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Soul Eater Episode 38 HD - Black Star vs Kid (1)
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Asura's Temptation – The Big Man's Uncontainable Irritation?

Kanji Title

修羅への誘惑 〜ビッグな男の抑えられない苛立ち?

Rōmaji Title

Shura e no Yūwaku 〜Biggu na Otoko no Osaerarenai Iradachi?〜

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Anime Correspondent

Chapter 38 and Chapter 39

Story Arc

Eibon Investigation Arc

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Death the Kid's dealing with a lot: he suspects Joe's involved with the Magic Tools mystery, and he's forced into yet another brutal fight with depressed Black Star.

Asura's Temptation – The Big Man's Uncontainable Irritation? is the thirty-eighth episode of Soul Eater. It is based on part of Chapter 39, "Internal Investigation (Part 2)," from the Soul Eater manga.

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Death the Kid narrates how after the loss of Brew to Arachnophobia, his friends have struggled with doubt while he recognizes his father keeps secrets from him. One more secret arrives: Joe Buttataki of the technology division, who looks forward to making Death City his new workshop.

Death Room

Joe meets for subpar coffee with Lord Death, trying to get to the point about the need to develop new technology from available demon tools, while Lord Death wishes to practice the decorum of polite conversation rather than rushing through the conversation. But Joe makes one demand before he is willing to work for the DWMA: the academy must improve its coffee selection by buying only from Uncle Bob's. After some corny visual wordplay by Lord Death, the reaper agrees to Joe's conditions.


As Soul Evans complains how difficult it is to find Kid around campus, Maka worries about Black☆Star's moodiness.

DWMA Hallway

As Tsubaki Nakatsukasa searches for her meister, Mira Naigus stops her to discuss an important problem.

DWMA Underground

Episode 38pic

Kid confronts Joe Buttataki

Kid encounters Joe for a tense discussion. While Joe tries to feign he works construction and plumbing, Kid recognizes Joe is from the Oceania Tech Division for more important work. After managing to elude Kid, Joe arrives at Lord Death's Secret Vault.

DWMA Balcony

Black☆Star reflects on his losses against Mifune and Mosquito, remembering the question of the Will of the Nakatsukasa about what he desires. In his rumination, Black☆Star relieves the painful experiences of those defeats, including imagining his weapon telling him he will never be strong enough.

Tsubaki is happy to find him, having skipped class to locate her meister. When asked by her what he is thinking about, Black☆Star lies, claiming he is visualizing how he will surpass god.

Soul Eater Episode 38 HD - Black Star and Tsubaki talk (1)

Tsubaki speaks with Black☆Star

Tsubaki informs Black☆Star that Naigus has instructed them not to use the Enchanted Sword mode or else affect his health. Black☆Star refuses, as Tsubaki teases that if he did not disagree with her, of course he will not surpass god. Annoyed, Black☆Star remembers his previous duel with Kid—and has an idea.

Medusa's Lair

Eruka reports that Crona has been ambivalent about following Medusa's orders, as if the child is actually concerned about betraying the DWMA to hurt Stein. Medusa, realizing that Crona's allegiance is not as stable as she had hoped, determines that she may have to dispose of Crona soon.

Class Crescent Moon

Liz Thompson and Soul Eater are annoyed by Kid's return to the classroom, not that they are not happy to see him but his taciturn demeanor. But Kid thinks that he cannot yet reveal to them the concerns he has about his father's secrets.

Black☆Star enters, interested in speaking with Kid about an important topic—namely, to witness as he again smashes a spire on the DWMA to disrupt its symmetry. Initially furious, Kid is shocked that Black☆Star challenges him to a fight. After Sid Barrett and Naigus arrive to referee this duel, Maka urges Black☆Star not to continue, only for Tsubaki to request that her friend allow the fight to happen.

Realizing the seriousness of this fight, Kid grows less erratic over his symmetrical fixation and becomes more serious, determined to end this duel quickly so he may repair the DWMA spire. But Kid is put off-guard when Black☆Star scores some impressive blows against him that he cannot block. As Black☆Star prepares for a finishing move, he fails to execute the move as before. As Kid fights on the quad and Sid watches from the sidelines, both student and teacher come to the same conclusion: Black☆Star is not as powerful as before because his previous losses against Mifune and on Lost Island have sapped his confidence. Rather than be patient with himself, Sid explains, Black☆Star is too focused on the present and too impatient to wait for the future: rather than cope with past losses, he will fight his way through.

