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Episode Name
English Title

Unleash the Seven's Resonance Link! A Recital of Destruction and Creation?

Kanji Title


Rōmaji Title

Hanate, Shichi-nin no Kyōmei Rensa! 〜Hakai to Sōzō no Ensōkai?

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Soul's gamble pays off, allowing a magnificent display of resonance against Mosquito and unlocking unseen levels of power within Maka. But it might not be enough to keep BREW out of the wrong hands.

Unleash the Seven's Resonance Link! A Recital of Destruction and Creation? is the thirty-sixth episode of Soul Eater. Its corresponding chapter from the manga is Chapter 37, " 'Brew'--The Tempest (Part 4)".

Featured AppearancesEdit


DWMA students

DWMA staff


Medusa's Army







  • "BREW" (fake in Arachnophobia; but the real BREW in the hands of Medusa)


Lost IslandEdit

Continuing their fight in the cliffs, Giriko uses Saw Foot, Speed Setting 2, to knock back Justin Law. Giriko mocks Justin, claiming he can predict his moves in time with the music in the Death Scythe's earphones. Justin counters that Giriko has nothing new to say, so why bother removing his earphones to listen? Furious, Giriko performs Massacre Tide, landing him right up against Justin's Law Abiding Silver Gun. Knocked back, Giriko ducks into the snow, realizing he cannot keep fighting much longer. Justin calls for Giriko to show himself, and when he thinks the villain is behind him, he slices immediately—easily destroying Giriko. Realizing this fight was too easy, Justin sees what he sliced was merely a snow golem. More of these golems rise from the snow, which Justin quickly dispatches.

Outside the magnetic field, mice escape, transforming into the Mizune Sisters who confirm with Eruka that their mission was successful.

Inside the magnetic field, Maka Albarn's team stands before Mosquito in his form from 100 years ago. Soul Eater prepares to play his piano, the Little Ogre chiding him to do more than feign a distanced, cool attitude and instead to become passionate about something, to indulge in music. With that madness influencing him, Soul begins his performance—and the meisters feel the combination of their teammates' wavelengths into a powerful Resonance Link.

Mosquito rushes at the meisters, Black Star and Maka holding back the Arachnophobia agent as Death the Kid shoots from the pillars above. Trying to dodge these attacks, Mosquito still is punched by both Black Star and Kid, the villain realizing these students' attacks have differed from before, becoming faster and stronger. Maka's team continues its assault on Mosquito, while the Little Ogre grins madly.

Soul orders Black Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa to perform Soul Resonance, but that resonance increases so quickly that Tsubaki fears the damage Uncanny Sword will perform upon Black Star. Nevertheless, Black Star perform Shadow Star, his shadows extending out from him to wrap around Mosquito, pulling the villain towards the ninja so he may perform Draw Slash. Satisfied, Black Star releases Uncanny Sword mode—then clutches his chest in pain.

Soul then commands Kid to begin his Death Cannon attack. The twin blasts leave Mosquito without his arms, his nose stuck in the stone floor.

Soul now commands Maka to begin their attack. She can hear her meister's sounds and emotions flowing into her, realizing his faith and confidence, what she calls the source of their courage. With that realization, Maka and Soul's resonance transforms the weapon into something akin to Witch Hunter, what Soul calls Genie Hunter. Mosquito realizes it is an Anti-Magic Wavelength before Maka's attack cuts Mosquito at his waist, followed by an explosion of his body.

Soul stops his piano performance, sweat pouring from his brow as he struggles to catch his breath. While the Thompsons are impressed, Kid is concerned by the mess and the absence of Mosquito's head and hat. Maka apologizes for the supposed overkill, as Black Star explains that just before the explosion, Mosquito removes his own head, with Brew resting under that hat. Before the trio hunt for Mosquito, Soul orders the team to leave the magnetic field: while they still have time left to remain safely within the magnetic field, they cannot win this fight. As Mosquito bragged to them earlier, he has more than just his form from 100 years ago, meaning he can renew his duration within the magnetic field through repeated transformations. Resigned to this reality, the team begins their departure.

Meanwhile, Mosquito, reduced to a head and a hat, bounces way on his nose. While technically victorious in acquiring Brew, he feels humiliated how easily these children injured him.

