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Patty ThompsonEdit

  • Patty listens to Liz's fears
  • The sisters celebrate Kid's ascension
  • The sisters dress as maids
  • Liz and Patty listen to Kid discuss Kim
  • Patty helps Liz put up her hair
  • Liz and Patty wait on Lost Island

Liz's only known family is her younger sister, Patty. They are the Demon Twin Guns. From the little information known about their lives prior to DWMA, they grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, presumably as orphans. They were street thugs who used their Weapon Forms to steal and live. It appeared they reached an end when cornered by some gang members, but were then rescued by Kid. Because they are the only family to each other, they have an extremely close bond, with Patty looking up to Liz and Liz taking care of Patty. However, when Kid gets captured by 'Eibon' (Noah), Liz attempts to force him to give Kid back, only for it to fail and Liz does not pursue 'Eibon'. This causes Patty to call Liz a coward, a rare, uncharacteristic action. Liz replies that she does not want to lose Kid, but she can't have Patty die on her as well, with Patty comforting her sister afterward, showing their powerful bond.


Liz refers to her mother as "the most beautiful whore in Brooklyn". She has stated that she hates her mother for abandoning her and Patty, but is grateful that she gave birth to two beautiful girls.


Death the KidEdit

  • Liz says she believes in Kid
  • Liz cries for not thanking Kid yet
  • Liz and Patty tend to the unconscious Kid
  • Liz welcomes back Kid
  • Kid sacrifices himself to say Patty and Liz
  • Liz and Patty accuse Kid of lying
  • Liz is impressed--then embarrassed--by Kid
  • Liz and Patty watch Kid cry

Liz along with her sister Patty are the Demon Twin Guns, wielded by Death the Kid. She was chosen along with her sister because of her weapon form matching with Patty, allowing Kid to preserve his symmetry. Kid's biggest problem with her is that her human form doesn't match her sister's, she being less endowed, taller, and having longer hair. Despite this, they are all rather close, as Maka stated that it is difficult for three souls to resonance properly, but it is achieved by the strength of their relationship. She admires Kid for his dignified soul, while Kid admires her for her positive soul. She is often exasperated or angry when he is thrown into one of his fits of symmetry depression, though she doesn't hesitate to go comfort along with Patty. She is grateful to Kid for taking her and Patty, allowing for them to redeem themselves.

When Kid gets captured by 'Eibon' (Noah), Kid throws Liz and Pattyout of the way, so as not to allow them to be get hurt. She attempts to force Noah to give Kid back. When this attempt fails, Liz does not pursue Noah and Patty calls her a coward, to which Liz replies that she does not want to lose Kid, but she can't have Patty die on her as well. Liz also states that Kid was the reason for her reforming, for that she is grateful, and later ends up crying for him after reflecting on what he has done for her and her sister and how she has never thanked him for it. Also, the fact that she only joined Kid for his money and her feelings towards him compared to now shows how much of an impression he has made on her since then. Liz thinks to herself that she doesn't care about money, all she wants is Kid return safely. Maybe even then, she had not realized that she has strong feelings for him.

Kilik RungEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 66 - Kilik versus locals

Kilik aims Liz and Patty at possessed locals

After Noah captures Kid in the Book of Eibon, Kilik serves as a substitute meister for both Liz and Patty on a mission to Medusa's laboratory in Central Africa. Kilik gets along well with Liz, exchanging jokes with her and Patty during the mission, earning all three chastisement from mission leader Azusa Yumi.

Kilik and Liz also work well together in combat as well, Kilik's ability as a Utility Meister allowing him to have Fire and Thunder wield Patty and Liz in combat.

Fire and ThunderEdit

Fire and Thunder Prepare to Fire

Fire and Thunder wield Liz and Patty

Thanks to a Chain Resonance and Kim Diehl's magic, Fire and Thunder assumed Earth Shaman forms to wield Patty and Liz.

