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Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson
(エリザベス・トンプソン, Thompson Elizabeth)
Liz (リズ, Rizu)
Liz the Scaredy Cat (リズ意気地なし, Rizu ikuji nashi)
Big sis (姉, Ane)
Ms. Waitress (さんウェイトレス, San u~eitoresu)

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Akeno Watanabe


Jamie Marchi

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Current Occupation

Demon Weapon

Previous Occupation(s)

Deathbucks Café Waitress





Personal Status
Birth name

Elizabeth Thompson


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Hair Color

Dirty Blonde

Eye Color


Skin Color



Shooting, Gunmen (Previous), Meister (Patty only)


Weapon Transformation


Demon Pistol Transformation, Soul Resonance

List of Appearances

Elizabeth Thompson (エリザベス・トンプソン, Thompson Elizabeth) who goes by the nickname "Liz" (リズ, "Risu"), is a casual, "go with the flow" type of girl who happens to be two-star demon weapon that occasionally wields her younger sister, Patty, another demon gun making her a Meister as well. Once part of the merciless legendary Thompson Sisters of Brooklyn, Liz and her sister are now reformed working as the twin pistols of Death the Kid, the one who caused their change of heart.


Liz and her sister, Patty, were abandoned by their mother in the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Upon being abandoned, the two underwent an extreme loss of any personal connection to anyone other than themselves, growing increasingly self-centered, and caring only for the well being of one another. In addition to growing an extreme hatred towards their Mother, the two also became heavily involved in criminal activity. They became known infamously as simply, "The Thompson Sisters", and would usually commit muggings of people in alley ways, even sometimes getting in trouble with the local Mob. Liz primarily served as somewhat of a leader of the duo, traditionally acting as Patty's Meister and personally carrying out all of the muggings. This came not only out of being the older and wiser sister, but also out of Liz's extreme compassion in taking care of Patty in a motherly fashion.


Ugh! I hate it here! I don't do well in creepy, dark, icky places.

Liz, Episode 3

While Patti is very child-like, Liz is more like a teenage girl (worried about makeup, shopping, looks, etc). Despite mostly being the cool-headed and serious of the sisters, she is shown to be extremely afraid of paranormal things, convinced that any ghost she meets is out to eat her (where her paranoia severely irritates the ghosts that are trying to help her). She can also be a little cynical and shallow, and sometimes takes advantage of other people for her own gains, like when she pretends that Tsubaki's cooking is her own to impress a boy she likes. She can be flirtatious and can also be charming to men, mostly in order to deceive them (which is shown when she tricks Giriko alongside Patti).

Both Liz and Patti admire Kid's dignified soul due to the fact that they are from the streets. Unlike Patti, Liz finds the drama brought on by Kid's perfectionist attitude annoying. Also, Patti adores her and thinks that Liz knows everything.

It is shown, both in the main series and Soul Eater Not!, that before she and Patti became Kid's Weapons, they were much more cruel and selfish. In one of Liz's flashbacks, she and Patti were mugging an old man, saying that they wouldn't hurt him if he gave them his money. After Liz snatches his briefcase, she hits him over the head with Patti (in Weapon form).

She is the older and more mature of the two sisters. Kid's obsession with symmetry and how he'll sometimes let it control his life sometimes gets on her nerves and she frequently reprimands Kid for this, although she won't hesitate to cheer him up when he is depressed. She also displays some courage and determination whenever her friends are in danger, and tries her best to protect them.


Eric (Elizabeth) and Patric (Patricia)

Liz (right) and Patty (left) as boys

Liz is a girl of Caucasian descent and has dark blonde hair that reaches her mid-back, dark blue eyes, and slightly sun-kissed skin. She has a smaller breast size than her little sister, which annoys her to no end, though she is much taller. Both of the Thompson sisters wear cowgirl outfits: tight, sleeveless red turtleneck belly shirts with white ties, cowboy hats and black high-heel boots. However, unlike Patti, Liz wears long jeans and two silver bracelets on each wrist. In addtion, there is a subtle difference in their hats. Patti's hat has rounded rims, whilst Liz's hat has rims that slant forward. In the anime, as the series progress, both Thompson sisters wear cropped white jackets over their outfits. Liz's soul has a pink color and has two curved triangles representing her hat.

When studying for the Super-Written Exam (mostly as she procrastinated through all of it), she changes into a purple business outfit with a head band brushing back her hair, two heeled shoes and a pair of reading glasses. This is referred to as her "smart-girl transformation". Her glasses have not been seen again for the rest of the series, so whether she requires reading glasses or not has as of yet not been clarified.

