"I used to think as long as we were together, Patty and I would always be able to laugh.... that we could have a fun and crazy life, just the two of us... I never thought we needed anyone. I use to hate everyone else... I use to wish we could make them all disappear forever... Patty laughed so hard that day... it was like she was making up for all the years before. Looking back..... I think maybe the Shinigami did take our lives after all... in a sense..."

— Elizabeth as she thinks of Death the Kid's impact on her life in "Salvage (Part 7)".

Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson (エリザベス・トンプソン, Erizabesu Tonpuson) is a Demon Weapon and the older sister of Patricia Thompson.[1] Known as one of the "Demon Twin Guns", Liz and her sister were also formerly known as the Brooklyn Devils (ブルックリンの悪魔, Burukkurin no Akuma)[2] until being found by their current Meister and Shinigami, Death the Kid.[3] Overtime, they reformed from their thieving and ruffian ways and became both Kid's weapon and later becoming DWMA students within the E.A.T Class.[3][3][4] She is also formerly a member of Spartoi. She is one of the protagonists within Soul Eater as well as a supporting character in Soul Eater Not!.


Liz and her sister, Patty, were abandoned by their mother in the terrible streets of Brooklyn, New York. Upon being abandoned, the two underwent an extreme loss of any personal connection to anyone other than themselves, growing increasingly self-centered, and caring only for the well being of one another. In addition to growing an extreme hatred towards their Mother, the two also became heavily involved in criminal activity. They became known infamously as simply, "The Thompson Sisters", and would usually commit muggings of people in alley ways, even sometimes getting in trouble with the local Mob. Liz primarily served as somewhat of a leader of the duo, traditionally acting as Patty's Meister and personally carrying out all of the muggings. This came not only out of being the older and wiser sister, but also out of Liz's extreme compassion in taking care of Patty in a motherly fashion.


While Patty is very child-like, Liz is more like a stereotypical teenage girl (worried about makeup, shopping, looks, etc).[5] Despite mostly being the cool-headed and serious of the sisters, she is shown to be extremely afraid of paranormal things, convinced that any ghost she meets is out to eat her (where her paranoia severely irritates the ghosts that are trying to help her). She can also be a little cynical and shallow sometimes (but not always), and sometimes takes advantage of other people for her own gains, like when she pretends that Tsubaki's cooking is her own to impress a boy she likes. She can be flirtatious and can also be charming to men, mostly in order to deceive them (which is shown when she tricks Giriko alongside Patty).

Both Liz and Patty admire Kid's dignified soul due to the fact that they are from the streets.[6] Unlike Patty, Liz finds the drama brought on by Kid's perfectionist attitude annoying. Also, Patty adores her and thinks that Liz knows everything.

It is shown, both in the main series and Soul Eater Not!, that before she and Patty became Kid's Weapons, they were much more cruel and selfish. In one of Liz's flashbacks, she and Patty were mugging an old man, saying that they wouldn't hurt him if he gave them his money. After Liz snatches his briefcase, she hits him over the head with Patty (in Weapon form).

She is the older and more mature of the two sisters. Kid's obsession with symmetry and how he will let it control his life sometimes gets on her nerves and she frequently reprimands Kid for this, although she won't hesitate to cheer him up when he is depressed. She also displays wit, courage and determination whenever her friends are in danger, and tries her best to protect them.


  • Liz's soul (right)
  • Liz's "Brooklyn Devil" attire
  • Liz (right) and Patty (left) as boys
  • Liz dresses for the DWMA anniversary
  • Liz dresses more informally for hanging out
  • Liz assumes her "smart woman" look for studying
  • Liz and Tsubaki, turning back into women
  • Patty, Liz, and Maka at basketball court
  • Liz at basketball court
  • Maka, Patty, and Liz in checkered skirts
  • Patty and Liz after arresting Risa and Arisa
  • Liz tying back her hair in the shower
  • Liz tying back her hair in the shower
  • Patty and Liz disguised as Giriko's maids