Weapon Partners Edit

Excalibur Edit

Soul Eater Chapter 74 - Liz wields Excalibur

Liz wields Excalibur

Maka's TeamEdit

  • Liz and her classmates ready to stop Medusa's Army
  • Liz can achieve Soul Resonance with her teammates
  • Liz joins her friends for a meal
  • Liz with her teammates
  • Liz and her friends visit Maka in the Dispensary

Before the battle on Lost Island against Arachnophobia for possession of BREW, Liz, Patty, and Kid were assigned to a three-person meister team with Black☆Star, Maka Albarn, and their weapons. Despite initially struggles due to Maka and Black☆Star's personalities and power levels, the team was able to achieve Chain Resonance almost perfectly in their first day of training. At this point, Stein assigned Maka as team leader. After this point, Liz was able to continue resonating well with her teammates, including achieving a Chain Resonance that assisted Maka and Soul Eater in defeating Asura on the Moon.[1]

Tsubaki NakatsukasaEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 78 - Tsubaki and Patty comfort Liz

Tsubaki and Patty comfort Liz

Liz and Tsubaki seem to have a close friendship, as the two are often seen speaking with each other or hanging out when among the seven main characters. Liz and Patty joined Black☆Star and Tsubaki to get ice cream at Death Robbins in Death City after the formation of Spartoi. With Patty, Tsubaki provided a hug and emotional support in the Book of Eibon as Liz cried and realized she had yet to thank the imprisoned Kid for all he had done for her and her sister.

The street-wise Liz often will abuse the good will of the amicable Tsubaki. For example, when Tsubaki made the food for Death the Kid's party in celebration of Maka Albarn's recovery from paralysis and Crona's enrollment at the DWMA, Liz pretended she did the cooking in order to impress attractive men at the party. As well, in the anime Liz asked to borrow Tsubaki's homework to help her with her school report on Excalibur.

Despite Liz's more outspoken personality compared to Tsubaki's quieter demeanor, the two do have in common a status of being two of the more lustful, if closeted, members of Spartoi, a detail revealed by their prolonged experience as men in the Book of Eibon, and to their embarrassment. Despite their friendship, when Liz was revealed as being slightly less lustful than Tsubaki, she joined her sister's earlier chant of referring to Tsubaki as a hornball, and the ninja-trained Tsubaki prepared to attack Liz with her kunai.

Soul EvansEdit

As both Liz and Soul share similar tastes in music, including jazz, the two seem to get along well, especially in discussions about performers such as Miles Davis. Liz also sought Soul's help in finding the best music to use for Kid's party at Gallows Mansion.

Maka AlbarnEdit

Maka tends to have good rapport with Liz, despite limited attention to their interactions in the series. Although Maka has been jealous of Liz's bonding with her weapon Soul due to his and Liz's mutual interest in music, the amount of time the two spend together in combat and with their friends suggests trust in each other and closeness as friends.

Despite their friendship, Maka is not above being judgmental of Liz's potentially immature behavior. In the anime, when Liz and Patty bring snacks during Death and Stein's explanation of Tsubaki's battle against Masamune, Maka shouted in anger at the two young women (in the English dub Maka refers to Liz and Patty as "bimbos").

Tsugumi's GroupEdit

Tsugumi Harudori Edit

Liz initially treated Tsugumi as badly as everyone else, leading the latter to become scared of her. Liz also openly states that Tsugumi cannot develop a blade with a smirk on her face.[2]

After a while, Liz comes to treat Tsugumi better. This may have stemmed from the fact that the NOT student called her 'cool' and 'beautiful'; although Liz calls her an idiot, she blushes a lot. In turn, her demeanour around the other members of Tsugumi's friendship group changes very slightly. She still decides what to serve the girls, however.[3]

When Tsugumi wants to visit Anya and visits Liz and Patty for help, Liz, though losing her temper at first, helps her. She and Patty intimidate Master into lending them his moped, then Liz rides off on it with Tsugumi on the back. She is very agressive, repeatedly shouting at crowds to 'move it' else she'll shoot them. This whole scenario suggests that Liz is willing to help the halberd.[4]

Anya Hepburn Edit

Liz thinks that Anya is posh and spoiled. She berates her when she doesn't leave her a tip, calling her a 'cheap-skate'. In fact, Anya's attitude leads her to call her a 'spoiled little bitch' and challenge her to a fight. She also calls her 'princess' because of her apparent wealth, though this turns out to be true.[5]

However, she eventually becomes kinder to the girls, even instructing her on how to use Master's moped in a time of panic.[6]