In her new Spartoi uniform, Liz wears a zip-up top over a blue vest and a white sports jacket over it. She no longer wears her cowboy hat, and her jeans are replaced by a blue pleated skirt.

Out of all the characters, Liz changes the most physically when entering the Book of Eibon. Her appearance is that of a heavily-built man with closely cropped hair and piercings on each ear, wearing a white jacket and dark pants. Despite her threatening appearance, she still displays her squeamishness and cowardice, much to Patti's amusement. Also, she along with Tsubaki remain in their opposite gender form the longest, revealing that they are the most lustful out of the group. However the most lustful of them is Tsubaki, as Liz turns back to normal slightly before Tsubaki.



Liz says she believes in Kid


Liz cries for not thanking Kid yet

Death the Kid
Liz along with her sister Patti are the Demon Twin Guns, wielded by Death the Kid. She was chosen along with her sister because of her weapon form matching with Patti, allowing Kid to preserve his symmetry. Kid's biggest problem with her is that her human form doesn't match her sister's, she being less endowed, taller, and having longer hair. Despite this, they are all rather close, as Maka stated that it is difficult for three souls to resonance properly, but it is achieved by the strength of their relationship. She admires Kid for his dignified soul, while Kid admires her for her positive soul. She is often exasperated or angry when he is thrown into one of his fits of symmetry depression, though she doesn't hesitate to go comfort along with Patti. She is grateful to Kid for taking her and Patti, allowing for them to redeem themselves.
When Kid gets captured by 'Ebion' (Noah), Kid throws Liz and Patti out of the way, so as not to allow them to be get hurt. She attempts to force Noah to give Kid back. When this attempt fails, Liz does not pursue Noah and Patti call her a coward, to which Liz replies that she does not want to lose Kid, but she can't have Patti die on her as well. Liz also states that Kid was the reason for her reforming, for that she is grateful, and later ends up crying for him after reflecting on what he has done for her and her sister and how she has never thanked him for it. Also, the fact that she only joined Kid for his money and her feelings towards him compared to now shows how much of an impression he has made on her since then. Liz thinks to herself that she doesn't care about money, all she wants is Kid return safely. Maybe even then, she had not realized that she has strong feelings for him.


Kid Liz Patty In Sync

Kid's (tops), Liz's (right), and Patty's (left) souls, all in sync.

Liz's only known family is her younger sister, Patti, whom with her, they are the Demon Twin Guns. From the little information known about their lives prior to Shibusen, they grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, presumably as orphans. They were street thugs who used their Weapon Forms to steal and live. It appeared they reached an end when cornered by some gang members, but were then rescued by Kid. Because they are the only family to each other, they have an extremely close bond, with Patti looking up to Liz and Liz taking care of Patti. However, when Kid gets captured by 'Eibon' (Noah), Liz attempts to force him to give Kid back, only for it to fail and Liz does not pursue 'Eibon'. This causes Patti to call Liz a coward, a rare, uncharacteristic action. Liz replies that she does not want to lose Kid, but she can't have Patti die on her as well, with Patti comforting her sister afterward, showing their powerful bond.
Liz refers to her mother as "the most beautiful whore in Brooklyn". She has stated that she hates her mother for abandoning her and Patti, but is grateful that she gave birth to two beautiful girls.


Basic Meister skills: If Kid is unavailable, Liz can act as Patti's Meister and vice versa.

Marksmanship: Unlike her sister, Liz demonstrates proficiency and discipline in shooting, exhibiting consistent grip and form, as well as remarkable accuracy.

Demon Weapon form - pistol: In her weapon form, Liz transforms into a Beretta 92FS or M9. Her form is perfectly identical to her sister, prompting Kid to take the two in as his personal twin pistols.


Soul Resonance with Patti and Kid

  • Death Eagle .42: By resonating with Kid in conjunction with one of his Lines of Sanzu connected, Liz's pistol form is upgraded to a higher caliber weapon visually similar to the Desert Eagle. The Death Eagle discharges .42 caliber rounds in lieu of .38 rounds.
  • Execution Mode: In this combat mode, Liz's appearance is that of a large cannon.
    • Death Cannon: This move fires a highly concentrated energy blast downrange following a brief charging period. The attack is so powerful, the resulting recoil pushes Kid several inches back.
    • Parent's Seven Rays: Kid and the Thompson sisters' most powerful Soul Resonance attack. This technique consists of three stages that ends with shots of powerful seven laser-like rays that shoot upwards into the air, before dipping down and hurdling towards the enemy. The beams are powerful enough to cut through even the most powerful of foes. They can also converge into one giant skull-shaped ray that results in a huge destructive explosion.
  • Sanzu River Shot: In this attack, Kid fires a barrage at an opponent like a fully automatic weapon.
  • Sanzu Fall Shot: Fully automatic attack with the barrage reminiscent of a cascading waterfall. This attack is capable of hitting multiple targets simultaneously.
  • Sanzu Death Cannon: Anime only technique. It is a more powerful Death Cannon attack.