Liz has dirty blonde hair that reaches her mid-back, dark blue eyes, and slightly sun-kissed skin. Although taller and older than Patty, she has a smaller breast size, which annoys her when noticed by Kid, along with his groping of her breasts.[7] Upon her arrival in Death City, she is 170 centimeters tall (about 5 feet 7 inches).[8]

During their initial missions with Kid, both Liz and Patty wear cowgirl outfits: tight, sleeveless red turtleneck belly shirts with white ties, cowboy hats and black high-heel boots. However, unlike Patty, Liz wears dark wash jeans and two silver bracelets on each wrist. In addition, there is a subtle difference in their hats. Patty's hat has rounded rims, whilst Liz's hat has rims that slant forward. In the anime, as the series progress, both Thompson sisters wear cropped white jackets over their outfits. Liz's soul has a pink color and has two curved triangles representing her hat.

When "studying" for the Super-Written Exam (she mostly procrastinated through all of it), she changes into a purple business outfit with a headband brushing back her hair, two heeled shoes and a pair of reading glasses. This is referred to as her "smart-girl transformation". Her glasses have not been seen again for the rest of the series, so whether she requires reading glasses or not has as of yet not been clarified. Saying this, they are referred to as 'fashion glasses' or 'glasses for looks' in the manga. However, she is shown to be intelligent enough to pass the Exam without studying as much as the others, scoring higher than Patty, Black☆Star and even Death the Kid, who admittedly, couldn't even write his name.

In the shower, Liz will use a clip to hold up her long hair behind her head.[9]

After the assassination of Joe Buttataki, Liz along with other DWMA members wore a black armband on her left bicep.[10]

After joining Spirit Albarn and Sid Barrett to confront Risa and Arisa with accusations that they are witches, Liz and Patty wear unbuttoned dress shirts with vertical creases along the front, along with her black armband. Whereas Liz wore a dark, lengthy business skirt, Patty wore dark shorts secured with a belt.[9]

During their infiltration of Baba Yaga Castle, Liz and Patty initially wore their usual attire at that time, the sweater tops with tall collars and ties, but with the addition of wearing a thick long sleeve jacket, with four buttons along the front.[11][12] With help from Eruka Frog, they donned Arachnophobia robes over their outfits, yet somehow were able to find and change into maid outfits, consisting of dark dresses, dark ribbon ties, shoes with ribbons, and light color maids' aprons and hats. They retained these outfits for the rest of their mission infiltrating Baba Yaga Castle, even when wearing Arachnophobia robes over these outfits.[13]

After the defeat of Arachnophobia but before the formation of Spartoi, Liz accompanied Maka and Patty to the Death City basketball court to discuss Noah's abduction of Kid. Liz, Patty, and Maka wore similar attire: a checkerboard skirt and a dress shirt. Liz's was unbuttoned and its tie loosened. Maka and Patty wore similar attire, only with the addition of a D-City sweater vest (looking similar to Meme Tatane's sweater vest). In addition, Liz had a skull-shaped necklace.[14]

In her Spartoi uniform, Liz wears a zip-up top over a blue vest and a white sports jacket over it. She no longer wears her cowboy hat, and her jeans are replaced by a blue pleated skirt.

Out of all the characters, Liz changes the most physically when entering the Book of Eibon. Her appearance is that of a heavily-built man with closely cropped hair and piercings on each ear, wearing a white jacket and dark pants. Despite her threatening appearance, she still displays her squeamishness and cowardice, much to Patty's amusement. Also, she along with Tsubaki remain in their opposite gender form the longest, revealing that they are the most lustful out of the group. However the most lustful of them is Tsubaki, as Liz turns back to normal slightly before Tsubaki.


  • Both Liz and Patty collect and store souls within their magazines in pistol form.
  • In the popularity poll taken by the manga's readers, Liz ranked 13th.
  • Liz scored 28 on the Super Written Exam.
  • Liz and Patty's surname is a reference to the infamous Thompson submachine gun used by gangsters of the 1920s and 30s. In addition, their weapon form resembles the Beretta 92FS or the M9 pistols used by the United States Armed Forces.

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