Meme Tatane

Other DWMA AlliesEdit


Soul Eater NOT Chapter 24 - Liz laughs at Master

Liz laughs at her makeover of Master

When Liz and her sister Patty were put onto probation upon being recruited by Death the Kid as her weapons, the Master of Deathbucks Café was one of the few employees to have the patience to contend with former criminals, especially ones such as the Thompsons who were so cynical, rude, and coarse. Rather than express anger at Liz and Patty when they got orders wrong, yelled at customers, and even initiate fights against customers when at work and when off work, Master instead was blunt but terse in his remarks. Even as Liz and Patty's behavior drove away many of Master's customers, Master was willing to stick by the Thompsons in hope of showing them that people can depend on the help and appreciation of others. Master's willingness to tolerate the Thompsons' poor may owe to an expectation that Liz and Patty's experiences with people in Death City like Tsugumi Harudori would inspire the two by examples better than the more cynical examples they had in Brooklyn. Master's extraordinary patience with Liz is also demonstrated in his willingness to allow her to find humor in his deadpan appearance, as when she changed his hair topped with her uniform's headdress.

Liz can be as blunt with Master as he is with her, but she does look at her boss as someone whom she wants to engage in conversation. As much as Master attempts to guide Liz to better behavior, she tries to get him to display a sense of humor, with some disastrous results. For example, when Liz asked Master to break up her monotonous and slow workday with a joke, Master said he lost his sense of humor after his wife and daughter were killed--shocking Liz, who did not recognize this kind of Death Children humor. Yet Liz was able to amuse at least herself by re-styling Master's hair and putting her uniform's headdress atop his head.

Master's hands-off approach to contending with Liz and Patty extends to his willingness to let the sisters borrow his moped to reunite Tsugumi with Anya Hepburn, although he looked like he regret that action upon realizing Liz would engage in her usual violent behavior, firing her gun (Patty in her weapon form) while riding his moped, almost crashing his vehicle.


Noah (Greed)Edit

When Noah trapped Kid in the pages of the Book of Eibon, Liz threatened to shoot him dead if he did not release her meister. When Noah refuses, Liz could sense from his behavior that he was someone far too powerful for her or Patty to face. Her anger gave way to intense sadness over the loss of Kid and fear for Patty's life, as if Noah could capture someone as powerful as a shinigami, there was no telling what Noah could do to her sister.


While DWMA students were led by Medusa to infiltrate Arachnophobia, Liz and Patty pretended to be maids assigned by Arachne's organization to clean the room of Giriko. This subterfuge was in part to spare their friend Maka from being unmasked by Giriko, who had previously battled her in Loew Village, and also to disable a powerful weapon who could assist Arachnophobia in its battle against the DWMA. While Liz distracted Giriko, Patty drugged Giriko's drink. After accomplishing their mission, Liz and Patty were exuberant and giddy, perhaps having joined Giriko in the consumption of alcohol as well. Despite Giriko being her enemy, and perhaps out of her ignorance of how violent he could be, Liz did think he was attractive[7].



Liz initially viewed Crona as both an enemy and a reflection on what could have happened to her and Patty if they had continued committing crimes in New York. While Patty mocks Liz for being melodramatic, Crona's example does seem to bother Liz.[8] In the anime Liz also refers to Crona as a "bastard" for consuming the souls of the innocent on the Nidhogg.[9]

While Patty seems to have some enjoyment from seeing Crona, albeit to tease them, Liz is friendly but still a bit insulting. In the anime she refers to Crona as odd when they are nervous after learning Franken Stein tell into madness on Lost Island.

Ghost GirlEdit

Because Liz is frequently afraid of the supernatural, her initial encounter with the spirit of a child on the Ghost Ship Nidhogg terrified her. Liz repeatedly accused the ghost of wanting to eat her attractive body, even after the child led Liz back to the ship's deck.[10]

The child's spirit at first reassured Liz that she only wanted to reunite Liz with Kid and Patty on the deck. With Liz's repeated accusations, however, the Ghost Girl screamed at Liz and said she only wished she had lived long enough to have a body like Liz, silencing the weapon.[10]

Despite her fears of ghost, when Liz saw Ragnarok consume the soul of the child, along with her spirit, the weapon looked with regret and horror as the child said goodbye, insulting her one last time by calling Liz a coward. In the anime Liz took the child's disappearance hard, calling Crona a "bastard."[10]


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