all directions, producing a circle of explosions around. From inside, Mosquito cackles at the prospect of destroying everyone.

Meanwhile, Maka Albarn and Soul Eater are running through the forest to reunite with Black☆Star and their DWMA teammates, Sid continues to call orders, and Giriko continues to battle Justin.

Medical Facility

Rachel Boyd, no longer under Medusa Gorgon's possession, and Marie Mjolnir look with concern upon the unconscious Crona, tended to by Franken Stein.

Death Room

Spirit is with Azusa as she continues to call out orders.

Secret Vault

Death asks why Excalibur always returns at such unpredictable times. Excalibur says he came not to see Eibon, nor to help the DWMA. Rather, he wants to observe.

Eibon glows and says he is ready to begin. He unlocks BREW to put its true function to work: to make real the most desperate desire of one's heart.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the the manga, White☆Star is killed by unspecified Shibusen agents are the ones who killed White☆Star. However in the Anime, it was Mifune who revealed to Black☆Star that it was he who killed his father.
    • He tells Black☆Star what had happened, because he could sense that Black☆Star was close to choosing the Path Of The Demon.
    • Mifune never struck Black☆Star down in the manga's version of their final battle.
    • In the manga, their final battle is more action pack and pretty violent. While in the anime, it is just in front of Baba Yaga's castle within Mifune's KEEP OUT tape trap.
    • The Disorderly Line fighting technique is only used in the manga.
  • Baba Yaga Castle in the anime has a laser in the tallest tower that is powered up by Asura's wavelengths, but in the manga the castle doesn't have a laser.
    • In the anime, Asura's madness is concentrated into Baba Yaga Castle's Madness Cannon to do physical damage to the Amazon and all hiding in it. In the manga, Arachne channels her own madness from Baba Yaga Castle to strike the souls of everyone around the castle.
    • In the anime and the manga, Arachne is willing to sacrifice Arachnophobia members in different ways. In the anime, she is willing to strike down Giriko and others with the Madness Cannon. In the manga, she is willing to drive both DWMA and Arachnophobia members insane with her madness.


  • Mifune's fighting technique Sword Fang was originally developed in the anime for this episode, before it is used in the manga in Chapter 50.
  • The Funimation dub includes additional performances by Newton Pittman and Christopher Bevins.
  • In the teaser for Episode 47, Azusa announces the weapons and systems for the Death City Robot are ready to Death. When Azusa announces transformation, she then insists the robot does not actually transform.

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