Demon Twin Guns

Demon Twin Guns.

Demon Twin Guns (二丁魔拳銃, Ni-chō Makenjū): Liz has the power to transform herself into one of the two Demon Twin Guns, in which resembles a silver-themed Beretta M9 Pistol. With this transformation, she has a plethora of abilities for her Meister to utilize.[1] Of Liz's own admission, the Demon Twin Gun do not fire regular bullets and has the ability to compress the wavelength of their Meister and fire shots.[2]

  • Death Eagle .42 (デス・イーグル.42): This form significantly upgrades the calibre of Kid's usual shots, and upgrades the "soul-width" that the guns can fire their Soul Wavelength from the norm .38 to .42, which when techniques via this form have been used, is strong enough to break Mosquito's Darkness Discord and receiving little damage.[3]
Death Cannon anime

Liz and Patty in their Cannon form.

  • Sanzu Death Cannon (anime-only): When Death the Kid temporarily connects all of the three Lines of Sanzu, this awakens his latent power as a Death God in which is connected to his father Death. This enables Liz when held by Kid to transform into a far more larger and intimidating cannon. This form holds enough power to reduce Asura, a powerful Kishin who managed to get the better of Death, from his giant form to his normal form.[5]

Bond Meister: Liz acts as a Bond Meister to Patty, in which means she can wield Patty due to their relationship as siblings[6] and utilize each other as Meisters.[1]

  • Gun-Type Meister (銃型職人, Jū-gata Shokunin): Liz is particular skilled with the usage of a gun, namely her sister's twin gun transformation.[1]

Transformation Exploitation: As a Demon Weapon capable of transforming and being a Meister to her twin sister, Liz has learned the ability to use transformation to her advantage and surprise her opponents. Not only does it allow for surprise, but also quick movement between her and Patty. While doing so and as she transform, she is incapable of being hurt.[7]

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While neither in the league of Death the Kid nor her younger sister Patty, Liz is at least competent in fighting enough to clobber ordinary citizens of Death City, especially those who threaten her sister in the anime.[8]

Dirty Fighting: Being raised in the streets, Liz is a staunch believer in the usage of dirty fighting, dismissing fair fighting notions. Because of this, she uses any natural advantages she can and believe it to be common sense.[9]


Soul Resonance with Patty and Death the Kid
  • Execution Mode (死刑執行モード, Shikei Shikkō Mōdo): A special Soul Resonance form in which expand Kid's own power and allows him to utilzie more power techniques and/or transformations.[4]
  • Parent's Seven Rays (親の七光,Pearentsu Sebunn Reizu): This technique emits a powerful ray of light from each of them. At the same time, Kid points Liz and Patty upward, shooting a ray of light from both of them, totalling the amount of rays to seven. These rays shoot upwards into the air, before dipping down and shooting towards the enemy. Unlike his Death Cannon ability, the fired energy appears more similar to lasers rather than the commonly observed blasts. The beams are powerful enough to cut through even the most powerful of foes, evidenced when it easily dismembers and beheads the enormous form of the Horror Dragon. Kid can also make the seven beams converge into one giant skull-shaped ray that results in a huge destructive explosion.[10]
  • Sanzu River Shot (三途川撃,Sansu Ribaa Shotto): Kid shoots out a quick stream of bullets from each of his partners, with both Weapons aimed symmetrically. In the anime, he shoots three shots in quick succession.[11]
  • Sanzu Falls Shot (サンズフォールショット,Sanzufōrushotto):During this technique, the user raises his arms up while firing and then subsequently brings them down while slowly separating them, until they are fully split, where his arms now become parallel with the ground. The resulting appearance of the combined shots is reminiscent of a cascading waterfall. The stream that is fired down is capable of striking multiple targets at once.[12]
Chain Resonance with Kilik, Fire, Thunder, and Kim
  • E3!!! (Extreme Element Effect): An incredibly powerful long-range technique that results in destructive and widespread damage, formed from the combined generation of enormous amounts of both fire and lightning.[13]


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