Soul Eater Episode 38 HD - Black Star's madness

Madness takes over Black☆Star

As Black☆Star shouts at Sid to be quiet with his philosophizing, Sid and Naigus both sense a powerful but mad wavelength emanating from the child that Sid has known since infancy: Black☆Star has a madness wavelength matching that of his father, White☆Star, hence is in danger of becoming a Kishin.

Soul Eater Episode 38 HD - Kid defeats Black Star (1)

Kid defeats Black Star

Kid also senses the wavelength and asks Black☆Star to stop the fight, but he doesn't listens. Sad for his friend, Kid concludes the fight, disabling Black☆Star. While the ninja struggles to stand again, Kid reluctantly slams his foot harder against Black Star's body, crushing more of the pavement around them and knocking out his opponent.

DWMA, at sunset

As Kid repairs the spire himself, Tsubaki apologizes for her meister's behavior. Both the reaper and the weapon admit that they do see Black☆Star getting better and look forward to his recovery.


Soul begs his meister to hurry up, open the door, and wish Black☆Star a speedy recovery rather than be a perfectionist to determine the proper greeting. Despite Maka's protests, Soul opens the door—to see Black☆Star is already busy with pushups. Soul and Maka, realizing that there is not really anything to say, smile, shut the door, and depart.

Baba Yaga Castle

While Arachne has located the Kishin through his soul wavelength, Mosquito reports that they have successfully developed the Moral Manipulation Machine from Eibon's blueprints.

DWMA Dungeon

Crona sits in depression over actions taken against Stein.

Patchwork Laboratory

Stein's madness has worsened to the point that he is collapsed on the floor, reaching for imaginary three-eyed creatures.

Uncle Bob's Rumba Coffee

And worst of all, Joe discovers Uncle Bob's Rumba Coffee is no longer open.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • By this episode the anime had diverged widely from the manga. Whereas in Chapter 39 Joe Buttataki's investigation into treachery at the DWMA leads him to suspect Stein, and to meet his death, in the corresponding episode Joe had only just arrived at the DWMA, and his task was to create weapons from demon tools in the fight against Arachnophobia, not to investigate.
    • In the manga, it was revealed that Joe and Marie Mjölnir once dated and in the anime adaptation, Joe never actually interacted with Marie, hinting they didn't get together in this adaptation.
  • By Chapter 39, Maka had discovered Medusa's survival and Crona's treachery. Her discovery would not happen until a later episode.
  • This episode concludes with Maka and Soul visiting Black☆Star in the infirmary to confirm his recovery, and Tsubaki meeting with Kid, as he repairs the DWMA spire, to apologize for Black☆Star's behavior. Neither event occurs in the manga: Maka retreats to her bedroom to ponder the news of Crona's treachery while Soul prepares a meal, and Tsubaki and Kid retreat into the background following Black☆Star's defeat.


  • Black Star's shoes have three lines that form the symbol and design of many Adidas sneakers. In the Soul Eater GAIDEN, Usher frequently has Adidas sports items, such as sneakers and soccer balls, an allusion to Soul Eater creator Atsushi Ōkubo being a fan of soccer.
  • In the dub for Episode 38, Kid claims the DWMA lacks a boiler, whereas in the original Japanese he actually says that there is no boiler room in the direction that Joe is walking. Good news, indeed: assuming Kid was not lying so to trip up Joe, how would Academy students take hot showers after physical education classes?
  • In Episode 38, when arguing with Maka over her delay in entering to see Black☆Star, Soul's face resembles that of an anglerfish: his lower jaw extends forward with his usual sharp teeth.
  • In the trailer for Episode 39, Black☆Star and Tsubaki repeat the next episode's title, in part because Tsubaki has not had many appearances recently. Meanwhile, Black☆Star is hungry, struggling to do some math, and (in the Funimation English dub) wondering whether he said Maka's teaser line correctly.


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