Enchanters (人形技師(エンチャンター), Enchantā; FUNimation "Puppet Engineer"; Literally meaning "Makers of Clay Puppets") are individuals who make use of the Magic from specialized gloves to create and control Clay Puppets.[1]


All Enchanters utilize what is known as Enchanter Gloves, specialized gloves in which is used to assist them in mixing kneading soul with magic to create Golems. Those in Loew Village also have Kilns within their homes to help make Golems in addition.[2]

After Arachne's revival, the majority of Enchanters were seen collaborating and being one of the various fighting force employed for Arachnophobia during their battles with the powerful organization known as Death Weapon Meister Academy.[3]

Points of InterestsEdit

Soul Eater Episode 27 HD - Loew map

Loew Village on a map.

  • Loew Village: In a village located in the Czech Republic lies Loew Village, a small town in which eighty percent of the people living are Enchanters according to Sid Barrett.[4] Loew Village's economy is based on selling golems to towns and countries outside the Czech Republic. Presumably, they're neutral to the DWMA and want little involvement in their matters.[5] However, after Arachne's revival, it seems the village's true allegiance is to Giriko and Arachnophobia.[3]

List of known EnchantersEdit

Name Affiliation Status
Giriko Arachnophobia
Noah's Group


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