SEN! - Episode 11
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Their Various Resolves!

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Sorezore no Kakugo!

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Icon - JPN Icon - USA (sub): 2014 June 17th
Icon - USA (dub): 2015 June 10th

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24 Minutes

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Rating - TV-14

Story Arc

Battle Festival Arc

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Battered by Shaula's capture of Meme Tatane, depressed at Anya Hepburn's departure from Death City, and distraught over the deaths of Pochie and Sid Barrett, Tsugumi will soar to new heights by deciding her meister. Meanwhile, Shaula unleashes her Traitors to possess NOT and attack the Battle Festival.

Their Various Resolves! (それぞれの覚悟!, Sorezore no Kakugo!) is the eleventh episode of the Soul Eater NOT! anime. It adapts content from Chapters 38 and 39 of the manga Soul Eater NOT! On June 17, 2014, the episode premiered in Japan and was subbed on On June 10, 2015, the English dub premiered on

Featured AppearancesEdit


NOT Students

Yngling Estate

Shaula's Army

Girls' Dormitory

Shibusen and Allies

EAT Battle Festival Contestants

Deathbucks Café





Girls' DormitoryEdit

SEN! - Episode 11 Screencap - (1)

"The Death Festival in full swing."

After the death of Sid Barrett and the reveal of Meme's psychological imbalance, Tsugumi is wrapped almost head-to-toe in bandages after being hurt the previous night.

Death CityEdit

Meanwhile, the Death Festival is in its opening stages, as Maka Albarn and Black☆Star have their bout, armed with the respective weapons. Anya is being transported through the festival, heading towards the airport for a flight out of Death City, in a vehicle driven by her chauffeur, Alfred, with Akane and Clay guarding her. But as their vehicle passes through the festival, Anya recognizes one bystander is the traitor who fought her, walking around in broad daylight: he must be up to something.

Sure enough, the previous traitor attacks, interrupting Ox Ford's match. Armed with a weapon equipped with a serum that causes its victims to be under Shaula's malicious force, the traitor and a number of NOT students, all behaving as if possessed, attack the tournament participants.

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

At the Central Intelligence Office, Mira Naigus takes over the helm from Sid and proceeds to call Dr. Stein about the status of his vaccine, Stein tells her that it is almost finished.

SEN! - Episode 11 - Bumper

"Episode 11's Bumper."

Girls' DormitoryEdit

Jacqueline, Kim, and surprisingly enough Misery discuss the outside world while the two girls guard Tsugumi's door: no one will be allowed in or out of the dorms because of the attacks occuring at the Death Festival. Jacqueline and Kim then hear a bump in Tsugumi's room: the weapon wants to leave her room to find Meme and Anya. Tsugumi identifies multiple reasons why Anya should be leaving Death City but she isn't, on the grounds that Tsugumi can feel this to be an absolute fact. Because Jacqueline believes this is Soul Resonance, Kim heals Tsugumi's leg. Tsugumi is off on her way, even getting the blessing from the housemaster Misery.

Outskirts of Death CityEdit

Meanwhile, Anya states her case to Clay and Akane. Even though she feels sorry for Sid, Anya cannot abandon her friends or anything she cares about and then tells them to stop treating her like she is helpless. Anya requests Alfred stop the vehicle: she blinds him, causing all four to crash into a tree but unharmed.

Tsugumi has run to Deathbucks Café to seek Liz's assistance. With Tsugumi riding with her, Liz drives Master's moped, with guns blazing, heading to Anya's location.

On the outskirts of Death City, Anya begins a serious fight against Akane to escape, but she does not get far. Just then, Tsugumi and Liz arrive, able to convince the others to let them go find Meme. Tsugumi and Anya activate their newly formed Soul Resonance, which causes Tsugumi to transform into a "Flying Kamayari". While Tsugumi initially cannot lift Anya's weight, with a running start, the two fly away—crashing through a house, then into a tree, but are well on their way to Stein's laboratory.

Clay chastises Akane for being so partial to Tsugumi. While Anya admits that Tsugumi is adorable, he reminds Clay that they have a battle waiting for them in Death City to save students from Shaula's possession.

Patchwork LabEdit

Stein is surprised to hear Tsugumi and Anya, still flying, crash through his window. He already expects that they are here for his antidote to Shaula's poison, but he warns them that this medicine is untested and could kill Meme. Then Stein admits he is joking. While Tsugumi restrains the furious Anya, Stein adds that he may not give up the medicine to them because he has only one vial that is promised to Naigus to mass produced, which could take a long time.

Naigus and her peers from the Academy then break into the room. Naigus is surprised Anya is not at the airport and chastises these "children" to let the Academy handle this operation. Stein then defies Naigus's orders, tossing the antidote to Anya and commanding her to fly away on Tsugumi while he holds back Naigus and the Academy guards. As Anya and Tsugumi follow Stein's orders and escapes, Naigus criticizes Stein for sacrificing their one sample of the antidote. Stein then reveals he has hidden an entire set of vial each with the antidote. While Stein is amused at his own prank, Naigus is annoyed.

Anya asks how they are to find Meme, while Tsugumi has an idea.

Girls' DormitoryEdit

Tsugumi flies Anya back to their bedroom—crashing through another window. While Tsugumi claims the landing was better than their previous one, Anya still considers it a poor one. Tsugumi then explains that they may use the one messenger bat still in their bedroom to follow it back to its owners: Shaula and Meme.

Shaula's Bell TowerEdit

Shaula is ecstatic at her pending victory, as her Traitors increase in number and can overwhelm Death City's forces. But then Anya lands atop the bell tower, as Tsugumi reverts to her human form. The witch faces these NOT students as they demand she release Meme from her mind control.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the manga, Ox battles fellow EAT meister Tom in the Death Festival. In Episode 11, Ox's opponent looks different from Tom and is unnamed. As well, whereas Ox and Tom playfully banter during their duel, Ox and his opponent in Episode 11 are silent.
  • In the manga, Tsugumi has no flying halberd form. Instead, in the manga, Liz gives up Master's moped to Anya to drive her and Tsugumi to Stein's laboratory to retrieve his antidote to Shaula's poison.


  • The focus on imagination and the usage of Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré as an example of flight capability is inspired by Chapter 63 of the Soul Eater manga, where these parameters were used to help Maka Albarn and Soul Evans achieve flight.
  • In the original Japanese television and Funimation online broadcasts, when Clay warns Tsugumi and Anya, Alfred can be seen standing behind him. In the subsequent home video and online release, Alfred is edited out from behind Clay.
  • The Funimation dub features additional performances by Matt Thurston, Christopher Wehkamp, David Wald, Marcus D. Stimac, Garret Storms, Major Attaway, Aaron Dismuke, Alan Chow, Daniel Litwin, Michael Federico, Patrick McAlister, Tyson Rinehart, and Will Short.
  • The original Japanese included performances by Yasuyuki Sano, Daisuke Takahashi, and Takehiro Hasu as Shibusen employees.


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