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Episode 44pic
Episode Name
English Title

Weakling Crona's Determination – For You, for Always Being by My Side?

Kanji Title

弱虫クロナの決意 〜いつもそばにいてくれた君に?〜

Rōmaji Title

Yowamushi Kurona no Ketsui 〜Itsumo Soba ni Ite Kureta Kimi ni?〜

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Weakling Crona's Determination – For You, for Always Being by My Side? is the forty-fourth episode of Soul Eater.

Featured Appearances


Stein's rescue group

Medusa's Army



Other character(s)







Maka's Quest

Maka and Soul try to seek out Crona and Marie via Maka's Soul Perception Ability to find Medusa.

Crona and Marie finds Medusa's Lair

Meanwhile, Crona and Marie manage to find Medusa's hide-out and battle with her and a maddened Stein.

Battle against Arachnophobia

Black Star continues to advance to Baba Yaga's Castle.

Crona's choice (and a flashback)


This section of the article is incomplete and requires more information before it can be considered complete.

Inside Baba Yaga's Castle

Battle in Medusa's lair (Part 1)

While Crona struggles in the battle with Medusa, and is about to be killed, Maka jumps in and blocks the attack using Soul.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In this episode, Crona rebels against Medusa. However Crona doesn't rebel against Medusa in the manga.
  • The Vector Blade is only introduced in the anime, it is never used by Medusa in the manga.


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