Chain Resonance with Patti, Kirikou, Pots and Kim

  • E3 a.k.a. Extreme Element Effect: This is an incredibly powerful long-range technique that results in destructive and widespread damage, formed from the combined generation of enormous amounts of both fire and lightning.


In the early time the three spend partnered, Liz and Patty come to discover Kid's obsession over symmetry and perfection, which can sometimes lead him to go into mental breakdowns. Upon the first time Kid goes into one of these extreme moments, Liz and Patty become his councilors, easing him with kindness and cheering him up back to normalcy. On one particular day, the two broke down in laughter upon witnessing Kid go insane over a slanted picture frame in his house. Liz turns to Patty in the moment, and watches her cry in laughter like Liz has never seen her do before. At this time, Liz sees the illustration of how Kid has changed the two, and introduced them to real happiness and friendship. Liz elaborates, and in closing of the thought, she smiles and asks herself; 

Have we been killed by this Shinigami?

Liz, Chapter 78, Salvage Pt. 7

Thompson Sisters

The Thompson Sisters

Death the Kid, though she did not do so successfully, she left an imprint on him, causing him to follow the two girls closely. All that is known is that, sometime after this event, the sisters were ambushed by a band of mobsters. In this situation, Liz transformed into her Weaponform rather than Patty, and left her sister to act the role of a Meister for her. Kid, who was watching secretly, caught sight of this and immediately recognized that Liz's Weapon form was entirely identical to Patty's, therefore making them Twin Pistols, and ergo, perfectly symmetrical. He immediately defeats the group of mobster to speak to girls, immediately proclaiming their beauty. The three at this moment pair together as partners, however, only as a result of Liz's intentions to drain Kid dry of his money and higher-class lifestyle as a Shinigami, ultimately for the sake of Patty.

Soul Eater Not!

Soul Eater Not! has currently revealed that Liz and Patty were put on probation after becoming Kid's Weapons. After which, the two began working in Master's café. Master goes on to further explain that a particular Shibusen agent (Kid) was sent out to restrain the sisters, confirming Kid's initial reason for pursuing the two (See upper section). Working at the café, the sisters still maintain their thug-like attitudes on account of only recently partnered with Kid. After showing intensely rude manners to the stars of Soul Eater Not!, Liz manages to get Anya particularly angry, after calling her, and her attire, names. Anya challenges the Thompson Sisters to a fight using Tsugumi and Liz nonchalantly accepts. The sisters then frighten Tsugumi with their modern-style Weapon form, being guns.

Soul Eater

Prologues Arc

Death the Kid

First introduced in the 3rd part of the series introduction of the main cast alongside her sister, Patty, and Death the Kid. Kid loses their target and self loathes, while the sisters provide emotional support. They help Kid tackle a rather dangerous mission in Egypt, but not before Kid doubles back to his home to check if something in his house was out of place forcing them to fight off mummies. Though her sister and herself are captured they are rescued by Kid at the cost of the destruction of the Pyramid of Anubis.

Remedial Lessons Arc

Part 2

She later appears alongside her sister and Kid as they listen to the story about Stein. Later, she and the group enroll at Shibusen only to be challenged by Soul and Black☆Star. Victory is assured, until Kid notices one of his bangs has been cut, causing him to faint from shock.

Super Written Exam

During exams week she and her sister attempt to study, with not such serious effort.

Black dragon

Liz, Patty and Kid go on their own mission to investigate strange happenings around shorelines, and learn that it is by a giant black ship. On that ship she gets separated from Patty and Kid and is guided by a spirit of a dead girl who eventually leads her back to them. Together, Kid fights off Crona, but escapes afterwards.

Reunion Express

Sometime after the Kishin's escape from Death City Kid and the sisters seek out answers in a desert hoping to catch an elusive desert train.