As Maka's team nears the edge of the magnet field, they encounter Ox Ford and Kilik Rung. Noticing Black Star is barely able to stand, Kilik offers a shoulder for his friend to rest upon. Hearing an explosion, the students turn back to see an after-image of the original explosion that destroyed Lost Island—requiring Maka to explain to a panicky Ox and Kilik (who uses Black Star as a human shield) that the explosion is illusionary, not real.

Upon their exit from the magnetic field, Kid and the students approach a waiting Marie Mjolnir, tending to the mentally and emotionally addled Stein, to inform that they were unable to retrieve Brew. Furious at the students for disobeying her orders, Marie pulls back her hand—to unleash a tight hug of thankfulness for her students' safety, and a promise to punish them upon their return to Death City.

The teachers and students are joined by Sid Barrett, Mira Naigus, Azusa Yumi, and their team of DWMA soldiers. Upon learning from Marie the bad news, Sid hands Maka a pocket mirror with which to contact Lord Death for a battle report.

As the DWMA members sail away from Lost Island, Maka (first contending with her father's obsessive concern whether she survived the battle well) updates Lord Death on the failure to acquire brew.

Baba Yaga Castle Edit

Mosquito arrives to hand Brew to Arachne but must report that the magic tool did not survive the 800-year magnetic field: the device is no longer operative. Fearing her outrage, Mosquito is surprised to hear Arachne pleased: the DWMA does not know about Brew's inoperability, and so long as Lord Death thinks Arachnophobia can unleash Brew at any time, Arachne has the element of fear to use against Lord Death's organization.

Medusa's LairEdit

Eruka and the Mizune Sisters arrive with Brew. Eruka explains that, as Arachne could not place surveillance spiders within the magnetic field, the Mizune Sisters were able to leave an inoperable replica of Brew and retrieve the real one.

When Eruka voices concern that they were able to deceive Arachnophobia, the DWMA remains a threat. Medusa gloats as to how this success has been assured ever since she had Crona poison Marie with the snake. Not only does that serpent allow her to spy upon members of the DWMA, but the snake within Marie has been augmenting Stein's madness, which disabled him during the Lost Island battle, and eventually the snake's magic will overwhelm Stein all at once. Summoning Brew to her with her magic, Medusa promises that the tool will allow her to achieve her goals through her manipulation of the Arachnophobia, the DWMA—and the Kishin.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In this episode, Maka is able to unleash Majin Hunt for the first time, discovering accidentally such powers through Soul's piano during her fight against Mosquito, albeit not successfully killing the Arachnophobia villain. But in Chapter 37, Soul stops the battle due to the approaching deadline on their 20-minute duration that they can spend within the magnetic field. Hence it is not until Chapter 42 that Maka first uses the Majin Hunt during her fight against the clown on a mission with Death the Kid)
  • Likewise, whereas in this episode Mosquito is seemingly destroyed, yet having escaped through his bouncing decapitated head, in Chapter 37, Mosquito remains a viable opponent, escaping by threatening to unleash his form from 200 years ago against Maka's team.
  • Whereas in Chapter 37 Kilik keeps a hold onto Black Star as they look at the after-image explosion of Lost Island, in this episode Kilik goes a step further to use Black Star as a human shield.
  • In this episode, during Marie's group hug, Black Star thinks that he is the only one being choked; this thought of his is not verbalized in Chapter 37.
  • In this episode, upon having his call with Maka rejected, Spirit falls into depression. In Chapter 37, Spirit instead is talking to himself about how adorable is his daughter.
  • In this episode, during Medusa's explanation as to how the snake's magic will harm Stein, the scene includes images of Marie tending to Stein's recovery, and his imagined collapse into madness. These images are not present in Chapter 37.


  • It is this episode where the anime official broke away from the manga's plot, although some plot points used in this and other episodes were adapted into the manga.
  • Black☆Star's fighting technique Shadow☆Star: Gathering Cutter was later added in the Manga during the manga's take on the fight on Lost Island.
  • In the teaser for Episode 37, The Great Detective Kid announces to an unconvinced Soul that he will solve all mysteries: "The Secret of the Universe, the Secrets of the Body, This World's Truth." (And in the Funimation English dub, the secret of Roanoke Island and the secret of the Chupacabra.) Even the word "mystery" is so mysterious—causing Kid to forget what he was discussing. Kid closes with a reminder that "Symmetry is beauty."
    • In the English dub, Kid refers to the mystery of the Chupacabra, a cryptid that inspired the pun "Chupa Cabra" to name Spirit's favorite social spot.


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