Operation: Capture Baba Yaga Castle

Kid and the sisters then spearhead an operation alongside her friends led by Medusa to Arachne's castle. Liz and Patty are disguised in maid's uniforms and distract Giriko allowing Maka to escape him. He quickly takes an interest in Liz and she uses her charms to distract him while her sister slipped something into his drink, leaving him unconscious for the remainder of the battle. Liz and Patty later joke with Kid about how they can take down a powerful enemy in minutes. When Kid and the Thompson sisters are facing Mosquito, Free suddenly appears behind Liz, this frightens her and she instinctively grabs onto Kid's arm. Later on, a man calling himself "Ebion" easily kills the fully transformed Mosquito who nearly killed Kid earlier. Kid and sisters hide but are soon found. "Eibon" (Noah) decides he wants to "collect" a Shinigami. Kid throws his partners in weapon form aside to save them, and he is absorbed into the Book of Eibon, forcing Liz to act. Liz changes into human form and faces Noah with Patty in her weapon form, insisting that he release Kid. Noah says that Liz's beauty isn't enough for her to be part of his collection and says that he will allow her to live, then he leaves. Liz lowers her weapon and Patty yells at her calling her a coward. However, with no hope of victory, Liz refuses to chase after Noah and risk Patty's life when Kid had just sacrificed himself in order to protect them. Liz then breaks down into tears and Patty comforts her. In Kid's absence Liz and Patty train to get stronger. Liz goes on about how strong Patty is and is very proud of her little sister.

The Witch's Research

Liz and Patty are sent to go on a mission in Africa as Kilik's weapons.


Upon entering the Book of Eibon, the first chapter "Lust" causes all of them to switch genders in accordance with what characteristics they find appealing in the opposite sex. Liz is well dressed in a very neat and tidy male Spartoi uniform (no jacket though). Liz is wearing a simple, elegant chain necklace and an earring in each ear, and her hair was short and neat. Liz's appearance is in direct conflict with Patty's, which was all loose, casual clothing in multiple layers, longer, untidy hair and a beanie.

Later in Pride chapter Excalibur appears before them and offers to lend them his powers to save Kid. Many of them consider it however they don't know if they can stand dealing with Excalibur. Liz immediately wields Excalibur saying "I want to save Kid" and as Liz takes hold of Excalibur she (or "he" because Liz is still male at this time) sprouts wings of light and slices a hole in the dimension. Unfortunately they were in the "Pride Chapter" and due to the effects of the book Liz couldn't bear to wield Excalibur any longer and threw him out of the book. The effects of the "Lust Chapter" wear off as they continue on (the effects last longer depending on how "lustful" that person is). Liz is the second to last one to change back while Tsubaki remained male only slightly longer.

Once they reach the Greed Chapter, Liz remembers how she and Patty first met Kid, and how he saved them from thugs. Instead of destroying/capturing them, like he was sent to do, he asked them to be his weapon partners and gave them a chance to redeem themselves. She and Patti had been planning on using Kid's Shinigami status to gain the money and power they craved, believing he was just a spoiled brat. However, the more time they spent with Kid, the more they grew to care for him, a fact Liz realizes after watching Patty laugh herself to tears. She thinks of how she and her sister hadn't cared about anyone but themselves before then, and if perhaps 'they had been killed by this shinigami'.

It begins to rain money down on the group, and Liz thinks to herself that she doesn't care about money, all she wants is for Kid and Black☆Star to return safely. Patty and Tsubaki ask if she's ok, and she begins to cry, saying "I haven't thanked him yet." Both girls simply smile and pull her into a hug. Liz says "Kid" and begins crying more openly and is shaking. Upon Kid's return, a battle with Noah ensues, the sisters have to transform right away, but they still greet him. Liz says "Welcome back, Kid." and blushes, and Patty just smiles and says "Kid-kun."

Battle on The Moon

Liz and Patty are shown writing out wills since the upcoming mission is going to be extremely dangerous if not suicidal. Kid leads the assault on the Moon with the sisters in a decisive battle to hunt down the Kishin Asura.


  • Liz's hair is portrayed as blonde in the manga, whereas her hair appears dark blonde or brunette in the anime.
  • Both Liz and Patti collect and store souls within their magazines in pistol form.
  • In the popularity poll taken by the manga's readers, Liz ranked 13th.
  • Liz is highly afraid of anything paranormal.
  • Liz can act as her sister's Meister in the absence of Death the Kid.
  • Hints suggest that Liz is older than almost every member of the main cast, however she cannot be much older than Tsubaki. In chapter 74, when the Spartoi group is in the wrath chapter of the Book of Eibon, Liz gets mocked by Patti, Kilik and Black☆Star for being older than them. Then, Liz points out that she is only 2 or 3 years older. Taking into account that is stated that Kilik is 13 years old, Liz should be fifteen or sixteen.
  • Liz scored 28 on the Super Written Exam.
  • Liz and Patti's last name is a reference to the infamous Thompson submachine gun used by gangsters of the 1920s and 30s.[sourcing needed]
  • Liz and Patti's weapon form resembles the Beretta 92FS or the M9 pistols used by the United States Armed Forces.

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